10 Tips for Winning Web Awards in the 2016 StevieĀ® Awards

Stevie Award

This brief tipsheet - updated for 2016 - will outline the 10 best ways to get recognized for your websites and apps in the Stevie Awards.  The Stevie Awards are considered the world's premier business awards competitions, and there are many web, app, blog, and creative awards opportunities in the seven programs, which are

  • The American Business Awards
  • The International Business Awards
  • The Stevie Awards for Great Employers
  • The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service
  • The Stevie Awards for Women in Business
  • The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
  • The German Stevie Awards

There are categories for websites and blogs by industry, categories for specialized sites by type, smartphone and tablet apps, categories for webmasters and other IT professionals, and much more.  This tipsheet will help you to choose the categories and competitions in which you'll have the best chance of winning a Stevie Award.

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