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Not Just A Trend: Stevie Awards Judge Shares Why Businesses Should Care

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Wed, Aug 12, 2015 @ 02:34 PM

Floor Wijburg, Co-founder of Yes We Care, is a member of The 2015 International Business Awards Final Judging Committee for the Company/Organization Awards categories. We talked to her about her experience as a Stevie Awards judge, and about Yes We Care, which provides international labels for companies that are doing good for others.

Floor Wijburg believes in the power of doing good business in an economy where businesses will not only be measured based on their economic value, but also on the value they add to society.


She was able to spare some time from running the organization she co-founded, Yes We Care, based in The Netherlands and New York, to answer some questions about judging in The 2015 International Business Awards; how businesses can become more philanthropic; and what Yes We Care is doing to help add to the value of this.

An Inspirational Experience

“I very much enjoy being able to participate as a judge for The International Business Awards,” Floor told us. “It’s inspiring to learn in-depth about all the participating businesses, the work they do, and the passion they put in to it. Besides this, I focus in particular on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the sustainability of their endeavors.”

“It gives me great pleasure to see all the wonderful efforts businesses around the world are putting in to this process,” Floor continued. “If I can help in evaluating these businesses and rewarding good practices in this way, I’m more than happy to give my time as a Stevie Awards judge. My wish is that more businesses around the world will participate, and increase their contribution to CSR each year!”

Sharing Insights and Expertise

When asked if she had any advice to people who might be interested in being a Stevie Awards judge in the future, Floor said “My advice would be: go ahead and do it! It’s a highly rewarding process to be able to participate as a judge. Don’t underestimate the time you’ll need to put in, however. Thorough evaluation requires you to weigh a lot of factors when judging the entries. There’s no room for half work. But … is there ever in business? So my recommendation is: apply and share your insights and expertise as a judge.”

Not Just A Trend
Floor also has good advice for businesses about becoming more philanthropic. “Doing good deeds is not just a trend anymore: it’s a force that will shape the world of business in the future. On the other hand, 99% of businesses don’t have the time to set up a detailed structure for their philanthropic activities. What they want is to do good because they like to do so, because they feel it’s the right thing to do, or because they know it enhances their business. At Yes We Care, we understand this. That’s why we have designed an easy and effective system that gives businesses everything they need to maximize their doing good without having to lose focus on their core business.

Maximizing Impact

1508WeCare3The big question for most businesses is not how to do good, but how to sustain, grow, and maximize their impact. As Floor explains: “That’s why we want to make sure businesses get the tools and optics they need, so they can clearly see the structure of their good activities and optimize their impact. The Yes We Care license is a business tool designed to support businesses in their efforts to do good things. We quickly and easily identify the doing-good activities and convert these activities into numbers that anyone can instantly grasp. We provide businesses with optics to maximize their impact in society, and to highlight these good activities for their customers, employees, and stakeholders.”

Three Good Reasons To Care

The Yes We Care license leverages the power of doing good with three main features:

PROMOTION: 90% Of Consumers Switch Brands

A staggering 90% of consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price or quality. Most companies lack time to show their good deeds actively, however, and thereby reduce their impact. The Yes We Care label provides businesses with a new dimension that will elevate a company’s reputation and its success.

RESULTS: When Businesses Know Better, They Can Do Better

Measuring and monitoring the impact of a business is essential to its long-term health. The people at Yes We Care know which ratios and calculations are most vital, and focus on those areas to provide direct insights. For most businesses, it is extremely rewarding to see their good activities translated to the value they add for society, stated in a value everyone can grasp.

CONNECTION: Connected By Doing Good

Yes We Care gives businesses the tools and services they need to meet personal philanthropy goals in their business and to connect with a professional community so they can share knowledge and build new relationships. It enables them to build a bigger professional network.

In summation, Floor tells us: “Candidly, we can say that Yes We Care will change the perceived value of businesses, as well as the total amount of value that will be added by businesses to society.”

About Floor Wijburg:

Floor Wijburg is co-founder and CEO of Yes We Care. Driven by the desire to create a better world, Floor is intent on making an impact. Through her theoretical knowledge and practical experience, she knows how to encourage people and businesses to be socially involved. She frequently appears in the media, where she is interviewed on topics such as corporate social responsibility and civil society. She gives international presentations on topics like CSR and Social Involvement. As a judge for The Sustainability Award in 28 cities, she and members of the specialized committee judge companies for the local impact, economic profitability, and the social change they establish.

About Yes We Care:

Yes We Care is the international label for companies who are doing good for others. Yes We Care offers consumers and businesses across the world insight into three important areas of doing good: Who, what, and where. As the only organization in the world with this mission, Yes We Care is a pioneer in the field of letting the best companies join forces worldwide in doing good and feeling good. It gives them the opportunity to show the world they really care. For more information, go to

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