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Featuring a Technology Startup Stevie Award Winner

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Dec 29, 2016 @ 12:17 PM

An interview with Ralf Heim the Co-CEO at Fincite GmbH

Fincite GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany won two Stevie Awards in the 2016 German Stevie Awards. Fincite GmbH won the Gold Stevie Award for Technology Startup of the Year, and a Bronze Stevie for Management Team of the Year.  2017 The German Stevie Awards are accepting entries through January 27.  Review the entry kit to begin your nominations.

What does Fincite GmbH do?

Financial Advice today is often confounding and not made for the benefit of the customer. Technology can change this. We can make investments smarter by giving customers easy access to sophisticated analytics. We help banks, asset managers and insurers offer this technology to their customers.

Fincite.jpgWhat is your role as the Co-CEO?

As Co-CEO I’m responsible for growing the business. This covers marketing, business development, partnerships and recruiting.

What is the organizational vision?

Our mission is to engineer the future of finance. We see that technology will replace large parts in Financial Advice, Retail & Institutional Asset Management and even funds. Our aim is to grow and become the #1 Digital Asset Management company in Europe.

What sets your company apart in this category?

It’s the unique approach of our Digital Investment Management Software: We built a complete modular system that can easily connect to all private customers’ financial assets, analyze the status quo and make recommendations. Banks can build upon our software their own frontend and thus keep customer relationship while still providing most modern analytics and account integration capabilities.

What was it like for your company to win the Stevie award?

It was a great honor for us to win this award, especially in the category, Technology Start-Up of the Year because from the outset we wanted to focus on innovative products and organic growth. The nomination for Management Team of the Year indicates to my partners & I that we’re on the right path in how we conduct our business.

How has the win affected your business?

The direct effect is hard to tell, but I think the award is great feedback for us and it was acknowledged by our partners and clients.

What results have been gained since you've won this award?

The size of our workforce has nearly doubled since April and the cash flow is still positive without external financing.

What inspires you to continue your work?

We’re inspired by our mission to change the world of finance and the good feedback we get from our partners, clients, employees and also the press.

What do you expect to change in your industry in the future?

We believe that Finance can be nearly 100% digitized. As a result, digital services will largely replace large branches and offices. We are intrigued by the thought of working on this more efficient next generation of Finance.

Learn more about Fincite GmbH

Fincite 2.png

From left to right - Ralf Heim (co-CEO), Friedhelm Schmitt ( co-CEO), Stefan Post (CTO).

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German Stevie Awards: Auszeichnungen für besondere IT-Leistungen

Posted by Catrin Beu on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 12:31 PM

Qualitativ hochwertige IT-Leistungen haben in den Unternehmen Hochkonjunktur. Kaum ein Ablauf, der inzwischen nicht elektronisch und IT-basiert gesteuert oder unterstützt wird. Vom Formularwesen über elektronische Warenwirtschaftssysteme bis hin zu den Serverstrukturen, ob Hardware oder Software, in allem steckt IT.

Während sich einige Unternehmen immer noch eigene IT-Abteilungen leisten, arbeiten viele Firmen mit externen IT-Dienstleistern zusammen. In manchen Organisationen wird die IT von internen Mitarbeitern mit externer Unterstützung betreut. Unabhängig von der jeweiligen Teamaufstellung leisten die IT-Verantwortlichen oft hervorragende Arbeit und stemmen die unterschiedlichsten Projekte und Herausforderungen.

Um diese Leistungen in den IT-Abteilungen zu würdigen, verleihen die German Stevie Awards IT-Awards in vier Kategorien:

  • IT-Abteilung des Jahres

  • IT-Team des Jahres 

  • IT-Manager des Jahres 

  • IT-Fachkraft des Jahres 

Egal, ob Sie als IT-Dienstleister oder in der IT-Abteilung eines Unternehmens arbeiten, erfolgsentscheidend ist die Qualität Ihrer IT-Leistungen. Zeigen Sie Ihr Qualitätsbewusstsein, indem Sie Ihre Leistungen bei den German Stevie Awards vorstellen und sich um die begehrten Titel bewerben.

Teilnehmen können Sie, indem Sie gezielt die Leistungen einer IT-Abteilung oder einzelner IT-Mitarbeiter beschreiben. Erläutern Sie die Projektziele, die Herausforderungen und die bisherigen Ergebnisse. Beschreiben Sie, wie die Mitarbeiter die erfolgreiche Realisierung beeinflusst haben.

Auszeichnungen wie die IT-Awards machen Ihre Leistungen intern und nach außen sichtbar. Nutzen Sie die Strahlkraft der German Stevie Awards und bewerben Sie sich unter noch heute.

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