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HZO's Stevie® Awards-winning Nanotechnology Keeps Consumer Electronics Safe

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Mon, Mar 31, 2014 @ 03:54 PM

HZO, Inc., of Draper, Utah, USA won the Gold Stevie® for Best New Product or Service of the Year - Consumer Electronics in the new product awards categories of The 2013 International Business Awards. The early bird deadline for the 2014 IBAs is April 16. Get your entry kit here.

1403HzOHZO WaterBlock™ is a nano-coating that protects electronic devices from liquid and corrosion damage. HZO debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 and has caught the attention of the world ever since. From just CES 2012 and 2013 alone, this product has garnered over $7 million in earned media with outlets including MSNBC, The Huffington Post, the BBC, The Today Show on NBC, The New York Times, and Reuters.

Rapid Pace of Change

We asked Sergio Leveratto, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at HZO, what he saw as the major challenges facing the electronics industry today.  According to Sergio, it’s keeping up with the rapid pace of change.  So how does Sergio manage that?

 “My approach is to do what I can to make sure HZO plays a consistent role in driving those changes by establishing and maintaining a leadership position in the industry,” Sergio told us. “HZO does this by providing device makers with a powerful and differentiating technology that creates value and allows consumers to do more with their electronics.”

A Milestone for the Company

Winning a Stevie® Award in 2013 has contributed to the success of HZO, added Sergio. “HZO has experienced a lot of growth over the past several years, and winning a Stevie Award has helped the company maintain that momentum by providing additional credibility and recognition to the hard work of our world-class team. An accolade like a Stevie is an inspiration for the company, and outside validation of our technology not only feels great, but also inspires us to keep innovating.”

Concludes Sergio: “To win a prestigious award like a Stevie is both an honor and a milestone for our company. “

Developing Relationships into Partnerships

The HZO WaterBlock team develops relationships into partnerships. The following list is a highlight of some of these associations:

-Brightstar Corporation, the world’s largest wireless distributor, is currently engaged with HZO to market WaterBlock to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and repair & refurbishment processors worldwide.

-TAG Heuer, the watch maker and luxury phone designer, features HZO WaterBlock in its Android smartphone, the TAG Heuer Racer Sub Nano, a high end phone that offers superior water protection.

-NavELite, creators of the NavELite backlit wrist compass, features HZO WaterBlock in its line of products, which are purchased by the military around the world as well as by civilian adventurers.

-LaiPac Technology features HZO WaterBlock on their AGPS Cell Phone Tracking Device and on other products by the company.  

-LiveFree, creators of the senior mobile alert product Life Beacon, features HZO WaterBlock on many of its alert systems. 

-Bully Dog features HZO WaterBlock on its diesel engine performance monitor.

According to Sergio, HZO WaterBlock can be featured on virtually any small- to medium-form electronic device in any market or industry. The products featured above are just the beginning of the opportunities of protection from HZO.

Keeping Track of Travel

Because he has to travel so much on business, we asked Sergio if he had a favorite travel app. “Concur is the key travel app,” advised Sergio. “ It helps me to make reservations on the fly while allowing me to keep track of my travel expenses.”

Defining the Future

We asked Sergio what motivated him. “My inspiration comes from the unique opportunity that a small company like HZO has to shape and define the future of an entire industry,” he told us. “Because HZO's technology protects electronics from damage caused by exposure to liquids or submersion in water, the company is truly changing where people use their electronic devices. Being a part of this revolution is very exciting, and seeing the potential and added value that our technology provides to innovative electronic products is a powerful motivator. 

“We feel that the Stevie Award shows that the industry recognizes HZO as the ideal form of liquid protection in consumer electronics going forward. We’re excited to continue to deliver on this recognition,” concluded Sergio.

About Sergio Leveratto

Sergio Leveratto is the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at HZO, where he directs the global growth strategy for the company’s superior corrosion and liquid submersion protection technology. His expertise in global expansion planning is helping HZO build and advance international distribution channels, strategically align technologies with target markets and develop intelligent lifecycle programs that help maximize consistent growth potential.

Prior to HZO, Sergio spent nearly two decades spearheading global sales, marketing, and business development initiatives with Nokia and global mobile operator Telefonica, where he helped drive, launch, and promote value-add services and user-based application enhancements. He is fluent in four languages, and maximizes his ability to form strong alliances with multinational organizations to successfully execute global outreach and expansion campaigns.

About HZO

HZO is an innovative and rapidly growing nanotechnology company that has set the world standard in solutions that protect electronics from corrosion and extended liquid submersion. A robust coating is applied at the component level, creating a physical barrier between the vital circuitry of a device and any kind of liquid. The company's advanced technology provides innovative liquid protection from the inside out, and our patent protected materials, process and equipment provides an end-to-end solution that allows flexibility for manufacturers to develop new product features and functionality, while giving end-users the freedom to do more with the electronic devices they rely on.

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