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Best Websites, Apps & Blogs of Note

Posted by Liz Dean on Fri, Dec 30, 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Every month we bring you the latest best websites, new apps, and winning blogs findings to make your work day more dynamic and pleasant. Check out our recommendations:

Work Matters
Stanford Professor Bob Sutton's blog on management and related topics.Stevie Awards Logo

Global Economic Trends
A blog on global economics from registered investment advisor Mike Shedlock.


MightyMeeting allows users to store presentations and demo videos in the cloud and access them anywhere and anytime from the web, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android smartphones. Free.

Worn out by the holidays? This app plays office sounds like keyboard typing, mouse clicks, a stapler, and various other sounds that allow cubicle workers to take a nap while their colleagues think they are hard at work.  Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. 99cents.

Which websites, apps, or blogs would you recommend?

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