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FuzziBunz Wins New Product Award in 2010 Stevies for Women

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 @ 04:29 PM

At the 2010 Stevie Awards for Women in Business, FuzziBunz, out of Lafayette, Louisiana, was one of a few organizations to win two Stevie Awards - one for Best New Product of the Year, and the other for Most Innovative Company of the Year.

Tereson DupuySee FuzziBunz founder Tereson Dupuy's acceptance speech for the Best New Product Stevie here.

Since this is the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the 2010 new product award was for a product introduced by or for women since July 1 2009.  And FuzziBunz won for its FuzziBunz One-Size Cloth Diaper.  According to FuzziBunz's Stevie Award-winning nomination:

"FuzziBunz cloth diapers are truly an innovative cloth diaper! In 1999, Tereson Dupuy founded FuzziBunz cloth diapers after watching her son suffer with severe eczema; trying various treatments with no relief. Her doctor recommended she try cloth diapers, which at the time were flat white diapers that you hooked with a pin and put crunchy plastic pants over. Tereson was a busy mom with little time to futz with pins and plastic pants, and most importantly her baby wasn’t staying dry with these diapers.

"She needed a solution and invented the modern cloth diaper – a design copied by many but is patented and owned by the inventor herself, Tereson Dupuy. During Tereson’s search for absorbency, she quickly recognized that fleece was key – a unique fabric that would allow moisture to wick away from baby’s bottom then quickly dry. She then combined a superior fleece fabric with a pocket opening at the top of the diaper where you can “stuff” absorbent materials. Finally she had a dry baby, a cure for his eczema, and a fantastic new Modern Cloth Diaper design and product.

"Post inventing the first FuzziBunz concept, Tereson has worked hard to perfect her invention solving every problem she found in both disposable and reusable diapers. This last year Tereson revolutionized the cloth diaper and created a diaper that could be sized up and down to fit babies from birth to potty training. Her concept is different than any other diaper manufacturer, as she used an elastic band that is inserted inside the diaper’s leg and waist casings and which can be adjusted to make the diaper smaller or larger (similar to how adjustable waist pants work). Now moms don’t have to buy diapers in small, medium and large, they can simply buy the FuzziBunz One-Size cloth diaper invention and voila, the diaper would grow as baby grew! Truly genius! Even better, the elastic band is fully replaceable, this patent pending fully detachable system guarantees the diaper will last through multiple children and washes with replacement parts. Moms can save even more money and create less environmental waste with these innovative one-size cloth diapers!"

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