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Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Feb 02, 2017 @ 05:16 PM

The 15th annual American Business Awards, the premier business awards competition in the U.S.A. which attracts more than 3,000 nominations from organizations nationwide each year, is accepting nominations for the 2017 program. 


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The American Business Awards recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace. Full entry details are available at entry deadline is Thursday, February 16 but late entries will be accepted through Wednesday, March 15.

There are more than 100 categories for New Products & Services.

These include all product management, product development, product engineering and manufacturing functions. New products and services released in the U.S.A. since January 1, 2016 are eligible to be nominated. Both brand-new and new-version products are eligible.

An added bonus in entering the New Product Awards categories is that you are automatically included in the People's Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite New Products. Every new product or service nominated in The American Business Awards will automatically be included in voting. Voting will be conducted by the general public from May 2 through June 2, and the winners will be honored at the ABA awards banquet on June 20. In early May, entrants in the Best New Product or Service categories will receive instructions on how to promote People's Choice voting to their own customers, fans, and followers. 

The New Product Award category groups are:
Product & Service Categories
Software Categories
Content Categories
Education Categories 
Product Management Categories

Note the new categories for 2017 are highlighted in red and the categories with no entry fee are highlighted in blue.

Products & Services
P01. Business-to-Business Products
P02. Business-to-Business Services   
P03. Consumer Electronics
P04. Consumer Products
P05. Consumer Services
P06. Financial Services 
P07. Hardware - Computer
P08. Hardware - Networking
P09. Hardware - Peripheral
P10. Hardware - Semiconductor or Other Electronic Component
P11. Hardware - Storage
P12. Hardware - Other
P13. Health & Pharmaceuticals - Product
P14. Health & Pharmaceutical - Service
P15. Industrial Products & Services 
P16. Media & Entertainment - Product
P17. Media & Entertainment - Service
P18. Telecommunications - Product
P19. Telecommunications - Service
P20. Transportation

P21. Software - Application Programming Interface (API) Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P22. Software - Asset Management Solution
P23. Software - Big Data Solution 
P24. Software - Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution
P25. Software - Cloud Application/Service
P26. Software - Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution (new category for 2017)
P27. Software - Cloud Infrastructure
P28. Software - Cloud Platform
P29. Software - Cloud Storage & Backup Solution 
P30. Software - Collaboration/Social Networking Solution
P31. Software - Content Management Solution
P32. Software - Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution
P33. Software - Data Visualization Technology (new category for 2017)
P34. Software - Electronic Commerce Solution
P35. Software - Endpoint Security Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P36. Software - Event Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P37. Software - Financial Management Solution
P38. Software - FinTech Solution (new category for 2017)
P39. Software - Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution
P40. Software - Healthcare Technology Solution (new category for 2017)
P41. Software - Human Capital Management Solution
P42. Software - Identity & Access Security Solution (new category for 2017)
P43. Software - Infrastructure as a Service (new category for 2017)
P44. Software - Integration Solution
P45. Software - International Data Protection Solution
P46. Software - IoT Analytics Solution (new category for 2017)
P47. Software - IT Operations Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P48. Software - IT Service Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P49. Software - Lead Generation Solution 
P50. Software - Marketing/Public Relations Solution
P51. Software - Migration as a Service (new category for 2017)
P52. Software - Mobile Development Solution 
P53. Software - Mobile On-Demand Application
P54. Software - Mobile Operations Management Solution
P55. Software - Network Security Solution (new category for 2017)
P56. Software - News Monitoring Solution (new category for 2017)
P57. Software - Payments Solution (new category for 2017)
P58. Software - Platform as a Service (new category for 2017)
P59. Software - Project Management Solution
P60. Software - Real Estate or Construction Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P61. Software - Relationship Management Solution
P62. Software - SaaS Enablement as a Service (new category for 2017)
P63. Software - Social Business Solution
P64. Software - Software Development Solution
P65. Software - Supply Chain Management Solution
P66. Software - Systems Management Solution
P67. Software - Web Services Solution
P68. Software - Other

These categories recognize products, technology and services created by, or for, media, publishers and information services providers.

P70. Content - Advertising or Campaign Management Platform
P71. Content - Aggregation Platform
P72. Content - Business Directory
P73. Content - Business Information Solution
P74. Content - Content Analytics Solution
P75. Content - Content Marketing Solution
P76. Content - Content Rights and Delivery Solution
P77. Content - Crowd Sourced Information Solution
P78. Content - eCommerce & Billing Platform
P79. Content - Financial & Market Data Information Solution
P80. Content - General Reference Service
P81. Content - Health & Medical Information Solution
P82. Content - Information Service Delivered as Mobile App or Platform
P83. Content - Legal Information Solution
P84. Content - Media & Information Monitoring Solution
P85. Content - Multichannel Publishing Technology (new category for 2017)
P86. Content - Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution
P87. Content - Scholarly Publishing Information Solution
P88. Content - Science and Technology Information Solution
P89. Content - Search Technology Solution
P90. Content - Semantic Technology Platform, Tools and Applications
P91. Content - Service Using Aggregated Content
P92. Content - Solution for Integrating Content into the Workflow
P93. Content - Subscription Management Solution (new category for 2017)
P94. Content - Video Platform for Media & Publishers

These categories recognize applications, products and services from developers of educational software, digital content, online learning services and related technologies across the K-20 sector.

S01. Education - Arts & Creativity Solution
S02. Education - Career and Workforce Readiness Solution
S03. Education - Classroom Management Solution
S04. Education - Collaborative Social Media Solution for Educators
S05. Education - Cross-Curricular Solution
S06. Education - Education Cloud-Based Solution
S07. Education - ELL/World Language Acquisition Instructional Solution
S08. Education - Game-Based Curriculum Solution
S09. Education - Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas
S10. Education - K-12 Course or Learning Management Solution
S11. Education - K-12 Enterprise Solution
S12. Education - Learning Capacity-Building Solution
S13. Education - Learning Relationship Management Solution (new category for 2017)
S14. Education - Mathematics Instructional Solution
S15. Education - PK-12 Personalized Learning Solution
S16. Education - Pre-K / Early Childhood Learning Solution (new category for 2017)
S17. Education - Postsecondary Enterprise Solution
S18. Education - Postsecondary Learning Management Solution
S19. Education - Postsecondary Learning Solution
S20. Education - Postsecondary Personalized Learning Solution
S21. Education - Professional Learning Solution for Education
S22. Education - Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution
S23. Education - Science Instructional Solution
S24. Education - Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution
S25. Education - Solution for Special Needs Students
S26. Education - Source for Reference or Education Resources
S27. Education - Student Assessment Solution
S28. Education - Virtual Learning Solution

Product Management
P96. Product Development/Management Department or Team of the Year 
P97. Product Development/Management Executive of the Year
P98. Product Developer of the Year: recognizing all non-executive product development or management professionals. There is no entry fee for this category.

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Stevie Awards Winner Navantis & NBC News Partner to Advance Online Learning

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 03:40 PM

Navantis Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, won the Gold Stevie® Award for Best New Business Intelligence Solution in the new product awards categories of the 2013 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, the world's top honors for business development, sales, contact center, and customer service professionals. The competition also features categories that recognize new products and services used by these professionals.  (Entries to the 2014 edition are now being accepted - learn more here.)

Here we look at how Navantis has partnered with NBC News to advance online learning technologies.

It’s 3:00AM in the morning. A college student has a paper due at 9:00AM. In a remote farming community, a grade ten student is studying for an exam and struggling to download a required video assignment. Long after putting her own children to bed, a public school teacher is completing her lesson plan. All of these scenarios are real and all of these people expect the NBC Learn website to be available at any time of the day or night to help them meet their professional and classroom commitments.

NBC Learn is the educational arm of NBC News and is dedicated to making historic stories, images, and primary source documents available on-demand to teachers, students, and parents by providing access to more than 14,000 stories from the NBC News archives—one of the largest news archives in the world, with records dating back to the 1920s.

A State-of-the-art Call Center

NBC Learn’s hundreds of thousands of clients—teachers, students, and parents—rely on being able to access the website from a PC, MAC, or iPad, at school or at home, 24/7. They expect a site that is always available and with technical support that is always on.

Providing high-quality technical support around the clock and being able to solve every kind of issue facing every type of user was a challenge. Realizing they couldn’t do it alone, NBC Learn turned to the expert technical Call Center team at Navantis for help.

Karl WeissUnder the leadership of Vice President Client Support Karl Weiss, Navantis operates a state-of-the-art call center incorporating voice calls, email, chat, collaboration, and remote technical assist. Navantis acts transparently so that NBC Learn clients never realize they are dealing with an outsourced team. Every call, email, and instant message is handled with care and monitored under strict Service Level Agreements.

Deep Business Insight

Navantis manages all of the case tracking and reporting, and provides deep business insight back to NBC Learn for continuous improvement.

An advanced offering that Navantis includes is usage tracking, which helps to identify schools with reduced participation. Once identified, the Navantis reach- out program encourages online training through webinars, resulting in better understanding, awareness, and increased usage of the NBC Learn offerings while also ensuring that 21st century education continues to help teachers and students improve skills and knowledge.

Building a Brighter Future

“Nobody else in our industry is able to approach the level of content and support provided by NBC Learn, making us the most competitive and compelling solution in the market today,” commented Michael Levin, Director of Sales and Technical Operations at NBC Learn. “Navantis has completed our service offering by providing a seamless experience for our community and becoming a trusted member of our team. They treat our clients with patience and respect, ensuring that no problem goes unsolved.”

Because of the work that the Navantis team continues to do, NBC Learn is able to fully meet the needs of their clients. Thousands of teachers, students, and parents are now able to streamline videos; access history on-demand; enhance lesson plans; and continue to build a brighter future with full support.

"We are delighted to be recognized for excellence in customer service and support," commented Karl Weiss on receiving the Gold Stevie Award. "The partnership with NBC Learn has enabled both of our organizations to innovate, delivering unparalleled levels of service to students, teachers and families across the country and helping to set a standard for 21st century learning."

About Karl Weiss: 

Karl Weiss is a seasoned Customer Care and Services professional with over thirty years of experience in Information Services operations. Karl builds customer care environments that provide innovation aimed at driving sales, marketing, business intelligence, development, and customer service. He has earned an enviable reputation for customer service excellence and for providing complex implementation and support of large-scale network deployments for multinational clients such as Lafarge, Royal Bank, and Magna. Karl’s core operational principles are client satisfaction and delivery excellence during all phases of deployment and support. His expertise spans quality assurance, process re-engineering, software development, technical support, and design, all of which provide tremendous value to Navantis.

About Navantis:

Navantis combines strategy, design, and technology to help their clients realize new opportunities, solve business challenges, and focus on excellence in customer service and delivery. Founded in 1998, Navantis was Microsoft's Canadian Partner of the year in 2012, and is the partner channel with the most industry awards including recognition from Microsoft, CDN Magazine, and the Branham Group.

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6 New Product Awards in the Sales & Customer Service Stevies

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 11:36 AM

Stevie AwrdsWe have added six new product awards and service awards categories to the 2012 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service The entry deadline is January 18th; get your entry kit here.)

Our new
new product awards categories include:
  • Business Intelligence Solution – New
  • Business Intelligence Solution – New Version
  • Incentive Management Solution – New
  • Incentive Management Solution – New Version
  • Sales Automation Solution – New
  • Sales Automation Solution – New Version

These bring the total number of new product and service awards categories in the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service to 16.  New and new-version solutions for sales, contact center, and customer service operations that were introduced to the marketplace after July 2010 are eligible to be nominated. 

The following information should be included in your submissions:

  • An essay of up to 500 words describing the product or service and its features, functions, benefits, and performance to date;
  • A brief biography (up to 100 words) of the leader of the nominated team or department; and
  • Any number of supporting materials, including demonstration videos, news articles, product reviews, and so on.

All new product awards Finalists will be notified on January 25. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the start of the Stevie Awards movement, all Finalists will now be recognized as Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award winners. 2012 winners will be announced on February 27th at our 6th annual sales and customer service awards banquet at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Not sure which new product or service award you should apply for? Call us at + 1 703-547-8389 or email us at!

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