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How Hanaroadcom Uses Its Stevie® Awards to Build on Its Success

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 02:04 PM

Jung Hieh Shon, President of Hanaroadcom, a marketing and PR consultancy in Seoul, South Korea, won the Gold Stevie Award for Creative Executive of the Year in the creative awards categories of The 2013 International Business Awards. We asked her about the experience of winning a Stevie Award, and what her company’s goals are for 2014.

Jenny Shon“Hanaroadcom will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015, so we will be preparing for this during 2014,” Ms. Shon told us. “It’s a significant anniversary for us because it means our efforts over the past two decades to provide quality PR and marketing, and to deliver a strong message on behalf of our clients, have paid off. So we will be looking back over the past 20 years’ activities while at the same time preparing for increased growth in the years ahead.”

Opening New Markets

Another important objective in 2014 will be to open up new markets overseas. “We already have several clients in foreign countries,” explained Ms. Shon, “but we intend to strengthen our marketing in order to be a truly global company. If you are looking for a partner in advertising or public relations for marketing in South Korea, you can find one in Hanaroadcom! Our aim is to be the best creative partner for business marketing in Korea.”

Winning New Business

According to Ms. Shon, winning several Stevie® Awards over the past few years has had a significant impact on Hanaroadcom. “The International Business Awards is a competition that is highly appreciated here in Korea and winning has contributed greatly to Hanaroadcom’s development: not only does it have a positive effect on the self-esteem of my team, but it also allows us to share the honor with our clients.”

“The Stevie Awards provide an objective evaluation of a company’s work and this has certainly helped us to win new business.”

“I should also add that the trophies make a handsome addition to our Wall of Fame!”

Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

We asked Ms. Shon how she felt the new Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards could contribute to the success of Hanaroadcom.  Ms. Shon told us: “The more Stevie Awards we have won, the more our customer base has increased. Public organizations in particular view a Stevie Award as an indicator of good management, and the ability for Hanaroadcom to have consistently won international awards over the past seven years is an indication of our reliability.”

Adds Ms. Shon: “Each time I have participated in The International Business Awards presentations in different countries, it has been a great opportunity to study the characteristics and culture of that country. Experiences like this provide important data to improve working relations between companies in different countries.”

A Passion for Work

Not only is Ms. Shon a successful marketing executive, she is also something of a social media addict. “I check my Facebook page every day in order to reply to comments and to have conversations in real time,” she says. She is also something of a night owl. “I work a lot at night. Before sleeping I do the work that should be done in the morning. Going to sleep at 2AM is normal for me.”  She does believe in a healthy diet, however. “I have a good breakfast every morning because it gives me energy.”

Concludes Ms. Shon: “A passion for work is what inspires me. Setting increasingly higher standards for the future encourages me to advance despite the difficulties we may have to face. Looking at the Stevie Awards in my office reminds me that we can succeed and that we can achieve our goals.”

The entry deadline for the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards is February 19.  These awards are open to all organizations in the 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.  The early-bird entry deadline for The International Business Awards, which are open to all organizations worldwide, is April 16.

About Jung Hieh Shon

Jung Hieh Shon is the CEO of a 19-year-old company that has won a Stevie® Award for seven years in a row. She herself has also been named “Creative Executive of the Year” for six years in succession. Working during the day and studying at night for fifteen years earned her professional degrees and a good knowledge of English, advertising and PR, social welfare, visual design, and real estate. She currently works as a PR and Design advisor to a number of government organizations and associations.

About Hanaroadcom

Hanaroadcom is a consultancy that helps organizations with their marketing activities through the effective and creative use of diverse promotional tools. Its areas of specialty include brochures, in-house magazines, brand development, communications solutions, and social media. Hanaroadcom is one of only a few companies to have won in the International Business Awards seven years in succession. The company has also achieved recognition in several Korean awards. Hanaroadcom’s customers are mainly Korean government organizations, public institutions, and large companies. It also has partnerships with overseas government organizations and global enterprises. For more information, go to

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