Apple iPhone Voted Product of the Decade

Posted by Liz Dean on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 @ 02:01 PM

Nearly 900 votes were cast to answer March's poll question, What’s the top new product or service of the past 10 years? As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, the Stevie® Awards, organizer of the world’s premier business awards, has introduced a monthly poll series to celebrate the events, people, organizations, and products that shaped our lives over the past decade.

You voted Apple's iPhone as the top new product or service of the past 10 years with 39% of all votes cast. Apple iPhone

Other products and services included in the poll were:

BlackBerry - 17%

Crest WhiteStrips - 1%

Crocs - 2%

Guitar Hero - 3%

iPad - 17%

NetFlix - 3%

Skype- 11%

TiVO  - 2%

Toyota Prius Hybrid - 5%

We will introduce April's poll question, Which is the top company of the past decade? next week on the Stevie Awards' Facebook page.

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