Greenville Developments Creates Innovative Spaces That Encourage STEM Research

Posted by Grace Payne on Wed, Jun 15, 2022 @ 12:47 PM
Grace Payne

Greenville Developments is a women-owned business headed by Australian business woman, Beverley Honig. The company repurposes unused shipping containers into remarkable spaces including pop-up shops, offices, student accommodations, and most importantly homes for victims of bushfires. In addition to providing sometimes critical living spaces for Australians, Greenville is committed to sustainability in their work.

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Beginning with the very foundation of its company, Greenville works to reduce waste by recycling abandoned shipping containers to create shelters and workspaces that do not compromise on safety and longevity. Additionally, the building process for these structures produces a carbon reduction factor of 78% compared to traditional build. This statistic is encouraging given that materials and construction processes throughout the whole building life cycle is responsible for 11% of all carbon emissions in the world. Greenville's goal is to encourage others to decarbonize the sector by eliminating carbon emissions associated with the construction process. 

greenville containerGreenville is also able to maintain a rapid building process, due to the repurposed shipping containers. Compared to a traditional build, the shipping container structures reduce the time to build by 70% and cost of build by 50% due to the rapid build offsite process and the use of smart materials. 

Since earning the Bronze Stevie Award for Startup of the Year - Business Products Industries, Greenville Developments has partnered with one of the largest global oil and gas companies in Australia to build hi-tech mobile FutureLabs for collaborative STEM research. The FutureLab concept sprang from the desire to create mobile eco-pods to enable inspiration for innovators, universities, and STEM graduates. The growing demand for fast affordable homes has caused them to produce these eco-friendly pods in a way that is more efficient than ever before. 

Through this partnership, Greenville has secured a global presence and has set up partnerships with global channels in Asia and Europe. Its products have been used by universities and communities to develop world leading research and development. Greenville continues to focus on innovation, raising standards in sustainable building, striving to achieve carbon neutrality with eco-friendly building material and practices, and producing innovative and resilient structures. Ultimately, the company hopes to help organizations and people innovate and grow, and help save our planet through the use of carbon neutral materials.

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Greenville Developments won the Bronze Stevie Award for Startup of the Year - Business Products Industries.

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