Marketing Awards Opportunities in The 2016 International Business Awards

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Wed, Jun 29, 2016 @ 04:40 PM

The 13th Annual International Business Awards, the world's premier business awards competition, which attracts nominations from organizations in more than 60 nations and territories each year, is currently accepting entries through the extended final entry deadline of July 13.

All individuals and organizations worldwide -- public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small -- may submit nominations to The International Business Awards. An international judging panel of more than 200 executives will determine the Stevie Award winners. Results will be announced in mid-August. Stevie Award winners will be presented their awards at a gala banquet in Rome, Italy on October 21.


Today we will highlight the Marketing Award Categories.

IiStock_000087062195_Large.jpgnformation to be submitted online for entries in these categories in 2016 include:

a. An essay of up to 650 words describing the nominee's accomplishments since 1 January 2015.  In the marketing campaign categories, this will be a description of the campaign: its genesis, development, execution, and results to date

b. In bullet-list form, a brief summary of up to ten (10) of the chief accomplishments of the nominee since 1 January 2015.  In the marketing campaign categories, this will be a list of the chief features and results of the nominated campaign

c. Optional (but highly recommended), a collection of supporting files and web addresses that you may upload to our server to support your entry and provide more background information to the judges

Marketing Organization / Professional Categories

G01. Marketing Department of the Year

Enter this category if you wish to recognize everyone who works in marketing functions in your organization, regardless of function, location, seniority or position.

G02. Marketing Team of the Year

Enter this category if you wish to recognize some subset of your entire marketing organization, such as a specific product marketing, brand marketing, social media or creative team, for example.  The team may be multidisciplinary, may stretch across multiple organizations (your own organization, client organizations, and agency or vendor organizations, for example), and may be a permanent team or a temporary team that was assembled only for a specific task or assignment.

G03. Marketing Executive of the Year

Enter this category to recognize the achievements of individual marketing executives at the VP level or above.

Marketing Campaign of the Year - Industry Categories.

G04. Agricultural / Industrial / Building: for all related products, materials, tools and services.
G05. Automotive - Aftermarket: gasoline, motor oil, tires, batteries, paint, quick-lube, oil change, muffler, transmission, windshield wipers, enhancements, etc.
G06. Automotive - Vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, both brand and model advertising.
G07. Beauty: cosmetics, fragrances, hair products, nail products, beauty services such as salons, spas, etc.
G08. Beverages - Alcohol: beer, champagne, liquor, wine, wine coolers, after dinner drinks, etc.
G09. Beverages - Non-Alcohol: diet and non-diet soda, coffee, tea, juices, milk, milk substitutes, bottled water, sparkling water, etc.
G10. Breakfast Foods: cereals and other foods intended primarily for breakfast consumption.
G11 . Corporate Reputation/Professional Services: includes sponsorships, image & identity, communications to promote corporations, not exclusively their products. Includes business/professional services such as consulting, accounting, legal, employments, etc.
G12. Culture & The Arts: plays, museums, music organizations, concert series, cultural festivals, theater festivals, etc.
G13. Electronics: audio and/or video devices such as TVs, radios, mobile devices, home entertainment (DVD/Blu-ray players), cameras, computer hardware, game consoles, laptops, tablets, sound systems, etc.
G14. Energy/Nutrition Products & Services: products and services aimed at the energy, sports, wellness lifestyle. Vitamins, energy bars, drinks, etc.; weight loss and fitness programs/camps, training camps and facilities, etc.
G15. Entertainment & Sports: includes entertainment and sporting events. Sporting events such as the Super Bowl, sports teams, etc. All forms of entertainment including specific films, books, DVDs, videogames, games (online, mobile, social, board, card, etc.), entertainment apps, greeting cards, online, radio and TV programming, etc.
G16. Fashion & Style: brands of clothing, eyewear, footwear, hosiery, jewelry, accessories, etc.
G17. Financial Cards: credit, charge, debit, reward, phone and other cards.
G18. Financial Products & Services: communications promoting overall image and capabilities of a financial institution and specific products or services including home banking, loans, mortgage, mutual funds, traveler's checks, etc.
G19. Government / Institutional / Recruitment: municipal or state economic development, lotteries, utilities (i.e. electricity conservation messages), membership drives, armed forces marketing communications. Includes political messages and special interest/trade group communications.
G20. Healthcare - Disease Education & Awareness: communications to educate and/or spread awareness about a certain disease or health issue, whether to healthcare professionals, patients, and/or consumers.
G21. Healthcare - OTC: communications efforts for products that may be purchased without a subscription that address a specific illness, disease, or health issue, whether to healthcare professionals, patients, and/or consumers.
G22. Healthcare - Rx: communications efforts for products that may be purchased with a subscription that address a specific illness, disease, or health issue, whether to healthcare professionals, patients, and/or consumers.
G23. Healthcare - Services: marketing communications efforts that were developed for hospitals, HMOs, referral services, dental and medical care services, or chronic care facilities, whether to healthcare professionals, patients, and/or consumers.
G24. Home Furnishings & Appliances: kitchen appliances, air conditioners, carpeting, furniture, decorator's supplies, paint, wallpaper, etc.
G25. Home Supplies & Services: cleaning products, waxes, detergents, floor-care products, fabric softeners, paper products, domestic services, mowers, fertilizers, lawn care, gardening services, etc.
G26. Insurance: communications promoting specific products or services related to insurance and the capabilities of financial institutions offering these services. All types of insurance are eligible (home, auto, financial, health, life, travel, business, etc.).
G27. Internet / Telecom: wireless/cellular providers, high speed Internet access services, online services, portals, search engines and related Internet products & services (including SaaS/IaaS and Cloud-based services), bundled communications (Internet, telephone, and cable TV).
G28. Leisure Products & Services: recreational, sporting, and camping goods/services and other items/services intended for leisure activity.
G29. Media Companies: broadcasters, magazines, newspapers, web sites, consumer or trade media, radio and television stations, including networks.
G30. Office & Delivery Products & Services: delivery - overnight delivery, packagetracking, international service, etc. Office - printers, physical servers, fax machines, copiers, supplies, office furniture, etc.
G31. Packaged Food: packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.
G32. Personal Care: soap, dental products, face & body lotions and cleansers, cotton swabs, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, razors, shaving cream, etc.
G33. Pet Care: animal care products and services of all types, including food, toys, veterinary and boarding services, training, and breeders.
G34. Real Estate: homes, real estate brokers, malls, etc.
G35. Restaurants: quick service, casual dining, mid-scale, white table cloth and other restaurants.
G36. Retail: general -- stores and/or web sites that provides a multiple range of non-related or generally related merchandise, which include department stores, food retailers, and discount/bulk retailers, craft stores, etc. Specialized -- stores and/or web sites that specialize in one particular line of products (e.g. clothing, fashion, jewelry, health food, shoes, pet care, toys, greeting cards, etc.).
G37. Snacks / Desserts / Confections: ice cream, candy, chips, cookies, bakery items, nut, fruit & vegetable snacks, popcorn, etc.
G38. Software: software, groupware, operating systems, or software stored locally on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. (See category E24 for Saas/IaaS or Cloud-based services, and category E12 for online and mobile games.)
G39. Transportation: air, train, bus/trolley, taxi, subway systems, bike shares, car rentals, leasing not including automobile sales/leasing, ferries, etc.
G40. Travel / Tourism / Destination: cruises, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, travel websites and booking services, travel tours, tourism campaigns, etc.

Marketing Campaign of the Year - Specialty Categories

G45. Brand Experience of the Year - Business-to-Business: recognizing work that reaches out to business audiences to establish meaningful relationships, memorable, engaging experiences, and unique connections with their brands.
G46. Brand Experience of the Year - Consumer: experiences, and unique connections with their brands.
G47. Branded Content Campaign of the Year: recognizing work that has used branded content - original or sponsored - to reach out to audiences to establish meaningful relationships, memorable, engaging experiences, and unique connections with their brands.
G48. Mobile Marketing Campaign of the Year: for campaigns targeted to consumers' mobile devices.
G49. Online Marketing Campaign of the Year: for campaigns conducted entirely online.
G50. New Product or Service Introduction of the Year: for campaigns conducted to introduce a new product or service to the U.S. market.
G51. Re-Branding / Brand Renovation of the Year: for campaigns that recreated or repositioned an existing brand.  A new category for 2016.
G52. Small-Budget Marketing Campaign of the Year (< €3 m / $3 million)
G53. Viral Marketing Campaign of the Year: for campaigns that used word-of-mouth, video stunts, and other viral tactics as their primary means of communication.
G54. Youth Marketing Campaign of the Year: for campaigns that targeted the youth market (up to age 24).

There are a number of other IBA categories that should be of interest to marketing professionals, including many of the publication awards categories, website awards categories, app awards categories, video awards categories, and live event awards categories.

Past Stevie Award winners of Marketing Awards include:

  • Su Hee Jo, Photographer, Seoul, South Korea: Su Hee Jo, Photographer- Marketing Executive of the Year
  • VEET Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey: VEET's 'Defeating the Seasons'- Marketing Campaign of the Year - Beauty & Personal Care
  • WebTalk, Warsaw, Poland: One HELL of a GDN campaign for Register of Debtors ERIF BIG S.A.- Marketing Campaign of the Year - Financial Products & Services
  • Seegene Medical Foundation, Seoul, South Korea: One-Day Test System to Change the Korean Medical System- Marketing Campaign of the Year - Healthcare - Disease Education & Awareness and Services
  • Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Visit Abu Dhabi Online Campaign- Marketing Campaign of the Year - Transportation & Travel / Tourism / Destination
  • Hyundai Greenfood, Yongin, South Korea: “Smart Ordering System” through Omni-Channel Strategy- Marketing Campaign of the Year - All Other Industries
  • Thai Life Insurance Plc, Bangkok, Thailand: Thai Life Insurance - Unsung Hero- Viral Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • …and many more!

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