Stevie-Winner Jonckers Provides an AI, Cloud-Based Translation Service for Companies Around the Globe

Posted by Grace Payne on Thu, Jul 21, 2022 @ 09:32 AM
Grace Payne


Jonckers Translation & Engineering was established in 1994 to provide innovative translation and localization solutions to international companies, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Marriott International, and Samsung.

In 2015, Stevie Award-winner Jonckers began to develop its own cloud-based, AI translation platform called WordsOnline, in order to reduce costs and translate large volumes within a small time frame. WordsOnline now combines machine translation with Jonckers’ own expert linguistic community. Their fusion of AI and human translation offers the speed of technology alongside the attention to detail of the human eye. In 2021, Jonckers then launched two innovative services via the WordsOnline platform: ‘Translate Now’ and a translation subscription service. ‘Translate Now’ is an instant ordering service that allows customers to upload the documents that need translating and pay directly online. The translation subscription service allows customers to set up a recurring monthly or yearly subscription based on the volume of words translated each month.jonkerslogoOver the past two years, Jonckers has developed innovative workflows and solutions to help one of their clients provide top-rate customer service across several languages. They assist this client, an insurance agency, by translating their customer assistant portal queries and translating documents required for travel insurance claims. Customer assistant portals require 24/7 support, and the user submitting a query must receive an accurate response in their source language, using the terminology they used in their request. Jonckers overcame these challenges by making use of their AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline. By ensuring there are linguists working in all time zones around the world, the insurance agency client can provide 24/7 coverage for their customer portal in all required languages. Making use of WordsOnline means their average reply rate for queries is 30 minutes.

Translation and localization are ultimately about facilitating good communication and Jonckers works to provide an excellent service to customers by coming up with original, creative solutions, that in turn improve their customer service by making it accessible to more users around the world. 


Since winning their Gold Stevie Award for Award for Innovation in Customer Service, Jonckers has announced the development of a connector between WordsOnline, and the popular web content management system, Tridion Sites, to facilitate the management of multilingual websites. Tridion users just need to click a button from their interface to send content for translating directly into WordsOnline. The connector allows Tridion users to cut down on turnaround time and project management, thereby reducing costs and time-to-market for their customers. WordsOnline works out five times faster than the traditional translation process followed in the industry, and Jonckers continues to support their clients through efficient translation processes. 

Jonckers Translation & Engineering S.A. won a Gold Stevie Award for Award for Innovation in Customer Service - All Other Industries at the 2022 Stevie® Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

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