Adaptive Tech Startup Helps Disabled Drivers Gain Greater Independence

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Apr 05, 2023 @ 12:20 PM
Amanda Del Signore

Founders captionedFounded in 2020, Stevie-winner Adapy Inc. exclusively manufactures and distributes patented technology to allow millions of disabled Americans to remotely operate all their mobility assistance devices, such as cranes, lifts, automatic doors/ramps, etc. using their cell phone or other mobile devices.

Disabled individuals who want to drive cars face challenges not typically experienced by other drivers. While most people can get into their vehicles and start driving, those with disabilities must first spend up to 15 minutes using multiple devices and remote controls to open doors, operate lifts, and raise seats. 

This process gets repeated multiple times each day and further becomes more complicated in cases where a remote control fails to operate. As one would expect, disabled drivers generally spend more time in the heat, rain, and cold than other drivers as they wait for their vehicles to be ready to use.

How Adapy Works
Adapy™ allows the user to prepare their vehicle in advance from their mobile phone with a tap of a button from a safe distance. It comes pre-programmed for each adaptive device installed in the vehicle. The user simply plugs in the universal adapter to their existing lift device and downloads the mobile app, and pairs it with the device.

What makes Adapy stand out is its patented technology that allows disabled Americans to operate their mobility assistance devices from the safety and comfort of their homes, offices, or other sheltered locations using their smartphone or other mobile devices. This technology makes it possible for people with limited mobility to remain sheltered from dangerous weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold, or rain while preparing their vehicles for transport.

What Inspired Adapy TechnologyAdapy remote device
Adapy was founded by Aaron Werner who was inspired by military veteran and spinal cord injury survivor Andrew Evans. They determined to perfect the technology meant to help disabled individuals to experience greater freedom and independence.

Aaron has been a vanguard in enterprise technology development for over 20 years. He has developed several software applications in the video gaming industry, marketing, and financial spaces. Owing to his motivating encounter with Andrew, he was inspired to ease the lives of people with ambulatory issues by developing a framework to bring smarter technology to the existing adaptive space.

Adapy, Inc secured a relationship with Avenue Homecare, Inc to provide their Automotive Smart Hub to United States military veterans through the Veterans Assistance Program. Furthermore, this patented technology has recently received endorsement from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, ManaMed, Inc, and Marc Andrus RRT, MBA, a surveyor for the Joint Commission.

Adapy Inc. won a Gold Stevie Award for Tech Startup of the Year- Hardware/Peripherals in The 2022 International Business Awards®.

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