Caring for the Azerbaijan Community

Posted by Hailey Roos on Wed, Oct 28, 2020 @ 12:42 PM
  • - Telecommunications leader hosts millions of subscribers worldwide and pilots new network capabilities in Azerbaijan
  • - Azercell Telecom is an industry expert and the biggest investor in the country focused not only on company growth but individual/societal needs
  • - Azercell’s COVID-19 response helped individuals from all walks of life stay safe during the pandemic

About Azercell Telecom

Azercell Telecom is the leader of the mobile communication industry, the largest taxpayer, and the biggest investor of the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan. Over 4.5 million subscribers worldwide choose Azercell services.

Azercell was the first to pilot 5G network in the country and South Caucasia regions. As a pioneer in the industry, Azercell introduced a number of innovations in Azerbaijan, including GSM technology, advanced payment systems, mobile internet services, 24/7 call center service, and online customer care. 

Azercell’s 4G network covers nearly 60 regions of the country and is top-rated in mobile operators of Azerbaijan. They are the only company in the country to be awarded the Gold Certificate of International “Investors in People” Standard. 

Azercell’s COVID-19 Response

When the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, Azercell uploaded 50 AZN to the balance of active roaming subscribers who were in countries with limited transportation in order to provide them with uninterrupted communications with their families and relatives. They also added 50 AZN to the balance of over 600 medical workers. In addition, calls to the State Agency were waived of charges for all Azercell subscribers. A 5GB internet package was presented to more than 25,000 teachers and staff who were forced to work online during the pandemic. Nearly 600 students of the Azerbaijan Technical University were provided with discounted internet packages. 

They donated 2 million manats to fund the Support Fight Against Coronavirus. Azercell’s preventative measures included caring for vulnerable people in society by giving nearly 6,000 product baskets to low-income families. During the month of Ramadan, 4,000 low-income families received food aid. Hundreds of Azercell employees joined the blood donation campaign to help children suffering from thalassemia, hemophilia, and other inherited blood diseases. The Children’s Hotline provided thousands of children with necessary psychological, legal, and social assistance during this time. 

Prioritizing subscribers’ health, Azercell has organized various campaigns to keep people safe at home while spending time productively. They offered 50% discounts for language-learning applications and free mobile internet music applications. 

Azercell Telecom won a Gold Stevie for Company of the Year - Telecommunications, a Bronze Stevie for Most Innovative Company of the Year, and a Bronze Stevie for COVID-19 Response Categories - Most Valuable Corporate Response in The 2020 International Business Awards®. 

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