Creative, Experienced, Gritty Public Relations Team Helps Combat Discrimination in Media

Posted by Hailey Roos on Tue, Aug 11, 2020 @ 10:38 AM
  • 1903 PR partners with tech-based companies and startups in nearly every industry. 
  • This team secured media coverage for clients who were being discriminated against by the media because of race, gender, or sexuality. 
  • Despite the pandemic, 1903 PR has doubled in size and secured over 200 pieces of top-tier media coverage for their clients. 

About 1903 Public Relations

1903 Public Relations partners with companies that are driving innovation in their industries and propels them to the next level through creative strategic communications. They transform ideas into messages that influence markets and impact the bottom line. 


Strategic Communication to Challenge Discrimination

In 2019, 1903 PR spearheaded the communication strategy for Bitwise Industries’ Series A funding announcement. This is the largest Series A ever raised by a Latina woman-led company. The story had huge implications in terms of bringing visibility to the Latinx business community, women in tech, and LGBTQ+ founders. Because this was the first announcement of its kind and the largest in magnitude, there was no blueprint to follow. With a two-person team, 1903 PR refined the narrative for the company and its founders to create a story that was authentic, compelling, and relatable. 

After the first day of media outreach, the team noticed that reporters who would typically cover a $27 million Series A without question were either hesitant to accept interviews or pushed the story to colleagues who cover women’s issues—instead of covering it as straight-business news. 1903 PR had the idea to strip the feminine pronoun from email correspondents in order to get the reporters to engage in and accept interviews before bringing the larger narrative into the conversation. By correctly assessing the problem, addressing it in a way that took reporters’ bias out of the equation, and inserting messaging on diversity and inclusion into the interviews, 1903 PR was able to secure coverage on Bitwise’s funding on a national level. This plan required well trained spokespeople, effective messaging, and excellent media relations. On the day of the funding announcement, Bitwise saw a 721% spike in web traffic, amounting to a reach of 4 million. The announcement also received nearly 40 unique pieces of coverage. 

Following the funding announcement and the success of 1903 PR in accomplishing Bitwise’s business goals, this team has become the tip of the spear for all new markets. Instead of what would have been 15 minutes of fame, Bitwise has been able to use 1903 PR’s strategies in a way that contributed to their company’s bottom line, ethos, and ongoing success. 

Recent Accolades

In the past year, 1903 PR has doubled the size of their team, expanded relationships with existing clients, and added new clients to their roster. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the team has secured over 200 pieces of earned media coverage for their clients. This volume of coverage includes features in top-tier outlets like CNN, The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, and key vertical press such as GovTech, AGDAILY, and Retail Customer Experience. 

1903 Public Relations won the Bronze Stevie Award for Startup of the Year - Business Services Industries in The 2020 American Business Awards®.

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