From Legacy to Cloud: Impetus Technologies' LeapLogic for Enterprise Transformation

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Thu, Mar 14, 2024 @ 03:13 PM
Amanda Del Signore

23 spotlight Square-Mar-14-2024-07-11-01-4940-PMStevie-winner Impetus Technologies is a digital engineering company focused on delivering expert services and products to help enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals.

Impetus offers data platform engineering, artificial intelligence/machine learning, devOps, application modernization, and more. Established in 1991, Impetus has been the "Partner of Choice" for several Fortune 500 enterprises. They arefocused on creating powerful and intelligent enterprises and data products through advanced data, analytics, and AI solutions.

Their most recent achievements in cloud and data engineering include the following projects:

  • Built a patented solution for an AI-powered sales enablement platform for one of the largest credit card companies. It transformed their sales and marketing technology solutions, helped increase new cardholders, and reduced marketing spend significantly.
  • Helped build a patent-pending data ingestion and cataloging solution for one of the biggest global airline companies.
  • Helped launch one of the first mobile-based travel readiness apps for the airline, to ensure a touch-free and contactless check-in and boarding solution for consumers.
  • Helped launch a one-of-a-kind insurance platform for the shared economy, which helps B2B companies in the "shared economy" insure their transactions.

Flagship Product: LeapLogicimpetus leap logic product logo
LeapLogic is Impetus' automated cloud migration accelerator to help enterprises migrate workloads from legacy to cloud-native stacks. Specifically, the solution automates the end-to-end transformation of legacy data warehouse, analytics, Mainframe, reporting, and Hadoop workloads to native cloud platforms for optimum cost and performance.

LeapLogic has demonstrated its utility to large enterprise organizations thus far. Partner organizations were burdened with highly expensive legacy technologies and renewals and were unable to transform their data. This also inhibited them from building a single source for their data. LeapLogic solved this by helping them leapfrog to modern cloud-native stacks with minimum disruption.

With the help of LeapLogic, they are working to transform and automate the cloud transformation journey for various Fortune 500 enterprises. The biggest case example is their work with United Airlines. They established a modern data platform with integrated analytics, built-in governance, and intelligent data profiling capabilities.

They provided support for 200+ batch and 30+ real-time multiterabyte data pipelines with automated infrastructure setup and deployment. Their solutions helped the airline improve the passenger experience by:

  • Personalizing bundle offers to include customer-preferred amenities (e.g., Wi-Fi, entertainment options, etc.) using ML models
  • Reducing wait time at the airport gates by predicting passengers’ adherence to COVID travel requirements
  • Auto-approving travel readiness by verifying the validity of COVID documents like test reports, vaccinations, government forms, etc.

The flexible and scalable platform enabled unified governance and consumption and equipped the airline’s business teams to process data faster for real-time decision-making and improved cost efficiency.

Impetus Technologies Inc. won a Gold Stevie® Award for Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year - More Than 2,500 Employees, and two Bronze Stevie Awards for Achievement in Technology Innovation and for Company of the Year among Large Computer Services organizations in The 2023 International Business Awards®.

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