Gold Stevie® Winner Embraces the Next Frontier of Corporate Workforce With Gig Talent

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Aug 31, 2022 @ 09:47 AM
Amanda Del Signore

Stevie® Award-winner Limitless is combining crowdsourcing and AI to help global businesses address their biggest customer service challenges with Gig Customer Service (GigCX). GigCX is the term they use for deploying a gig-based crowd of people to provide customer service and sales. Housed within the Limitless’ SmartCrowd™ platform, customers can connect with their most engaged customers and reward them for providing on-demand customer service.Limitless logo

Using this technology, organizations route enquiries through the Limitless platform, which distributes them to knowledgeable GigCX experts who are paid per task for resolving questions. Brands like Microsoft, Unilever, eBay and L’Oreal are using Limitless GigCX to connect with their most engaged customers, providing on-demand customer service that can flex in line with demand.

Limitless conducts annual research studies and reports to understand how GigCX is impacting the workforce and areas for improvement. Since receiving their Gold Stevie award, they have released new research that shows that 72% of customer service managers have added or plan to add gig talent to customer service or sales operations within the next 2 years.

Their findings also show that, although people are interested in flexibility and the freedom to earn money on their own terms, GigCX has another added benefit to other gig models. Experts are genuinely interested in helping people using their own knowledge for brands they love.

Limitless has also been featured in Forbes in the article “Meet the Startup Turning Customers into Next-Gen Customer Service for Brands They Love.” In the piece, Forbes references a study that shows there are “nearly 60 million gig workers in the U.S., representing about $1.2 trillion of U.S. GDP, [and] it’s estimated that by 2030, nearly 50% of the workforce will be engaged in the gig economy in some way.”

Limitless co-founders Megan Neale and Roger Beadle have over 20 years of experience in the customer support world. In a comment to Forbes, Ms. Neale says she believes gig work will be a mix of primary full-time workers, GigCX workers, and AI bots working in harmony to produce the most efficient and best possible customer experience….once AI does its job to the capacity it's able to, handing that customer over to a real customer support agent with the skills to help quickly.

Limitless won the Gold Stevie Award for Sales or Customer Service Solutions Technology Partner of the Year.

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