LoanCatcher® Software Solution for Modern Mortgage Challenges

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Fri, Nov 03, 2023 @ 11:28 AM
Amanda Del Signore

22 spotlight Square-19-2Stevie-winner Black Knight, now part of ICE, is a leading provider of technology for the mortgage and real estate sectors. They offer a range of solutions that support the entire lifecycle of the mortgage loan process, including loan origination, servicing, and default management.

In September 2021, the company launched the LoanCatcher® loan origination system (LOS) to give independent mortgage brokers quality origination tools that could rival those used by even large financial institutions.

LoanCatcher Cloud-based Solution
To fully appreciate LoanCatcher, some context is needed. Mortgage brokers work with multiple wholesale lenders to help borrowers find the best loan products for their individual situations. As independent agents, mortgage brokers have the unique challenge of acting as an organization unto themselves—simultaneously juggling the responsibilities of loan advisor, customer service, marketing, operations and IT—with limited resources.

LoanCatcher solves mortgage brokers’ many challenges by folding multiple award-winning lending technologies into an all-in-one, easy-to-use LOS. Entirely cloud-based, LoanCatcher gives brokers affordable access to the same caliber of technology used by the nation’s largest and most successful lenders. In addition to a top-tier LOS, other core components of LoanCatcher include:

Point of sale
LoanCatcher’s white-labeled digital lending portal makes it easy for borrowers to complete their applications, uploading and eSigning documents from anywhere. The user-friendly interface is and helps create a positive consumer experience from the first step.

Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing platform
LoanCatcher is integrated with SurefireSM, the mortgage industry’s most-used CRM and marketing automation platform. Adding Surefire to LoanCatcher’s origination workflow means brokers can automatically send borrowers reminders and milestone updates as the loan progresses. Surefire also contains a library of creative content, with automated marketing campaigns designed to nurture leads, educate borrowers about the financing process and maintain client relationships after their loans have closed to improve recapture efforts down the line.

Product pricing engine (PPE)
LoanCatcher saves brokers the hassle of combing through loan product pricing sheets with seamless integration of the Loansifter® PPE. With Loansifter, brokers can instantly compare rates and product pricing across 120 wholesale investors to execute competitive, profitable lending strategies.

Workflow and Document Management
Pre-defined and configurable workflows allow brokers to work smarter and create an end-to-end origination process. Its easy-to-use document repository and communication tools support effective collaboration across teams.

After a broker’s loans are originated, LoanCatcher will automatically transfer files to wholesale lenders with supported integrations. System-agnostic, standardized files can also be downloaded and delivered to any wholesale lender, no matter their platform.

LoanCatcher is a single, cost-effective platform that puts brokers back in charge of their business. It helps them turn loans faster, provide a better consumer experience and grow their customer base.

Since Winning a Stevie® Award
In the past 18 months, LoanCatcher has enhanced its borrower-facing point of sale with lead generation tools and automated marketing workflows designed to nurture leads, educate borrowers about the financing process, and maintain client relationships after close. Brokers now have access to interactive interest rate comparison tools and mortgage calculators to engage prospective homebuyers as they research financing a home.

Also new to LoanCatcher are plug-and-play automated marketing campaigns that let brokers elevate their brand and achieve major marketing impact with minimal hands-on effort. Multichannel workflows that include interactive video, graphic, and narrative content distributed over email, text, phone, and direct mail to drive borrower interest and engagement.

Black Knight won a Silver Stevie Award for Best FinTech Solution in The 2023 American Business Awards®.

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