Nobul's Open Real Estate Marketplace App Brings Transparency, Accountability to Real Estate Industry

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Tue, Jan 31, 2023 @ 02:22 PM
Amanda Del Signore

Nobul_ABA22Spotlight_SquareStevie-winner Nobul real estate marketplace platform was built to disrupt North American real estate by empowering home buyers/sellers and increasing healthy competition and transparency among agents.

Nobul empowers home buyers and sellers with unprecedented information transparency,
choice and control when it comes to their real estate transactions, which, for many people, is the largest transaction of their lives.

Approximately 90% of today’s consumers rely on online reviews (such as Yelp, Google, etc) before choosing/visiting a business. Until now, there hasn’t been the right resource with aggregated ratings for prospective home buyers/sellers to objectively evaluate real estate agents. What’s worse, they usually end up paying a price far removed from the actual estimated property value.

Nobul solves this problem by providing a transparent, centralized platform that supports all aspects of the real estate experience, including traditional multiple listing service (MLS) listings, agent transaction history, services offered, and more. After a user inputs information about a property that they may be looking to buy or sell, the Nobul platform leverages advanced AI technology to assign a “match score” for each agent based on criteria applied by the consumer, for instance, years of experience, local knowledge, language, etc.Nobultech Graphic_ABA22Winner

Consider this example: if a user is looking to purchase a condo or lock in a 4% commission agreement over a 5% one, they will get matched with someone who has a high-rank score based on those factors. Users then receive multiple bids from these agents, who are further evaluated based on commission, real estate transaction track record, and other key data points.

And, realtors win, too. Real estate agents get matched with buyers and sellers who are a good fit for their services and expertise without having to spend money upfront on marketing and advertisement.

Finally, Nobul provides the consumer with an upfront estimate of how much they will spend or save by working with that agent. The goal is to put the transaction power back in the hands of the home buyers/sellers and elevate the overall experience of real estate transactions for a new generation.

Since Winning Their Stevie
Nobul has achieved billions of dollars in sales across more than 100 markets throughout North America. In December 2021, Nobul surpassed over $5 billion dollars in completed sales.

Nobul is continuing its nationwide rollout into key markets across the United States. In May 2022. Nobul made its marketplace available throughout Texas, including but not limited to Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso. With Nobul, buyers and sellers in Texas can now review criteria and data to help them choose the right real estate agent for them while agents compete for their business in real time. 

Nobul won a Gold Stevie Award in the Mobile Web & App Awards category - Real Estate in The 2022 American Business Awards.

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