Nooshin Yazhari Leads an Entirely Women-Owned Company in the Software Consulting Industry

Posted by Grace Payne on Wed, Jun 08, 2022 @ 10:54 PM
Grace Payne


Nooshin Yazhari is the President and Managing Director of Optimum, a 100% women-owned, modern Software Consulting firm. She currently manages the operations, offering a full suite of software services and solutions, including custom application development, project management solutions, blockchain solutions, and SharePoint and Office 365 consulting.

Optimum works to transform businesses through the power of its people, innovative technologies, and automated processes. Even during the pandemic, Optimum has significantly grown its client base, team size, and revenue without financial assistance from a male-dominated industry. Optimum strives to help companies modernize their business systems by utilizing their optimized processes, modern technologies, and exceptional customer experiences. 

Nooshin has been recognized for her exceptional leadership in energy, working closely with other CEOs, senior consultants, visionaries, business leaders, and former entrepreneurs who provide mentoring and consulting to businesses of all sizes in the greater Houston area. In addition to her work in the business sector, Nooshin is a panel speaker at Girls in STEM, a program that encourages young women to learn more about STEM careers and pursue them from an early age. 

Since earning her Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Products, Nooshin continues to lead Optimum which started with minimal capital investment during the difficult economy and market of 2014 in a male-dominated industry, but gained rapid momentum and growth as every single person working at Optimum, from the executive leadership to junior staff, believes in integrity, transparency, quality, great customer experience, and smart work.

Crowd Machine and Optimum Team Up to Offer Accelerated Application  Development | Business Wire

Optimum's growth since 2019 has been 87% growth in number of employees and 117% growth in revenue. Additionally, the company now helps many more private, public, and government organizations develop new ways to make their business processes more efficient and "humancentric." Nooshin’s goal at Optimum is to put their people first. As the workforce takes care of clients, she strives to find new organizations that share the same vision and work style as Optimum.

Nooshin Yazhari won the Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Products.

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