Powerhouses of Change: mindit.io's Award-Winning Women Revolutionizing the Software Industry

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Tue, May 30, 2023 @ 11:26 AM
Amanda Del Signore

Multiple Stevie® Award-winner mindit.io is a global company that creates enterprise applications, business intelligence solutions, and integration solutions across many industries, with proven expertise in retail, banking, fintech, and healthcare.

Their mission is to continuously mind customers’ business through outstanding services. They help clients establish roadmaps for their technological path or products and provide comprehensive implementation resources in terms of solutions and people.

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 9.55.35 AMTheir dedicated engineers are proficient in delivering end-to-end software services with a focus on business analysis, architecture, development, integration, maintenance, and support. mindit.io has created a sustainable intrapreneurial environment where people can expand both their professional and personal perspectives.

The Women Leading Change and Growth
In the 2022 Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, mindit.io took home a Silver Stevie Award for Fastest Growing Company of the Year. When asked what winning the award meant to her, Chief Executive Officer Lucia Stoicescu commented:

“Software is what we know how to build. But ultimately, we wanted to foster an environment in which people can become the best version of themselves. The moment you choose to compromise regarding the best version of yourself, you give away the power. And we want to empower people.

This award is motivation to continue, dream bigger, work harder to build upon the trust our people put in our community, and deliver upon that trust. In a fast-growing company, you need a systematic approach to growth that involves a transformation mindset and team growth.”

With decades of experience working in the technology sector (mainly retail, fintech, telecom, and MedTech), Lucia’s expertise is in driving and managing business growth, technology transformation, sourcing, operations, finance, HR, and regulatory compliance for international customers.

Two additional women on the mindit.io team were recognized in the 2022 awards program: Mona Hristachi, Co-Chief Operating Officer, won a Silver Stevie for Woman of the Year in Business Services; and Roxana Staneiu, Chief People Officer, won a Silver Stevie for Female Employee of the Year in Business.

Woman of the Year in Business Services, Mona Hristachi
Before she was Co-COO of mindit.io, Mona started her journey in 2014 working in background screening, then gained experience in various business roles like sales representative, analyst, key account manager, and project manager:Picture1

“There are many skills that I had the chance to develop in time. Still, one of the skills I got the context to explore more evolved around identifying and understanding needs. How do you ask the right questions to understand the real need to be able to provide support, and where is the case to come up with the right solutions?

Through servant leadership, you can better understand how you can help a colleague or a partner, and that’s something that I resonate with.”

Mona remarked that she was already happy to be nominated for the award and was pleasantly surprised at winning:

“For the past 8 years, my professional journey has been within the mindit.io team, exploring different roles and having a continuous learning experience. Receiving the award means that the excellent work we are doing at mindit.io is recognized.

It’s important to continue to create a community where each one contributes with their expertise and skills and learns from others while building software engineering platforms and products."

Female Employee of the Year in Business, Roxana Staneiu
Certified as a NeuroMindfulness Coach Practitioner, Roxana is a people-oriented leader whose mission is to inspire, coach, and lead teams to drive innovation and create added value.

Specifically, she helps people nourish their potential in dynamic and challenging environments, facilitates authentic experiences, and provides clear vision in fast-paced situations. “People are the epicenter of everything I do,” she explained, “be it organizational culture or key account management, my role is deeply influenced by the passion I have for building authentic connections.”

Roxana Staneiu 1When asked if it was challenging being a woman in a predominantly male-dominated industry like software development, Roxana commented:

“Over the last decade, women constantly prove that they can code, they can come up with innovative solutions, can be in top management positions, can run businesses, they can be visionary leaders.

I feel we don’t need to prove ourselves anymore and it’s high time to be recognized for the value we all can bring. I’m aware there are still some old socially desirable standards that are imposed on women, but I feel we came a long way, and every time we put our focus on results, passion, hard work, ideas, and innovations, not on gender or stereotypes, we all make another step towards a better society.” 

Since Winning Their Stevie Awards
mindit.io has since been recognized in Romania for its unique benefit called minditNomad. Through minditNomad, they have their own minditNomad homes located throughout Romania, in the mountains and at the seaside, where employees can work from or have a vacation with their friends and family without having to worry about accommodation costs, not having Internet, or not having the right equipment. They believe in working from anywhere and that a change of scenery is essential from time to time. 

Irina Arsene, mindit.io Founder, was also awarded the first-ever "Inspiring Woman of the Year" Award at the 2023 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Gala!

In addition to these achievements, mindit.io has also been officially certified as a Great Place to Work® with 97% of their employees answering "yes" when asked, "Taking everything into account, do you consider mindit.io a great place to work?"

mindit.io has also managed to continue with 40% year-over-year growth in 2022 and more than 250 employees. They plan to reach the 1000-people milestone by the end of 2025.

mindit.io won a Silver Stevie Award for Fastest-Growing Company of the Year. Mona Hristachi, Co-COO, won a Silver Stevie for Woman of the Year in Business Services; and Roxana Staneiu, Chief People Officer, won a Silver Stevie Award for Female Employee of the Year in Business in the 2022 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. 

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