Quantum Workplace: Empowering HR Excellence for Two Decades and Beyond

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Fri, Sep 08, 2023 @ 10:05 AM
Amanda Del Signore

22 spotlight Square-9-Sep-08-2023-01-59-25-0450-PMStevie-winner Quantum Workplace, a human resources technology provider, equips workplaces with the smartest talent solutions so that they can grow and succeed.

Nearly 20 years ago, the company pioneered some of the earliest employee engagement and performance software and has since partnered with thousands of organizations to drive employee, team, and business success.

Today, human resources (HR) departments have more on their plate than ever before. Quantum Workplace aims to be the reliable partner HR needs to solve problems and guide them along the way.

The organization began as Quantum Market Research in 2002, conducting workplace surveys. By 2005, it  was the survey provider behind the Best Places to Work contest. In 2009, it collected its five-millionth survey. The company changed its name to Quantum Workplace in 2010 and transitioned into a software-led employee engagement company. Now the company partners with over 480 organizations to make work better.

Achieving Consistent Customer and Employee Success
Quantum Workplace has a legacy of providing awesome customer service with unmatched, quality support. The Customer Success Team developed a series of checkpoints that new hires complete before they start talking with customers, so each customer receives the best service and guidance.

A team of Insights Analysts helps customers dive deep into what their data says, how to interpret their results, and guide them in responses. The team has a 97% favorability on value provided to the board room.

Quantum Workplace’s NPS and CSAT scores are well above industry averages, and their six-month rolling average NPS score is 62.5, with industry averages around 40. Quantum Workplace’s August 2022 CSAT score was 86, with industry averages around 77.

The Quantum Workplace Customer Support Team is available to over 2 million users, not just admin users, unlike the competition and others in B2B software. This means more users to assist, which might mean more time per ticket. Not the case at Quantum Workplace. The Customer Support Team typically responds within an hour, faster than most SaaS companies and competitors.

Quantum Workplace employees, or "Qwirks," are used to a high-growth environment. They’re able to succeed because the organization practices what it preaches. It believes that employee success leads to business success. Its dedication to employees has led the Customer Facing Team to achieve levels of customer satisfaction few software companies can.

Quantam team Because of its unique culture aimed at engaging employees, Qwirks perform at high levels, outpacing its competition and setting new standards for the software industry.

Although it has been challenging, they have been able to maintain customer satisfaction and the employee experience with 30% employee growth in the past two years. Quantum Workplace’s strategy of concentrating on employee success has shown business success and led to a quality customer experience.

Quantum Workplace believes the workplace can be great when employees are given the opportunity and resources to be successful. Quantum Workplace’s 4.9 Glassdoor rating far exceeds the average company rating of 3.3, and 100% of Glassdoor reviewers reported they would recommend a friend to work for the organization.

Quantum Workplace created a culture that employees want to be a part of by giving them the tools to succeed and a unique work experience they enjoy. The organization is stronger because Qwirks are celebrated team members and united through the core values of Pursue, Team Over Self, Revel in Work, and Be You.

Qwirks are passionate about their work. The Customer Facing Team revels in providing excellent customer service and truly believes what they do matters. That experience helps Quantum Workplace separate itself from not only competitors but other workplaces.

Quantum Workplace won a Silver Stevie® Award for Customer Service Department of the Year - Computer Software - 100 or More Employees, and a Bronze Stevie for Customer Service Employer of the Year in the 2023 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

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