Red Access: Revolutionizing Web Security for the Hybrid Workplace

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Fri, Dec 01, 2023 @ 01:16 PM
Amanda Del Signore

22 spotlight Square-19-Dec-01-2023-06-13-30-9871-PMStevie-winner Red Access secures the hybrid workplace with its agentless browsing security platform, introducing a nondisruptive way to protect devices and browsing sessions in and outside of the office.

Over the past decade, and recently accelerated by the rise of remote and hybrid work, enterprise IT has been transformed by the growing trend of “browserization,” where the browser has emerged as the modern worker’s primary gateway to the digital world.

While a variety of security products aimed at addressing these risks have emerged in recent years, they’ve thus far proven incomplete and rife with trade-offs.

The proliferation of web apps and devices, and the adoption of digital platforms in the workplace have fundamentally changed the steps enterprises must take to protect their employees, assets, and devices against today’s browser-based cyber threats. Hence a new approach to browsing security is required.

Founded by leading experts from the Israeli Cyber Community in 2021, Red Access helps companies secure all the browsing activities of their employees on any browser, web app, device, and cloud service, enabling a better user experience and easy management without hampering productivity and without the need to install a browser or an extension.

Co-Founders, Dor Zvi (CEO) and Tal Dery (CTO) both bring extensive knowledge in threat detection and response, malware analysis, and information security, having served many years in the Israel Defense Forces technology units followed by senior research and development positions at leading tech companies.

Their unique approach addresses hybrid work security by redefining browsing security, enabling zero-day protection, seamless user experience, and agnostic security to all web applications, browsers, devices, etc.

The platform provides a fully SaaS-based agentless solution, which does not require an agent installation or a new browser adoption, so users can work from their own devices and use the applications they are accustomed to working with.

Red Access represents the next stage of evolution in secure browsing, working toward a new gold standard of frictionless and agnostic browsing security—the secure web session.

Red Access won a Bronze Stevie Award for Best Tech Startup of the Year - Software in The 2023 American Business Awards®.

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