Stevie® Awards Introduces Identity Verification Tool

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Tue, Feb 06, 2024 @ 11:47 PM

We are excited to announce a significant step forward in ensuring the continued integrity of the Stevie® Awards programs—the introduction of our proprietary identity verification tool. This tool will be instrumental in determining the authenticity of selected program entrants and potential judges with customized identity verification software.

Why This Matters:

Each year, the eight (soon to be nine) Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 12,000 nominations from organizations of all types and sizes in more than 70 nations. During the judging period of all competitions, each entry is reviewed and rated by no fewer than five judges. More than 1,000 professionals worldwide participate in Stevie Awards judging each year. Many judges are invited by Stevie Awards staff, while others apply to judge through an open application form for evaluation.


We are committed to providing our community with the assurance that both Stevie Awards applicants and judges are qualified individuals who truly represent themselves and their organizations. Maintaining the integrity of the Stevie Awards evaluation and judging processes is of utmost importance to us. This multi-faceted identity verification tool serves as a robust solution to uphold the standards of excellence we stand for.

Key Features of the Identity Verification Tool

Work Email Address Alternatives: For selected entrants who are unable to provide a work email address or who hail from smaller organizations that may not be easily verified online, our tool steps in to facilitate the verification process.

Streamlined Verification for Smaller Organizations: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by smaller organizations, the tool offers a seamless verification process, eliminating hurdles that may arise from limited online visibility.

Documented Proof of Legitimacy: In cases where additional verification is required, selected entrants and potential judges may be requested to upload documented proof of the organization’s incorporation or registration. This includes a copy of the organization’s current business license, ensuring that the Stevie Awards are recognizing and celebrating legitimate businesses.

Official ID Upload: Entrants and judges whom we believe need to be verified will be prompted to upload an official form of identification, such as a the image of a driver's license or a passport photo page. The identity verification tool utilizes facial recognition technology to conduct a face-matching check, ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of each participant.

How to Use the Tool:

Entrants and potential judges whom we assess should complete the process will find the tool user-friendly, guiding them through the verification process step by step. Not all entrants or judge applicants will be prompted to use this tool. The Stevie Awards team is available to help anyone who finds themselves needing assistance with the identity verification process.

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