Stevie-Winner Eastvantage Wins Gold for Their #everybodysells 360°+ Business Development Strategy

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 @ 02:27 PM
Amanda Del Signore

Established in 2010 by a Euro-Filipino team to help foreign companies tap into the rich Philippine talent pool, Eastvantage has since grown and now provides business solutions to global companies. It enables offshore operations from its locations in the Philippines, India, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. eastvantage logo
The management team brings a wealth of global insights and local knowledge in the areas of digital transformation, customer experience, and business support. Combining expertise with a hands-on approach to managing client relationships, Eastvantage aims to make outsourcing simple and seamless.

Eastvantage has grown steadily through the years until 2018 when the company realized it needed to strengthen its operations for it to be able to cope with the heightened requirements of its clients and the market as a whole. Thus, later that year, the company brought in Kamal Asarpota, a seasoned executive with a successful track record of delivering financial and business results with global organizations in the ITES/BPM Industry.

Supported by top management, Kamal began promoting an engaged and empowered team culture. In 2019, the company strengthened its core by improving operational efficiencies and getting the right people. The strategy established Eastvantage as a reliable partner, validated by seamless business continuity during the pandemic lockdowns.

When the pandemic struck the Philippines in early 2020, Eastvantage immediately put measures in place to minimize the impact on the company’s gains from the previous years and garnered a Silver Stevie Award for its COVID-19 response efforts.

The company continued strengthening its operations and sales team throughout 2020 and 2021. It reinforced its #everybodysells 360°+ business development cycle strategy, which covers pre-sales to operations. The strategy involves not only the sales and marketing teams but the whole operations support team, including HR, recruitment, IT, finance, and administration.

This, together with the entry of a seasoned investor in 2021 who brought in a deep understanding of scaling service operations, incentivized internal stakeholders to be aligned with company growth goals. Further, the company expanded its IT Managed Services.

These measures enabled the company to grow its existing business simultaneously with new business acquisitions, at an increased win rate of 19% compared to 5% in 2020. By the end of 2021, the company:

  • had an accounts portfolio of 50 clients, a 70%+ increase from 29 clients in 2020;
  • grew its headcount by 70%+, from 473 full-time employees to 815;
  • exceeded its EBITDA target;
  • closed the year at a 12% revenue growth; and
  • earned the highest annual income in its 11 years of operations.

Eastvantage has not only survived the threats to general business stability brought about by the pandemic, but it has evidently also outgrown the startup phase. Now in the expansion stage of the business, the company has opened up additional delivery centers in the Philippines, India, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. Further, it now has a US-based Business Strategy Advisor for its diversification in North America.

The growth is expected to continue, as Eastvantage is bent on seizing opportunities by continually evolving in line with market demand. The higher focus on complex and digital services is one of the initiatives in this direction and is expected to contribute high value to the business. The direction is to further expand globally and be the Managed IT Services partner of choice.

Eastvantage won a Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation in The 2022 International Business Awards®.

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