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Stevie-winner Annature has exploded onto the world stage with its next-generation eSigning platform. Gone is the single-use digital signing solution – in its place is a platform transforming the future for eSigning, Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering, global ID Verification and Payments.

Annature is headed by Amreeta Abbott, an award-winning entrepreneur behind the development of the ground-breaking cloud-based document suite for accountants, NowInfinity. Amreeta completed a successful sale of NowInfinity for $25 million in 2020. 

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As the first lines of code were being written in early 2020, she set Annature on a mission to transform the traditional and insecure electronic signature offering she predicted wouldn't last in a digital business world.

Today Annature has achieved ISO 27001 certification as a technology company that operates an integrated digital signature, identity verification and payment platform facilitating global transactions with organizations of all sizes.

Built on blockchain technology, heavily featured and noted for an exceptional low-friction experience. And as a business principle, considerably more value-centric compared to overseas providers.


eSigning accelerated during Covid lockdowns when it became physically impossible to get people into offices to put pen to paper. Business was transformed forever. In just months global organizations accelerated the digitisation of their customer and supply chain interactions and their internal operations by what management consultants McKinsey estimated was three to four years. Annature had already positioned itself to respond to that with agility and strength.

The company formally launched in August 2020. From the start, integrating with any major existing digital document system and incorporating a global ID, payment, billing and invoicing verification powered by global giant Stripe into its workflow solutions.

Annature planned the development timeline accurately knowing that Stripe's powerful ID and Payment API's were easy to embed into the Annature e-signing process as an integral part of the user flow. Enabling Annature to provide the holistic contract execution experience required by many fintech, insurance and other companies.

Annature delivers a cryptographically verifiable database and audit trail for all digital signatures. Establishing a tamper-proof digital certificate for critical compliance information. Laying the basis for any client to embed Stripe into their payment, collection and ID verification solutions.


  • Process 5,000 Australian Government JobKeeper applications to keep people employed on one night in March - as proof of use and scalability 
  • Joined the Xero connected app marketplace
  • Annature replaced global competitor, DocuSign for the Real Estate Institute of Victoria 
  • Core eSigning Partner with FYIdocs for Xero accounting firms
  • Signed fastest-growing legal firm in Asia Pacific, LegalVision, Illumin8; partnership with APS Reckon, and more.

2020 was a massive build year. Client integrations of the customized platform performed seamlessly by an Australian-based team determined to ensure there were no technical surprises.

Qantas Business Rewards Exclusive Partnership

Annature is the only Australian eSigning company chosen to partner with iconic aviation brand, Qantas Airlines and showcased in the global airline's Back to Business campaign for COVID-impacted Australian businesses. Annature's eligible clients now earn Business Points on every document they eSign.

Commitment to eSigning for the Future

The focus will be on secure acceptance and signing documents online, exploring the ability to take payments and incorporate bio-metrics.

With the accelerating shift towards digital onboarding forecasters estimate the global market for Identity Verification will grow by more than 20 per cent in five years, with four billion digital identity verification checks conducted annually. 

Annature provides the highest level of security assurance with its ISO 27001 certification - the world’s highest level of information security management. Our digital signature technology is compliant with all major eSign laws and regulations including the ETA 1999, ESIGN ACT 2000, EUTA, GDPR Compliance and eIDAS.

Annature's Accomplishments Since Submitting their Stevie-Winning Nomination

Since winning their Stevie Award, Amreeta Abbott has not eased up in her tireless pursuit of methods to solve the business frustrations that dominated her early life as an accountant. 

Now the Australian Federal and key State governments have recognized the technological innovation and ease of customer use that has been the hallmark of her work for several decades.
Having designed a secure-for-the-digital age product and achieving ISO 27001 certification in Australia, Annature has recently completed the audit process required to maintain that accreditation for its secure data management.
Amreeta has been leading the company into surpassing all expectation with its offering of verified ID and payments capacity using Stripe ID and Stripe Payments technology – customer usage of the Stripe Payment technology on its platform has grown 6 times.
Because of its ability to help clients meet government regulatory mandates for digital signing and ID verification, Annature has expanded its customer base with firms in the legal industry, and mortgage and lending platforms in real estate.
One recent new partner is the Auckland, New Zealand company Margin Gains, disappointed with an overseas provider’s incapacity to migrate thousands of clients to meet regulatory and privacy demands and delighted with Annature’s ability to achieve the task within weeks, with no technological hitches.
Amreeta has marked a jump in revenue from the forecast 300% to 500%, 10 times growth in customers paying by Stripe Payments, and an astonishing four times growth in the first quarter alone in envelopes signed with Annature.
The future looks very bright indeed.
Since the submission Annature’s outstanding capacity to deliver has been met by soaring interest from both Government and the business community.
The Annature platform has now been implemented by Australian Federal and State Governments secured new cloud-first customers in the legal industry and expanded its footprint with several national real-estate brands onboarding Annature for eSigning.
Annature is now the sole provider of verified ID and payment operations for one Australian State Government’s vast procurement tendering system. Annature has also recently completed the audit process required to maintain that accreditation for its secure data management.
Annature meets individual international country requirements for eSigning and identity verification around the world.
Among these new international partners is the Auckland, New Zealand based firm of Margin Gains. Margin Gains was attracted by Annature’s new ID verification product for migrating existing and new customers - and its ability to meet government KYC and AML regulatory requirements. It has also lauded Annature’s famed responsiveness to inquiries and exceptional technical performance of the platform.
Customer usage of Stripe Payments technology on the platform has grown 6 times. Of the businesses that trial Annature, 1 in 3 sign on for a paid subscription within the 7-day Free Trial Period, giving them a benchmarked 33% conversion rate.
Annature won the Gold Stevie Award for Most Innovative Startup of the Year - Business Product Industries and the Silver Stevie Award for Award for Innovative Management in Business Product & Service Industries - Up to 100 Employees in the 2022 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.
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