Testing Lab Ensures Hand Sanitizers Met FDA and CDC Standards During COVID-19

Posted by Hailey Roos on Tue, Aug 03, 2021 @ 02:46 PM
  • Microbiological Testing & Consulting is a Chicago-based testing lab registered by the FDA
  • Small lab size allows MTC to uniquely meet their clients’ needs
  • With the whole world shopping for hand sanitizer during the pandemic, MTC’s clients were under significant pressure to deliver, and Microbiological Testing & Consulting helped make it possible

About Microbiological Testing & Consulting

Microbiological Testing & Consulting is an FDA-registered microbiological testing lab in Chicago, Illinois. MTC provides state-of-the-art microbial, sterility, preservation, and product development testing for clients in the personal care industry, a critical component in the development of safe and effective consumer products. 

What sets Microbiological Testing & Consulting apart is its size. MTC is a small lab, which allows them to be nimble in their ability to satisfy clients’ needs. With state-of-the-art equipment, MTC offers clients the testing services they expect from a large organization but delivers it with the personalization of a boutique lab. Clients appreciate that they can speak directly with lab personnel and discuss specific issues and timeframes. They enjoy rapid turnaround and MTC’s ability to re-prioritize as necessary to keep production lines running smoothly, something that larger competitors cannot offer. 

MTC’s COVID-19 Response

When the pandemic struck the nation, Microbiological Testing & Consulting became an essential business. Due to the CDC’s recommendations surrounding hand hygiene as a means to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, hand sanitizers were in high demand and in short supply, so the FDA authorized local production and published specifications for efficacy against COVID-19. MTC’s clients quickly switched their product lines from personal care products to hand sanitizers, and with the coronavirus spreading quickly, there was an intense pressure to provide the market with products that would protect consumers and contain the spread of the virus. 

Because hand sanitizers and other OTC products cannot be released to the consumer market without FDA-approved microbial testing, MTC’s lab services became critically important, and a quick turnaround was essential. MTC worked around the clock, accepting samples from across the region and extending hours to accommodate critical testing. Staff performed Kill Time studies to ensure that the alcohol-based sanitizers were effective, and if not, they consulted with their clients to reformulate their products to perform within CDC and FDA specifications. MTC troubleshot their clients’ formulations, adjusting where necessary to align tolerances or increase effectiveness. They tested the purity of each sample to ensure there were no bacteria present, and if necessary, they identified the pathogens and devised a production plan to eliminate them. 

With the whole world shopping for hand sanitizer, MTC’s clients were under significant pressure to deliver, and Microbiological Testing & Consulting helped make it possible. 

Microbiological Testing & Consulting won a Bronze Stevie Award for Company / Organization Categories - Company of the Year - Health Products & Services - Small in The 2021 American Business Awards®.

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