Transforming the Student-Educator Experience With Data-driven Education Tools

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Mon, Nov 13, 2023 @ 12:55 PM
Amanda Del Signore

Stevie-winner Otus is an educational technology company helping K-12 educators to harness and act on educational data to improve learner outcomes.

Otus provides educators with one platform to gather, visualize, and act on data. With an integrated suite of assessment and grading tools, educators can easily determine where students are now and use data to drive instruction and personalized learning plans forward.22 spotlight Square-19-4

Otus was created and built for teachers, by teachers. It saves educators time through the streamlined integration of assessment, performance tracking, and third-party data, while its gradebook and dashboard reports make it easier for teachers, administrators, and families to understand each student’s growth.

Since its conception in a Chicago middle school classroom in 2013, Otus has been adopted by over 2,500 schools across the United States and has delivered improved results for more than 1 million learners. Recently passing its 10th anniversary, Otus continues to improve and expand its team, its product, and its support of educators nationwide.

Developing the All-in-One Platform
Chris Hull—or “Chull” as his colleagues refer to him—is the Co-Founder and President of Otus. While the team has grown to include over 50      passionate members, Chris is still just as involved in the direction of the product and is as passionate about helping improve K-12 education as he was on day one.

Since Otus made its first sale to a public school system in 2016, the product and the company have both evolved in a myriad of ways, but Chris remains focused on putting educators first, viewing everything the company does from an educator’s perspective.

While most ed-tech solutions address one area of learning, such as assessment or grading, Otus addresses and enhances every step of the learning process. As an all-in-one, integrated platform, Otus eliminates the issue of scattered, siloed student data that plagues K-12 education, as well as the issues that come with implementing and maintaining multiple different ed-tech platforms.

With over 80,000 education apps available in the United States, educators have an abundance of options when it comes to choosing tools to help them in the classroom. Many tech giants such as Google and Microsoft have also released products that compete with Otus. For a company that just began selling to school districts in 2016, Otus has done an exceptional job of breaking into what is a vast and competitive ed-tech market.

In recent years, inflation has impacted school budgets, which has forced administrators to take a hard look at the software they use and, if need be, eliminate subscriptions to services that no longer serve them. For the year 2022, Otus had a net retention of 109.5%, which the company attributes to the quality of the product, service to users, and the reasonable price point per student.

During a time when tech companies across the board are letting employees go in droves, Otus has not only retained its staff but continues to grow its teams. This is an indication not only of the financial vitality of the company but also of employee satisfaction and their belief in Otus’ mission and vision.

As a company comprised largely of former educators, the team at Otus knows exactly what tools educators need and what quality ed-tech looks like. Their belief in the future of the company indicates that Otus is providing a service that speaks to educators and their ever-evolving needs.

Continued Evolution
Thanks to Otus’ continued commitment to listening to customer voices, the product has evolved into a comprehensive suite of integrated tools that truly benefits educators each day in the classroom.

Otus is constantly working to improve its offerings to better serve educators and students, not only through new enhancements to the platform and growth of its support teams but also by partnering with leading education organizations and integrating with other world-class ed-tech products. For example, in the last year, Otus has built new partnerships with respected ed-tech providers such as CenterPoint Education Solutions and Skyward, meaning more integrations that enhance users’ experience in the platform and, in some instances, make Otus easily accessible to users of partner platforms.

But while new partnerships and improvements to the platform can be indicators of success, there is no better source of truth than the customers themselves. According to a recent survey of Otus users, 98% say that Otus makes them more efficient educators—saving them an average of two hours every week. Additionally, Otus boasts a 98% chat approval rating and a response time of under three minutes. 

Otus is invested in the success of its users—from the district administrators and teachers to the students and families they serve. Otus says they are determined to provide a service that not only improves the K-12 education system but maximizes outcomes for the students who rely on it.

Otus's Co-founder and President Chris Hull won a Silver Stevie Award for Technology Executive of the Year; and Otus won two Bronze Stevie Awards for Customer Service Department of the Year and Company of the Year - Computer Software - Medium in The 2023 American Business Awards®.

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