Zii Empowers Business Travelers to Take Control of Their Trip Life Cycle

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Wed, Mar 09, 2022 @ 09:15 AM

Zii is the world’s first FinTech platform focused on enabling better business travel. Specifically designed for corporate travel leaders, by corporate travel leaders, Zii’s innovative, unique functionality and user experience can’t be seen anywhere else in the marketplace. The platform is specifically designed to complement TMC functionality, enabling easy implementation and seamless integration into any travel program.

The proprietary scoring mechanism uses social motivation and immediate feedback to show the direct implications of non-compliant travel behavior and influence employee travel decisions to align with travel policy. Zii’s real-time data & analytics capabilities get to the root causes of overspending at both macro and microeconomic levels, significantly reducing travel spending.

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Companies are wasting millions of dollars each year on unnecessary travel expenses. According to a recent report by Mastercard, Travel, and Expense (T&E) costs are usually an organization’s second-highest indirect expense, behind labor. The report also revealed that 80% of the organizations surveyed lacked real visibility into their T&E spending. With no insight into how travel spending is being managed, many companies are leaving money on the table.

With corporate travel set to rise 25-50% as the pandemic decreases, this means another $1.2 trillion will be wasted through 2025.

That’s where Zii comes in:

The solution is Zii. Zii works with three main pillars to identify and address areas of non-compliance and overspend within the organization.

Financial Optimization

By identifying and addressing specific areas of unnecessary spending, organizations will be able to save millions of dollars annually.

Distribution of Responsibility

Travel managers waste approximately 500 hours annually in faulty T&E management protocols, costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted wages. By improving productivity and reducing bottlenecks, you can amplify cost savings across multiple departments.

Automation & Gamification

It’s time to bring T&E management into the 21st century. Using data analysis to automate cost savings and applying gamification techniques to encourage and maintain usage, companies can consistently save millions year over year.

From the moment a trip is booked to when the expense report is submitted, Zii makes T&E spending and reporting automated and compliant. Using gamification tools to modify behavior and improve employee engagement, Zii turns your traveling workforce into independently-managed cost-savers. With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive booking technology, Zii revolutionizes travel across all levels of your organization.

Zii is designed to enable information delivery that is Personalized, Relevant, and Timely:

Personalized – Advanced data analysis achieves personalized information for travelers and administrators, enhancing the user experience across all levels and verticals of the organization.

Relevant & Timely –Sorting through information to try and understand what is critical and what isn’t costs you valuable time and money, factors that are essential when it comes to travel. Zii does this for you, prioritizing relevant information and delivering it when and where you need it. 

Zii empowers travelers to take control of their entire trip life cycle. Designed specifically to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, Zii’s online booking tool makes travel arrangements a simple task, accomplished in minutes.

Many competing enterprise travel booking tools require a certain level of training in order to effectively use their system. Zii’s interface is straightforward - users at any level of technical ability can quickly learn how to manage their trips from start to finish. With 99% uptime, users enjoy uninterrupted use of the application in any location, at any time.

Since entering The International Business Awards in 2021, Zii Travel Technologies has been hard at work developing a sustainability solution product that will revolutionize the corporate travel industry when it comes to bridging the gap between corporate travel and sustainability.  Zii hopes to bring to market a solution that will: Inform, Educate and make it easy to measure and report overall progress and achievements tailored to each organization’s goals and objectives.

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