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Integrating MicroGrid's Conversational AI to Streamline Healthcare Communications

Posted by Zachary Myers on Thu, Nov 30, 2023 @ 03:44 PM

23 spotlight Square-3Stevie-winner MicroGrid is a healthcare technology company that specializes in developing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Their core offering, MicroGrid Intelligent Connect (MIC), enhances patient experiences by enabling personalized care through AI technology.

The comprehensive omnichannel platform uses various foundational AI technologies and front-end software to enable healthcare professionals to offer personalized care and exceptional customer experiences to patients.

Since its inception, MicroGrid has implemented its MIC in multiple geographies worldwide and partnered with Google Cloud within the first quarter of operation. Working closely alongside Google, MicroGrid has advanced significantly thanks to its state-of-the-art Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (CCAI) technology, which has transformed patient experiences and is constantly enhancing.

The Impact of MicroGrid’s AI Technology
MicroGrid's Proof of Concept (PoC) for CCAI-led Drug Adherence and Service Feedback has had a significant effect. They improved the recognition rates of short and very short-spoken phrases to over 92%, also enhancing recognition of low-volume speech.

Moreover, they enhanced the ability to detect spoken words in noisy environments, leading to more accurate transcription and making conversations with AI feel more free-flowing and realistic, with Virtual Customer Agents becoming more humanlike. In addition to MIC, MicroGrid has built a full-scale Digital Health suite on Salesforce, which seamlessly integrates with MIC, unlocking its full potential in the field of conversational AI. 

MIC's conversational AI capabilities are transactional and voice-enabled, empowering it to handle complex conversations with multiple questions and commands in a single interaction. This allows MIC to manage intricate tasks such as appointment scheduling, consent collection, and feedback on adherence and services, all without requiring the presence of contact center agents.
microgrid mic
Furthermore, MIC is fully connected with the MedDRA Medical Dictionary, enabling it to identify and report Adverse Events to the client's pharmacovigilance team for further action.

From Prototype to Project: MicroGrid's Progress
One of their most promising initiatives still in development is MICNxt, a suite of independent tools delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. These tools seamlessly integrate with external software systems, offering a simplified, code-free platform for crafting comprehensive enterprise solutions. This accessible approach empowers developers, making what used to be a time-consuming development process more efficient, with the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery and significantly enhance the patient experience.

Since January 2023, they have not only acquired two key pharma accounts but have also developed a chatbot prototype for capturing Informed Consent Forms (ICF) in clinical trials aimed at assisting the onboarding process for novel cancer treatments. This promising prototype is currently in the process of evolving into a full-fledged project.

In addition to their work on ICF capture, they've also crafted a comprehensive PoC for case management through Salesforce, aimed at providing substantial support to major pharmaceutical companies.

MicroGrid Technologies Private Limited won a Gold Stevie Award for Excellence in Innovation in Health Care Industries - Up to 20 Employees in the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

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Educational Mentoring Service ElevateRA Provides Proactive Support and Mental Health Resources for Adolescents

Posted by Zachary Myers on Thu, Nov 30, 2023 @ 03:34 PM

23 spotlight SquareIn a landscape where the global adolescent mental health crisis looms, Stevie-winner ElevateRA stands as an educational venture seeking preventative measures.

Founded by Ramita Anand, a trained teacher with a Science and Special Educational Needs specialization, ElevateRA is designed to educate and support pre-adolescent girls on crucial life skills.

Passionate about helping girls’ well-being, ElevateRA originated to work in conjunction with the conventional approaches in education to equip young people with the skills of confidence, empathy, resilience, emotional intelligence, and kindness that will serve them throughout their lives. Ramita works with families and their daughters, but also with schools to implement the lesson plans designed to promote these skills.

ElevateRA's program, comprising eight mentoring sessions, is crafted to address diverse issues, ranging from social anxieties to concerns about school performance. Rather than imposing solutions, the program equips girls with tools and resources to develop their unique strategies for navigating these complex challenges.

Cultivating "5 Superpowers" for Resilience
ElevateRA places a significant emphasis on fostering resilience and well-being by cultivating those life skills that they frame as the "5 Superpowers": Confidence, Resilience, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, and Kindness. These attributes are not just buzzwords, but integral elements woven into the fabric of the program.

Girls enrolled in ElevateRA are not only taught about these superpowers but are actively encouraged to embody and apply them in their lives. The program goes beyond theoretical concepts, employing engaging activities, Supergirl motifs, and vibrant imagery to make the learning experience both enjoyable and impactful. By celebrating each girl's unique differences, ElevateRA strives to build a sense of self-belief that extends beyond the program, influencing their overall personal growth.
elevateRA Group
ElevateRA's commitment to empowering girls extends beyond theoretical frameworks. The program equips girls with practical tools and strategies to confront and overcome adversity. The keepsake workbooks are designed as more than mere instructional materials, they serve as personal journals for recording emotions and platforms for immersive role-playing exercises. These tools aren't just about providing solutions but encouraging a proactive approach to problem-solving.

By incorporating real-life case studies of young women who have triumphed over adversity, ElevateRA instills a sense of hope and possibility, reinforcing the idea that challenges can be surmounted with the right mindset.

Leaving a Global Impact
Despite the challenges of starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic, ElevateRA exemplifies resilience. Adapting to school closures, the team altered lesson and workshop plans, transitioning to online delivery creatively.

The Elevate Podcast, hosted by Ramita, was launched to engage a new audience, featuring conversations with thought leaders on empowering girls during adolescence. The podcast, now in its seventh season, enjoys a global reach and a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts.

In addition, in February of 2022, Ramita authored Girl Elevated: 5 Steps to Empower Girls in Early Adolescence to Be Their Best, a book now used in schools and conferences internationally, educating parents and teachers on empowering girls as they navigate adolescence.

Testimonials and feedback from parents and teachers highlight the care and passion invested by Ramita in her work with each pupil. Over the last two years, Ramita has collaborated with school groups and individual students across various countries, implementing her learning framework in classrooms and individual sessions, aiding girls in overcoming adversity and fostering a positive mindset.

ElevateRA won a Gold Stevie Award for Most Innovative Startup of the Year - Consumer Service Industries in the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

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ESHORE: SET Maritime & Electrical’s Innovative Solution to Electrical Safety Hazards on Maritime Vessels

Posted by Zachary Myers on Fri, Nov 03, 2023 @ 09:26 AM

22 spotlight Square-3Stevie-winner SET Maritime and Electrical offers a simple solution to electric safety hazards within the marine industry with their new product, ESHORE.

ESHORE’s patented electrical design was created to ensure the safety of boat owners, meet regulatory standards, and save customers time and money on incorrect electrical connections.

Current State of Maritime Safety
Over the past six years, SET Maritime & Electrical has been involved in verifying electrical compliance for plan approvals and surveys of Domestic Commercial Vessels. During this time, a range of different shore connection installations have been inspected and checked against the required Standards.

SET Maritime & Electrical found that most vessels did not meet the required safety standards. The most pressing safety factor found in these vessels was Reverse Polarity, which presents a serious risk of electrocution.

Currently, all other shore connection products available on the market are based upon a Polarity Monitoring Device that detects reverse polarity with a simple circuit as the fundamental design. A certificate from an electrical contractor ensures that a boat's wiring is correct.

But when a boat connects to shore power, the polarity (direction of electricity flow) can be uncertain due to various factors like installation or maintenance issues. If the power's polarity is reversed, it can make the safety systems on the boat useless and put people on board in danger.

ESHORE’s Patented Design
To solve this problem, SET Maritime & Electrical owner Mark Smith designed a groundbreaking new “Plug and Play” shore connection device called ESHORE. His device meets the requirements of the Australian Standard for electrical installation safety for single-phase and three-phase systems, has a reverse polarity switch and momentary Polarity test with an interlocking device, and can be used anywhere in the world with minor modifications.ESHORE guy

In the development phase, the device was refined based on suggestions received from government and regulatory bodies, industry representatives, target markets, and peers, all of whom gave encouraging feedback on the necessity of the device in the marine industry. 

Since 2021, SET Maritime & Electrical has seen their hard work in pursuit of safety come to fruition as they reached the manufacturing phase and created a device that is robust and fit for purpose. The device was first installed in the Domestic Commercial Market, where it received positive feedback from all owners for its ease of installation and use.

In 2022, they officially launched ESHORE and are already on their third generation of the device that offers more flexibility for installation, remote operation capability, and can be easily concealed, making it more aesthetically pleasing. 

SET Maritime & Electrical won a Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Consumer Products & Services and a Bronze Stevie Award for Achievement in Product Innovation in the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

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