Coding Bootcamp Produces In-Demand Developers

Posted by Hailey Roos on Wed, Nov 18, 2020 @ 04:45 PM
  • Filipino startup company helps beginner coders become well-versed in technology development
  • - Zuitt Coding Bootcamp’s curriculum teaches essential skills that often result in lifelong careers in technology 
  • - Despite the global pandemic, Zuitt provided scholarships and online education to help learners continue their training and find fulfilling jobs

About Zuitt 

Zuitt is the #1 Philippine-based startup offering web development coding bootcamps. 

Coding Bootcamp

Founder and CEO of Zuitt Coding Bootcamp, Tomohisa Kato, developed the company to help Filipinos develop their technology skills, as it was his personal mission to help them realize and maximize their potential. Zuitt Coding Bootcamp offers full-stack web development coding with a beginner-friendly curriculum to equip students with essential skills which help them land in-demand tech jobs. 

In its years of service, Zuitt has produced thousands of developers who have a vast array of coding skills. Bootcampers undergo rigid training with curriculum crafted by in-house developers and trainers. Embracing the company’s mission to be a lifelong partner, the learning does not stop after training is completed. Short courses are also provided to help bootcampers continuously improve their skills in all areas of the tech industry. 

One of the changes in the company in 2020 is the shift to fully online classes. This not only made a major impact to the students but also to the company's direction as a whole. This situation paved way for a new product for Pi-shaped Careers, or individuals who need to learn to code so they can understand developers, but don't necessarily need a career shift. The new normal opened another opportunity for Zuitt to everyone who has more time to learn new skills.

Zuitt’s COVID-19 Response 

During the pandemic, a number of bootcamp batches were put on hold, but that did not stop Tomohisa Kato from looking for ways to help bootcampers continue their training and find jobs. People who wished to continue their education were provided mobile internet scholarships and were able to rent PCs from Zuitt. The transition from lab-based instruction to online instruction was completely successful, as many bootcampers graduated and became employed developers. 

Zuitt won a Silver Stevie for Innovation in Technology Development - Other Service Industries in The 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

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