GRAX’s People-First Approach to the Pandemic

Posted by Hailey Roos on Wed, Nov 03, 2021 @ 03:07 PM
  • GRAX’s Saas Data Value platform allowed users to overcome the shift to a remote working environment
  • In response to the pandemic, many people didn’t have IT departments to rely on, and customer service departments became essential to helping most tech issues 
  • GRAX focused on providing unparalleled support to employees and customers to navigate the new normal  

About GRAX 

GRAX helps organizations adapt faster by letting them get more strategic value out of their historical cloud application data. Customers can fully capture, own and access all of their historical SaaS application data anywhere, anytime, by simply backing it up or archiving it to their own cloud environment.

As the working world went remote in response to COVID, there was a new unexpected hero: the customer success team. Without the ability to troubleshoot with colleagues or IT departments in person, many people turned to customer service departments to provide support for everything from the smallest technical difficulties to the biggest issues. For many organizations, this posed a problem - like everyone else, customer service teams were moving out of the call center and into their homes, learning how to navigate the world of remote work. GRAX was able to overcome this shift and became the leading SaaS Data Value platform. 

Because GRAX was founded in 2017 as a remote-first company, GRAX employees were able to skip the frustration and uncertainty that came with shifting to a remote environment, meaning they were ready from day one of lockdown to provide the unparalleled service that their customers expected and desperately needed. Throughout 2020, the team continued to provide this level of service, resulting in ongoing growth for the organization as a whole, even as the company continued to grow rapidly. In 2020, the customer service team helped manage 62 new implementations - up 30% when compared to 2019 - all while reducing time to completion by half. 

Recognizing the need for enhanced care, the GRAX team doubled its size since 2020, specifically its bench of Technical Support employees, allowing the company to deliver six months of improvements in product stability, therefore reducing the number of issues customers faced. 

To go even further beyond the traditional support the customer service team normally provides, GRAX focused not only on solving its customer's issues, but also provided them with industry and technical education and thought leadership via monthly webinars that gave customers the information they needed to improve their ability to use and enhance their businesses with GRAX’s solution. To date, the webinars have garnered significant interest, with the average number of attendees in each session totaling more than double the industry average. 

GRAX won a Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Categories - Customer Service Department of the Year in The 2021 American Business Awards®.

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