Gutenberg Technology's End-to-End Content Authoring Platform Offers Organizations a Revolutionary Way to Cost-Effectively Create Content, Speed Time to Market

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 @ 01:31 PM
Amanda Del Signore

ABA22_spotlight Square-9Stevie-winner Gutenberg Technology (GT) powers content management and transformation in some of the world’s leading education publishers, higher education institutions, and certification organizations. They aim to transform how companies create, re-use, and deliver content at scale to multiple and changing digital and print experiences.

Founded in 2010 and now with offices in Paris and Boston, the company’s end-to-end content management platform enables organizations to author, transform, and distribute print and digital content from a single workflow – dramatically reducing cost and time to market. The world’s largest publishers and educational institutions rely on GT to transform legacy content into new, engaging web and mobile products.

GT's end-to-end content authoring platform won a Gold Stevie Award for Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution in the New Product & Service Categories - Content in The American Business Awards®.

Gutenberg Technology's End-to-End Content Authoring Platform
Traditionally, creating, updating, and distributing educational print and digital content is a highly manual, time-consuming, redundant, and expensive process.

GT’s platform helps content creators re-engineer their processes, implementing a single, unified workflow—regardless of the end product—that enables a more agile approach to content creation and distribution. This modern approach removes cost barriers, enables more engaging learner experiences, accelerates time to market, and presents new revenue opportunities for educational content providers.

Key platform features include:

  1. Efficient collaboration. Collaborate inside one user-friendly, cloud-based interface.
  2. Interactive content. Easily incorporate sophisticated interactive features, including assessment tools.
  3. Streamlined courseware creation. Create, scale and easily update personalized learning experiences.
  4. Content reuse. Leverage legacy content to create new products and courses.
  5. Simultaneous print & digital publishing. Simultaneously create and distribute to print, ebooks, mobile devices, the web or any LMS.

GT has released their first version of the highly requested IMS Common Cartridge as a new out-of-the-box export format. This new feature is aligned with their continued commitment to making content as portable as possible by enabling more standard export formats than any other authoring tool.

Common Cartridge is a specification that describes a format for creating and sharing primarily educational digital content, including courseware content for use in a third party LMS. This feature will provide customers that rely on Common Cartridge with many benefits, including easily repurposing existing content for use as courseware. This is especially remarkable if you wish to reuse content from a digital ebook and/or print book.

GT is calling this new capability the “Instant Course”: users who create a book on the platform can immediately export a course-repurposed version to Common Cartridge. This overcomes the relatively high cost barrier that prevents publishers from creating courses for upper-division, graduate, and other courses with more limited enrollment, where the economics have always been a challenge.

Creating and updating digital and print content at scale is challenging. The traditional process is manual, error prone, and inefficient. Generally, it takes publishers 12 to 18 months to create a print and digital product, and creating a digital course can take an average of six months.  Today’s “digital natives” expect feature-rich, interactive experiences, including opportunities to assess progress and create personalized learning pathways.

Since Winning Their Stevie
GT's content authoring platform offers organizations a completely revolutionary way to create content by allowing content authors to collaborate more efficiently and intuitively, ultimately speeding time to market and significantly reducing costs.

In addition, the ability to create multiple products using legacy content from within a single collaborative platform has proven invaluable to clients, saving them time and money, and drastically streamlining their creation processes.

GT is continuously innovating, introducing product updates to increase the platform's flexibility, often in response to the needs of users. Recently, they released a new one-click content reuse feature for project elements, enabling even faster and simpler creation of derivative products. On the user side, they've introduced a new "global notebook" view for mobile app users that allows them to see all their ebook annotations in one place.

The company’s acceleration reflects the large and urgent transformations that education publishers and certification providers are going through to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and deliver more engaging student digital experiences.

GT also saw growth from higher education institutions who turned to Online Program Management (OPM) companies to help them get courses online quickly through COVID but are now seeking more cost-effective and sustainable technical solutions that better leverage their own teaching talent.

Gutenberg Technology won a Gold Stevie Award for their Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution in the New Product & Service Categories - Content in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

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