Personal Privacy in Cyberspace

Posted by Hailey Roos on Thu, May 20, 2021 @ 10:59 AM
  • Software company used by millions of people worldwide is an industry leader in sensitive data privacy and proactive protection
  • Spirion helps organizations shrink their sensitive data footprint 
  • The Sensitive Data Manager identifies core data, its location, its accessibility, and its usage timeline, thus preventing cyberattacks against organizations in all industries globally

About Spirion

Spirion is a software company that is an industry pioneer designing the critical first step of data security and privacy through its data discovery, persistent classification, and behavior software and services. Since 2006, thousands of organizations worldwide have reduced their sensitive data footprint and minimized the risks, costs, and reputational damage of successful cyberattacks and regulatory violations. 

Protecting Sensitive Data

Managing massive amounts of organizational data is a standard, necessary part of doing business today. Using and owning sensitive data of this size brings great responsibility and moral obligation to protect it. In response to numerous cybersecurity incidents, organizations must now focus on both cyber and privacy risk - the intersection at which true data privacy management now lies. 

Spirion sits squarely at this crossroads and has created a solution where many least expect it: before the firewall. Bringing a different way of thinking, Spirion protects what matters most - the personal data privacy and security of colleagues, customers, and the community. They build and deliver accurate data discovery and classification solutions. 

What Sets Spirion Apart

Spirion protects the identity of over 50 million people across all industries around the world. With an accuracy rate of 98% and the lowest false-positive and negative rates in the industry, Spirion finds all structured and unstructured data on networks, clouds, remote file servers, and all endpoints. 

Sensitive Data Footprint Reduction: Performs fast and accurate searches of structured and unstructured data in locations where many other solutions cannot, including data mining within images, email servers, databases, SharePoint, and the cloud. 

Persistent Classification: Ensures that no matter how many times data gets moved, copied, or shared, it is categorized and tagged automatically. 

Rules-based automation: Accurately examines, identifies, and tags data sensitivity, helping organizations reduce friction to business operations. 

Data Policy Enforcement: Continuously monitors for new data; when a file is created, copied, edited, detached from an email, extracted from an archive, retrieved from the cloud or from enterprise storage, or modified, it is discovered, automatically classified, and reported. 

Secure Disposal of Private Information: Secures unprotected data from creation to retirement with mechanisms in place for the proper remediation of all sensitive data-file shredding, redaction, quarantine, reduction of access rights, third-party controls and more. 

Managing Sensitive Data

The Sensitive Data Manager discovers the location of sensitive data across an enterprise and classifies it according to business rules and industry regulations. Once identified, the Sensitive Data Manager helps organizations automatically identify their core data, where it is stored, who has access, and when it was last used. It automatically finds sensitive data and prevents unauthorized distribution, helping organizations to implement appropriate controls, strengthen their security position, and comply with growing data privacy regulations. It also helps them to effectively label and shrink their sensitive data footprint and keep track of their data in all forms and locations, on-premise or in the cloud.

It is essential for organizations to understand sensitive data within the context of their business in order to take proper actions to protect it, set their broader security strategy, and incorporate additional controls to further strengthen their data defense and ensure ongoing compliance. This allows companies to get the bigger picture of how data flows through their organization and gain real command and control over that data to comply with the laws and regulations built to protect personal data privacy. 

Spirion’s COVID-19 Response

As a data protection software provider, Spirion is actively focused on the risk associated with massive amounts of data created each day under the new wave of privacy laws. Their mission to protect what matters most - paired with the forced changes caused by millions of people working from home - allowed them to quickly develop a no-charge data-discovery agent to minimize the risks associated with personal data exposure. 

Spirion won a Gold Stevie for International Data Protection Solution, a Gold Stevie for Postsecondary Enterprise Solution, and a Silver Stevie for Governance, Risk, & Compliance Solution in The 2020 American Business Awards®.

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