Startup Company Challenges Traditional TV Advertising

Posted by Hailey Roos on Tue, Sep 29, 2020 @ 03:15 PM
  • - Australian-based digital advertising company paves the way for new revenues in traditionally untouched spheres
  • - Hoppr creates a new way to advertise on the small screen while still reaching massive audiences
  • - Advertising with Hoppr allows customizability and flexibility for businesses of all sizes

About Hoppr

Hoppr is a startup company focused on creating technology solutions for the global advertising sector. Their flagship technology solution - HopprTV - creates ad space in a new place. This world-first turnkey solution can be seamlessly integrated with any TV service to display personally tailored and targeted ads to audiences of the small screen. Hoppr’s innovations are visible through their strategic partnership with leading global media groups including Technicolor, a global media giant with access to 700 million set top boxes worldwide. 

Hoppr allows businesses of any size to deliver messages to highly engaged TV audiences, targeted personally or geographically, thus unlocking new revenue while generating detailed information about audience habits. By integrating HopprTV, platforms can instantly offer digital advertising solutions that compete with online rivals, creating a new ecosystem of advertising on the small screen that opens the doors for small businesses to connect with audiences closest to them.

HopprTV’s Solution

In the modern media landscape, nothing compares to the reach and prestige of advertising on television. But in the digital age, most advertisers are turning from the traditional, expensive contracts on the small screen to more targeted, flexible, and cost-efficient messaging found online. 

This trend has only accelerated with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, wherein TV advertising revenues plummeted worldwide despite more people than ever watching streaming and free content online. To adapt and thrive in this new media environment, TV advertisers need to adopt the tactics and techniques of online digital marketers. HopprTV was designed to bridge the gap between TV’s prestige and digital’s flexibility, creating ad space in a new place to unlock revenue, rich audience data, and targeted exposure like never before. 

Hoppr won a Gold Stevie for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Innovation - Telecommunications Industries in The 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

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