Tufin Offers 24x7 Follow-the-Sun Support for Firewall & Network Security

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Sep 07, 2022 @ 11:17 AM
Amanda Del Signore

Stevie®-winner Tufin is a security policy management company specializing in the automation of security policy changes across hybrid platforms while improving security and compliance. Tufin simplifies management of some of the largest, most complex networks in the world, consisting of thousands of firewall and network devices and emerging hybrid cloud infrastructures.

tufin logoSince its inception, Tufin solutions have been purchased by more than 2,000 customers in over 70 countries. Tufin’s Technical Support team is dedicated to making these deployments a reality for customers, leading them in their operationalization of Tufin to drive value and ROI to their business.

With three Centers of Excellence around the globe, Tufin offers 24x7 follow-the-sun support, several levels of fee-based technical support, and free opportunities for customer support and troubleshooting.

A major initiative across the company in 2021 was the migration of customers from the classic Tufin Orchestration Suite to a new platform known as Tufin Aurora. The support team was pivotal to the successful migration of customers to the new platform.

As customers schedule their migrations, the support team coordinates them across the global customer base to ensure there is enough staff to cover any troubleshooting issues that arise. Each customer has access to a dedicated Slack channel with on-call support engineers and their Tufin account team.

In addition, the team experienced a 60% increase in headcount globally since 2019 with a focus on hiring a more senior skills set. Many new hires on the support team have a more technical background and more years of experience. This not only increases the technical acumen of the entire team, but it means faster onboarding and easier case resolution.

Lastly, the team recently created a Support Escalation Team, dedicated to working on cases that are unable to be solved in support. The team receives these cases to solve or identifies where the bug is in the product and passes it on to R&D to fix.

Tufin won the Bronze Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year - Computer Hardware in the 2022 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

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