Collaborative Professional Growth with Quartz Network

Posted by Hailey Roos on Tue, Jan 04, 2022 @ 04:18 PM
  • Quartz Network promotes professional growth through simplified solution-finding, peer-led education, and collaboration
  • B2B solutions saw unprecedented demand during COVID, and many businesses were left empty-handed when partnerships and deals fell through 
  • Quartz Network revamped the B2B process to better serve the mutual interests of executives and sponsors across the globe

About Quartz Network 

Quartz Network is an exclusive community of executives designed to support professional growth through simplified solution finding, peer-led education, and collaboration. With access to the best enterprise solutions providers in every major vertical, Quartz Network arms C-suite executives and senior-level decision makers with the tools and connections to serve their organization’s needs. 

Quartz’s COVID-19 Response 

The coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedented uptick in demand for B2B solutions in various industries. Demand for tech solutions surged in 2020, and as companies increasingly began to rely on B2B software to run their businesses, the sales process became more complex. Senior executives and managers were forced to allocate time and resources to navigate meetings and other administrative tasks as a result of the new work-life structures. Many executives were left feeling powerless and confused, and the B2B vendor partnerships were viewed as complex and difficult which led many to abandon deals and not find the right solution for their enterprise’s needs. 

Quartz Network members and sponsors saw demands and forms get lost in the shuffle. “The current B2B buying process is broken, and the pandemic has only exacerbated this issue as businesses have struggled to sustain operations through such a catastrophic change,” says Toby Harris, CEO of Quartz Network. "Over-saturated digital markets have made it hard for senior executives and managers to connect with the right solutions providers and allow the necessary time to navigate the complex buying process. Quartz Network is revolutionizing executive buying by handling vetting, scheduling and other administrative tasks decision-makers don't have time for, all on one virtual platform with the most elite executive members in the world. As virtual meetings continue to be part of the new status quo, we are excited to serve the mutual interests of executives and sponsors across the globe."

Available on the Quartz Network platform is the Q/N Executive Library, a repository of hundreds of timely presentations from senior-level executives who want to share their expertise, including leaders from Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Zoom, and hundreds more. In addition, the platform provides direct access to Q/N Events, the traditional cross-vertical, industry-focused events hosted three times a year for senior managers and executives across organizations. 

Since revamping the business model, Quartz has rehired 100% of its furloughed staff and increased the original employee headcount by over 250%. 

Quartz Network won the Bronze Stevie Award for Achievement in Organization Recovery in the 2021 International Business Awards®. 

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