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Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Tue, Jan 18, 2022 @ 09:53 PM

Acrolinx is AI-powered software that improves the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content. It helps some of the world's most valuable brands meet complex content challenges at an immense scale — across writers, languages, and cultures. Acrolinx helps deliver a unified content experience across all digital touchpoints, avoiding editorial bottlenecks, budget overruns, and compliance risks. 

The Stevie-Winning Marketing Team

Acrolinx’s Stevie Award-winning marketing department is a small, global team, with a track record of success. Like many other companies, the pandemic presented new challenges and, for the first time in 2020, the marketing team worked entirely remotely. Despite having a lean budget, which was further reduced because of the pandemic, this team fueled Acrolinx’s record growth in 2020, which tripled in just one year.


With the perfect mix of talent and passion, this committed team has big goals when it comes to:

  • Growing business and generating pipeline
  • Releasing and building demand for new product capabilities
  • Establishing leadership in the inclusive language space

Since the beginning of 2019, the Acrolinx marketing team has made huge strides in their pipeline, reflecting the dedication, creativity, and excellence of this small, but mighty, cross-continental team. In addition, this pipeline helped to secure a series of impressive customer wins from Fortune 2000 companies, as Acrolinx ultimately surpassed its aggressive growth objectives for 2019 and 2020. 

What Makes Acrolinx’s Marketing Team Outstanding

The Acrolinx marketing team is defined by determination, collaboration, and self-sufficiency. The launch of Acrolinx’s new website embodied the determination and collaboration from the marketing team and demonstrated their ability to set up a brand new site — including all the web development and content creation, without the help of an agency. 

As a fully remote, cross-continental team with a reduced budget, the Acrolinx marketing department beat the odds to work better together than ever before. The unique circumstances of the pandemic underscored and emphasized the success the Acrolinx marketing department has had over the past two years. This team’s commitment to getting the job done well, and its fearless attitude when it comes to learning new skills and adapting to different market environments, has positioned Acrolinx incredibly well coming out of the global pandemic. 

The most distinguishable aspect of the marketing team’s achievements is its creation of thoroughly researched, high-quality, and informative content — content that builds credibility, establishes authority and raises awareness. In contrast to its competitors, Acrolinx’s prioritization of inclusive language and accessibility has established Acrolinx as an industry leader. 

Guides to Inclusive Language

Since 2019, the Acrolinx marketing department has successfully launched numerous campaigns and initiatives, including one on inclusive language. The Acrolinx Guide to Inclusive Language has quickly become a playbook for companies embarking on their own journeys with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Alongside other popular assets and blogs, Acrolinx’s two webinars on inclusive language have attracted over 1000 registrants. The Acrolinx marketing team has also developed a relationship with DEI influencer Vivian Acquah, and later this year, Acrolinx will speak at Vivian’s Amplify DEI conference, and at LavaCon. Acrolinx also looks forward to hosting a DEI roundtable with DEI leaders from Fortune 2000 companies. 

Acrolinx also celebrated a major product release, when it launched Acrolinx Targets. The marketing team supported the launch with a product-focused webinar, a targeted email campaign, sales enablement materials, and multiple blogs. Acrolinx also launched a new website in early 2021, focused on relevant industries and target personas. Additionally, Acrolinx started the innovative, “Wine and Wisdom” event series; attendees shared their enterprise content challenges while tasting wine and cheese, leading to significant new business opportunities. Other accomplishments include an increasing social media presence (with LinkedIn followers up 20% YoY); the launch of a new internal content management system, including the migration of over 600 assets; and the cementing of Acrolinx’s position as a leading authority on-brand tone of voice, with the release of the Second Edition, Watch Your Tone! eBook — a new workbook, blog series, and a jointly hosted webinar and guide with Content Science.

What the Team Has Been Up to Since Their Stevie Win

Since Acrolinx won the best marketing department Silver Stevie, their commitment to high-quality, well-researched, and informative content has continued with the release of new assets. The content aims to educate, inspire, and lead a discussion on inclusive language. Acrolinx’s dedication to research emphasizes our understanding that the first step towards inclusion is to listen and learn.

The recently published Inclusive Language for Executives guide features pioneering research into how global organizations are implementing diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives and inclusive language in particular. The State of Inclusivity industry reports are soon to be released. Each report analyzes and measures the inclusivity and clarity of website content from industry-leading companies in different sectors, including:

  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services

Acrolinx’s integrated approach of letting content fuel and guide campaigns has produced fantastic. Late-summer campaigns and programs targeting HR and D&I leaders — and built around our new content — have generated leads and helped us meet (and exceed) pipeline goals. 

As they look forward to 2022, they plan to continue to drive conversations about inclusive language, the ultimate goal is to help global organizations create content that’s free from bias. They have continued to host innovative virtual events that bring together D&I and content leaders.

To underscore how Acrolinx’s writing assistant software brings inclusive language into an enterprise content strategy, the marketing team produced all of the campaign materials using the Acrolinx platform. The success of the content produced by the team reinforces how Acrolinx helps content teams produce better-performing content that’s accessible, engaging, and helpful. 

Acrolinx won the Silver Stevie Awards for Marketing Department of the Year in The 2021 International Business Awards.

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