SYSPRO’s ERP Solutions Eased Pandemic Disruptions for Manufacturers and Distributors

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Wed, Jan 12, 2022 @ 09:30 AM


Stevie-winner SYSPRO remains one of the longest-standing privately owned, global vendors of ERP software.  They operate in over 60 countries, across six continents, and have over 500 employees. SYSPRO’s strength lies in its focus on making things possible for manufacturers and distributors through their specialist, industry-built approach to technology that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, and accessed from a mobile device. 

Due to their industry specialization and industry-built solutions, they have been able to guide customers to overcome the disruptions presented by the pandemic. According to a 2020 SYSPRO research study, 60% of businesses were impacted by supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, 37% of companies were unable to provide the remote work capabilities to employees that were required and only 38% of businesses felt that their business systems were adequate to cope with the disruption.

Businesses came to realize that in order to overcome supply chain disruptions, their business operations need to consider a different approach to ensure supply-chain resiliency. This shift in strategic sourcing and procurement is now being considered as a viable option worldwide.


SYSPRO ERP can support manufacturers to digitalize by providing the systems and platforms that resolve the biggest areas of impact; remote workforce enablement, implementation and automation of business systems to handle the procurement and sourcing policy changes, distribution and lead time planning; and analytics providing data real-time to support improved decision-making. 

Key features of SYSPRO include:

1.MOM: SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management Solution provides complete manufacturing lifecycle management from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analyzing to optimize and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations. Benefits for manufacturers include increased productivity and lowers costs by minimizing loss within the business

2.Recall Management: Product Recall is a traceability system that allows manufacturers to perform a full product recall quickly and efficiently by providing instant access to all of the critical information to track a suspect product, throughout the value chain.  It supplies the necessary information to identify, isolate and action the activities that need to occur within the predetermined recall time limit.

3.Supply Chain Portal: The Supply Chain Portal is an interactive web platform that facilitates online transactions between an enterprise and its suppliers. The Supply Chain Portal streamlines collaboration between buyers and suppliers and minimizes document handling – reducing potential fraud. It automates business processes and ensures transparency of supplier transactions.

4.Choice of cloud on prem or hybrid: Whether meeting a strategic IT imperative, providing for centralized control, requiring visibility and manageability across dispersed locations, enabling remote location access or considering aspects such as where your IP should reside, SYSPRO ERP gives manufacturers the choice to deploy either in the cloud, on-premise or both (hybrid).

5.Specialist Industry experience: SYSPRO’s ERP solution is built to deliver last-mile, industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors across a group of selected industries in which we have thorough expertise. By taking advantage of SYSPRO’s industry frameworks for your sector, you can benefit from best practices while minimizing the cost and time involved in your ERP implementation. 

6.Specialist Consulting and Value-Added Service: SYSPRO is ideally positioned to provide value-add through specialist consulting services. SYSPRO’s Consulting Services team is uniquely equipped to enable a business to unlock strategic value from their investment in SYSPRO. The team is represented by Project Managers and Consultants of all disciplines, who combined have many years of experience successfully implementing complex ERP projects within a wide range of industries.

How the ERP Helps Customers

SYSPRO’s strength lies in its focus on making things possible for manufacturers and distributors through its specialist, industry-built approach to technology that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, and accessed from a mobile device. Working as a trusted advisor and committed to the success of both customers and partners, their goal is to succeed together, creating rewarding, long-standing relationships. SYSPRO’s customer retention rate is 98%, significantly higher than the industry average, with some customers remaining for more than three decades.

Ruprecht, a value-added food solutions company that makes ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products, provides a good illustration of the impact SYSPRO ERP has on mid-market manufacturing organizations. Over the previous 10 years, the company had heavily invested in product innovation, which paid off with rapid growth. But to fully capitalize on this growth, Ruprecht needed a fully integrated business solution. The manufacturer’s in-house ERP and accounting software were not tightly connected, and it lacked key capabilities such as production scheduling, full inventory visibility, manufacturing standard costing, and ‘what if’ scenarios.

SYSPRO addressed these challenges, saving the company an estimated $1.5 to $2 million a year according to Ruprecht’s CFO. The customer was also able to implement AI, which enabled it to build a predictive model for optimizing the supply chain, prepare for the weather and other disruptions and become a more agile organization — all of which was tightly integrated with SYSPRO ERP.

SYSPRO won the Gold Stevie Award for ERP Solution and the Silver Stevie Award for Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Technology in The International Business Awards.

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