Bug Bites No Longer an Issue With Bug Bite Thing

Posted by Hailey Roos on Tue, Dec 07, 2021 @ 12:19 PM
  • Kelley Higney founded Bug Bite Thing when her family suffered from constant mosquito bites in South Florida
  • The company was pitched on ABC’s show Shark Tank, and has since seen exponential success

About Bug Bite Thing 

Bug Bite Thing is dedicated to offering people a chemical-free and eco-friendly solution that alleviates the discomfort, stinging, itching, and swelling caused by bug bites and bee/wasp stings. The reusable suction tool removes insect saliva/venom from under the skin and is reusable, chemical-free, and safe to use on children of all ages, as well as adults. It is Amazon’s #1 selling product for insect bite relief.

How It Works – Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing’s History

Kelley Higney is the founder and CEO of Bug Bite Thing. Kelley grew up in San Diego, California, and worked with her mother, Ellen McAlister, on the family’s international export and distribution business for 15 years before starting Bug Bite Thing. Kelley and her family relocated to South Florida and were unprepared for how mosquitos would impact their quality of life. The family was suffering from constant mosquito bites, and after many failed attempts using creams and trying home remedies, Kelley discovered a little-known tool that uses suction to help remove insect
saliva/venom from under the skin. Kelley was amazed to
find that the product worked well and offered instant relief. 

In 2017, Kelley Higney was selling Bug Bite Thing at local farmers’ markets and bake sales. Then one day, there was a conversation about Bug Bite Thing in a local South Florida Mom Group on social media. The local news picked up on that conversation and contacted Kelley for an interview, resulting in thousands of units of inventory being sold out in just one week. 

In 2019, Kelley Higney and her mother, Ellen, appeared on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and pitched the Sharks to invest in their company. They had all the Sharks biting with offers and accepted inventor and entrepreneur Lori Greiner’s “Golden Ticket” as an expression of her strong interest in the company. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the company’s sales increased overnight. 

Today, Bug Bite Thing is sold by major retail chains including Walmart, FSA Store, Home Depot, REI, Bed Bath & Beyond, True Value Hardware, The Grommet, BattlBox, and other independent retailers. 

Bug Bite Thing won the Gold Stevie Award for Management Categories - Woman of the Year - Consumer Products and a Bronze Stevie Award for Achievement Categories - Achievement in Growth in The 2021 American Business Awards®.

Interested in entering The 2022 American Business Awards? Request the entry kit. 

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3 Tips for Working Mothers, From a Stevie® Awards-Winning Entrepreneur

Posted by Liz Dean on Wed, Aug 01, 2012 @ 02:17 PM

Kimberly Webb is the founder of Rockin' Green in San Antonio, Texas, and winner of a Stevie® Award for Best Entrepreneur of the Year in a Non-Services Business with up to 100 Employees in the 2011 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. (The entry deadline for the 2012 Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the world's premier business awards for women executives, entrepreneurs, and the organizations they run, is August 29. Request your entry kit today.) Here we get Kimberly's advice on running a business and a family simultaneously.

Kimberly WebbWhat are your top tips on combining running a business and being a working mother of a young family?

  1. Be efficient. With little ones around, you have to make the most of each and every nap and use any free moment to work!
  2. Streamline your processes as much as possible.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask! Seek out help when you need it. 

What was the most helpful piece of advice you received on starting your own company?
Just do it!

What other areas of the environment would you like to see cleaned up?
Our food chain is in dire straits right now, and I worry about what my grandchildren will be eating in the future.

Do you have a favorite app?
I love Instagram and Facebook.

What quality or qualities do you most value in your business associates?
I really respect entrepreneurs who start from very humble beginnings and have grown their own businesses through hard work and dedication.

About Kimberly Webb:
Kimberly Webb started her career in marketing, but she had always had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. When her first son was born, she began cloth-diapering him, and instantly became a cloth-diapering fanatic. However, when Kimberly initially used cloth diapers, she had trouble keeping them stink- and residue-free because the hard water in her area caused mineral buildup, rendering the diapers useless. As a creative and determined person, Kimberly developed eco-friendly detergent formulas of her own, and in 2009 she officially started Rockin’ Green. In 2010, Kimberly helped found The Great Cloth Diaper Change, a worldwide initiative dedicated to promoting the environmental benefits of cloth diapering. Kim works for Rockin’ Green full-time. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, and has two sons.

About Rockin’ Green:
Rockin’ Green manufactures award-winning, clean-rinsing laundry detergents formulated for use on all fabrics. Rockin’ Green detergents come in several natural scents and are designed for hard, soft, and normal water conditions—the products are known as Hard, Soft and Classic Rock.  Rockin’ Green products are available at more than 1,000 retailers worldwide, and are used by hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe. To learn more about Rockin’ Green, visit http://rockingreensoap.com.

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Watch the Video "How to Participate in America Means Business"

Posted by Liz Dean on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 @ 10:53 AM

We've created a video called "How to Participate in America Means Business." You can watch it here.

The video is a recording of our March 13 webinar of the same name. America Means Business is a new event by the Stevie Awards about how to start and create a business. It will take place in New York June 13-15, and there are opportunities for your organization to speak, exhibit, and sponsor.

We're particularly looking for speakers on topics such as:

  • Getting started in business, and all that that entails
  • How to raise money to start a business
  • How and when to hire staff
  • Management issues related to business start-ups and growth
  • Technology issues that should concern entrepreneurs
  • How to use social media and other web media to grow a business and a brand
  • The importance of branding and marketing and how to develop a marketing plan
  • Why public relations and publicity should be on a start-up’s priority list
  • How to develop a sales plan and supercharge a sales effort
  • How and why startups should excel in customer service
  • How to develop and follow a product development and management plan

Watch the video to learn how to participate.

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