The 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards Ceremony Recap

Posted by Nina Moore on Fri, Jun 30, 2023 @ 10:14 AM

The 10th annual Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards ceremony took place virtually on 27 June. The ceremony was live-streamed to over 250 Stevie Award winners and their guests. 

The ceremony replay is available on the Stevie Awards YouTube channel.  

High-achieving organizations and professionals from organizations in 19 nations and territories in the APAC region were named Stevie Award winners this year, and 34 winning organizations participated in the virtual festivities.

How the Awards Were Presented

Each organization was announced once during the virtual presentations. A short video about the winning organization produced by the Stevie Awards was played, followed by a pre-recorded acceptance speech video supplied by the winning organization. The virtual ceremony was live-streamed via YouTube Live at 2:00 pm KST.

Within the virtual event platform, attendees had the ability to interact in the live chat, learn about and engage with sponsors, take photos, and submit interviews on the virtual red carpet.

"Since 2020, the Stevie Awards have staged virtual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards ceremonies, though we hope to return to the region with a live awards ceremony in 2024. In the past, we've staged the event in Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo," commented Stevie Awards Founder, Michael Gallagher, during the live chat. 

Screenshot 2023-06-27 164511 Screenshot 2023-06-27 164254

The following organizations participated in the virtual ceremony. Only winning organizations that registered for the virtual ceremony were recognized.

Future Market Insights (FMI)
Strategic Public Relations Group Limited
MDI Novare
Maynilad Water Services, Inc.
Rush Technologies Inc.
Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc.
Pru Life UK
M360, Inc.
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Home Credit Philippines
Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd
dentsu China
PT Kawasan Industri Terpadu Batang
Grazitti Interactive
Advanced Info Services Plc.
PJ Lhullier and entomo
Metro Pacific Water
DHL Japan, Inc
PLDT and Smart
Eastern Communications
Newport World Resorts
PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk.
PT Pupuk Indonesia
MSys Technologies LLC
Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Vejthani Hospital
Hinduja Global Solutions

Individual Virtual Acceptance speeches and red-carpet interviews are available on the Stevie Awards Youtube channel. View and download photos from the virtual red carpet album below:

2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards

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Winner Highlights

Stevie-winner Scaffad of Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia, was the first organization that was honored during the ceremony. Scaffad won a Gold Stevie Award for Innovation in Human Resources Management, Planning & Practice, among all other industries. Scaffad is Australia's leading early works construction and development signage pacemakers. Scaffad partners with top Australian and global companies to bring their branded spaces and places to life. Accepting the award virtually were Scaffad Directors Lachlan Bell and David Montgomery, along with Finance Manager Rachel Bohr.

"It's an award that means a lot to us as a company, as it's something we believe strongly in...that we're making positive steps towards bringing the best out of our staff and how we all interact with each other and how we motivate each other," Lachlan said during his virtual acceptance speech.

A multiple Stevie Award winner and People's Choice winner that was honored during the virtual awards was M360, Inc., of Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines. M360 won two Bronze Stevie Awards for Most Innovative Startup of the Year in both Business Product Industries and Services categories, and a third Bronze Stevie Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Services. M360 also won two People's Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Companies in both the Startup Business Products and Tech Startup Services categories. M360's powerful mobile technology is recognized for being cost-effective, quick, and proven to deliver results so that businesses of all sizes can use SMS marketing quickly, easily, and at low cost. 

Other multiple Stevie Award winners that were recognized during the awards included Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd, of Bangalore, India; HP of Australia and New Zealand; Metro Pacific Water of Makati City, Metro Manila, Philipines; and PT Pupuk Indonesia of Jakarta Barat, Indonesia.

One of the more creative virtual acceptance speeches came from Fuji Television Network Inc. of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, the nation's largest television network. Fuji Television Network won a Silver Stevie Award for Innovation in Entertainment Events for the Tokyo Idol Festival 2022. With his Stevie Award in hand and surrounded by balloons, the Executive Producer of the Tokyo Idol Festival acknowledged his team and the award. View his acceptance speech and others on the Stevie Awards YouTube channel, linked below.


About the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

The 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards have recognized organizations in 19 nations and territories, including Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

More than 800 nominations about innovative achievements in the 29-nation APAC region were considered by the judges this year in categories such as Award for Excellence in Innovation in Products & Services, Award for Innovative Management, and Award for Innovation in Corporate Websites, among many others.

The Official Creative Media Partner of this year's awards is Adobo Magazine, and the Official News Release Distribution Partner is PR Newswire, a Cision company. 

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The Stevie® Awards for Great Employers Final Entry Deadline Extended through July 19

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Jun 29, 2023 @ 09:00 AM

Eighth Annual Awards Honoring World's Best Workplaces and HR Professionals Continues to Accept Nominations


The Stevie® Awards, organizer of the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, announced today that the final entry deadline for the eighth annual competition has been extended to Wednesday, July 19. The Stevie Awards for Great Employers honors the world’s best companies to work for and the human resources (HR) teams and professionals, HR achievements, new products and services, and suppliers that help to create and drive great workplaces.

“After many requests for individual deadline extensions, we have decided to extend the deadline for everyone,” said Stevie Awards President Maggie Miller. The original final deadline was June 27. Miller emphasized that no additional late fees will be charged for entries submitted through July 19, and late entries will not be penalized in the judging process.

All organizations now have three more weeks to prepare and submit their entries. All individuals and organizations worldwide - public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small - may submit nominations to the Stevie Awards for Great Employers.

The 2023 awards will honor achievements since the beginning of 2021. Entry details are available at

The Stevie Awards for Great Employers recognize achievement in many facets of the workplace. Categories include:

  • Employer of the Year Awards
  • HR Achievement Awards
  • HR Individual Awards
  • HR Team Categories
  • Solution Provider Awards
  • Solutions, Implementations, and Training Programs or Media Awards
  • COVID-19 Response Awards
  • Thought Leadership Categories

Fourteen of the 16 HR Individual categories do not require payment of entry fees. Winners in the 31 industry-specific Employer of the Year categories will be determined by a unique blend of public votes and professional ratings. Public voting is ongoing from June 29 – July 27.

More than 100 professionals worldwide, working on several juries, will determine the Stevie Award winners. Finalists in the 2023 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards will be announced on August 7, and celebrated during a gala banquet, conditions permitting, on September 18 in New York, NY.

A sponsor of the 8th annual Stevie Awards for Great Employers is HiBob.

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3 Lessons Cancer Taught Me About Leadership and Life by Jeffrey Deckman

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Jun 28, 2023 @ 03:39 PM

Long before corporations were focusing on creating caring cultures—or even thinking about it—Jeffrey Deckman was at the forefront, educating CEOs and other senior leaders to give up the old “power and control” mindset and replace it with one that focuses upon leaders being high-level communicators, collaborators, and facilitators of their organization’s human capital.

Jeffrey Deckman has 45 years of management experience, 40 of which have been as a serial entrepreneur, having built two multi-million dollar companies in the technology sector before becoming a leading consultant on the next evolution of leadership.

He offers powerful and transformative coaching, consulting, and training programs based upon his award-winning Amazon best-selling book Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century.JDeckman photo

Deckman has won multiple Stevie® Awards for Best Business Book and Best E-Book in both The International Business Awards® and The American Business Awards®. He also has won Innovator of the Year in The International Business Awards.

Below is an inspiring blog that Jeffrey Deckman recently published and sent to his growing following of leaders and that is now re-published here with his permission. May you find it as inspiring as so many already have!


3 Lessons Cancer Taught Me About Leadership and Life

Today is the 79th anniversary of D-Day. It also marks the 7th anniversary of my final radiation treatment in my “battle” with stage 4 cancer.

Since that day, and my second chance at life, my life has been catapulted to a whole new level. I walked my daughter down the aisle. I have become a grandfather twice! I have seen both my sons buy homes, get engaged and blossom in their careers. I wrote my book that went on to win two national and two international Stevie awards, created a leadership process that won IBA’s bronze Innovator of the Year award. I also met and married the woman of my dreams who is my best friend and my unicorn!

Life is good. I am so very thankful to still be here.

The Beginning
During Thanksgiving of 2015 my daughter saw a marble-sized lump in my neck that I had been watching for a few weeks, hoping it would go away. She is a massage therapist, reiki practitioner and an energy healer. When she saw it, she intuitively knew, as she told me later, that I had cancer, and it was stage 4.

“What’s that lump, dad?” was the sentence that started a year-long journey that forever changed my life.

After the holidays, I put the ball in motion and by February my biopsy and PET scan revealed the diagnosis of stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma. Nice call Allison!

From that moment, I knew I was going to have to both learn and demonstrate a new level of self-control and leadership that was very different than the type required of me as a father and business owner over the previous 40 years.

While much of what I had learned through my career gave me a solid foundation from which to work, this powerful experience taught me even more. Below are three of the biggest lessons I learned.

  1. Develop a plan. Be creative. And choose your partners wisely.

Between February and my first day of treatments, April 18th of 2016, which fittingly was the same day as the Boston Marathon, I developed my treatment strategy. I chose an innovative approach involving both traditional and holistic protocols. I then assembled a team of healing partners which included traditional oncology professionals, holistic practitioners, and Dr. Jody Noe - a world renowned integrative oncologist and healer who was also a Cherokee medicine woman.

  1. Life doesn’t happen to me; life happens for me. Every experience is a gift.

After a long series of internal conversations and consciousness work, I came to understand that the primary force in the universe is creation and, what could be called, divine love. (If the primary force was destruction and hate the universe would never have been created in the first place and babies wouldn’t be born pure.)

Therefore, the source of anything which happens to me is a gift of love, not a punishment. With that realization, it became my job to find the gifts in the experience I was having. Seeking them would give me purpose. Finding purpose would give me courage. Embracing both would prevent me from falling into the depths of fear, which could have proven deadly.

  1. Every experience is a class.

Joy was an incredibly wise “earth angel” whom I met on my journey. Joy had already lost her husband and daughter to cancer. These experiences led her to immerse herself in the study of spiritual and natural path treatments. Joy’s sage advice was that I had to learn to love the cancer. Her reasoning was that anything other than love in my system was simply another form of cancer. And I already had enough of that in my body.

It seemed like an impossible challenge. But I trusted her wisdom. Over the next few days, I struggled trying to find a way to “love the cancer.” Then I found it.

With my new understanding that everything is a gift of love the question to answer was: If the universe was using cancer as a gift of love how would it show it to me?

The answer that came was that it would appear as a teacher about the value of life and the importance of love, itself. From that moment, I committed to learn as much as possible from this powerful teacher.

As I embraced this truth, every challenge, pain, frustration, and fear became a class on love designed to help me to grow in gratitude, appreciation, and determination. The classes were often very difficult, but the payoffs far exceeded the tuition they extracted.

To this day, every time I am challenged, frustrated or fearful I ask myself: “What class am I in?” The moment I pose that question my stress begins to lessen and a sense of curiosity, purpose, and empowerment appears. This gifts me with a mindset which allows me to make my decisions with a clear mind and an open heart, which is the best mindset to have when the stakes are incredibly high.

In addition, I’ve learned beautiful lessons about compassion, empathy, and gratitude that I would never have without the gift of the perspective I received through my cancer experience.

Finally, I learned that if I could find the love in the cancer experience, I could find it in any experience. To this day that is the gift that keeps giving.

To learn more life changing lessons the cancer experience gifted me with I invite you to watch this interview.


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World's First AI-powered, Fully Automated Talent Sourcing Platform Talenya Wins Bronze Tech Company of Year Stevie

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 @ 02:44 PM

Talenya SquareStevie-winner Talenya (a Paycor company) offers the world's first AI-powered, fully-automated talent sourcing platform. Launched in 2016, Talenya was created in answer to the difficulties recruiters and talent sourcers experience in finding qualified, diverse talent in a competitive candidate market. The industry runs on time-consuming keyword search and one-by-one messaging to potential candidates.

Talenya is the first and only provider of AI technology that automates the sourcing process from search through engagement. It uses machine learning to gauge recruiters’ needs and preferences for each search, and then automatically reaches out to candidates over several channels to ask them to interview for the job opening. It also finds diverse candidates with 98% accuracy and helps level the playing field for underrepresented talent. Talenya is committed to social responsibility and creating a workforce that uplifts people of all identities equitably.

In the past year, Talenya has been recognized several times for its commitment to social responsibility. Vation Ventures acknowledged Talenya in its “Tech For Good” quarterly report for its machine learning functionality, which recognize diverse profiles with 98% accuracy and allow users to boost participation of varying underrepresented identities in their search results without sacrificing quality, and while avoiding the potential for unconscious bias. In this way, Talenya is helping to build a more equitable and inclusive workforce and helping recruiters meet diversity KPIs.

Talenya is committed to creating a more equal world with its Diversity AI, and it tries to live by these same values in its own employee base. Talenya widens the pool of potential diverse candidates by searching and engaging on a multitude of channels automatically, tapping a database of 1.5 billion profiles across the internet.

While many tools can increase a recruiter’s access beyond LinkedIn, none have as large a pool as Talenya. The Sourcing AI scours the internet not only on LinkedIn but on sites like Github, StackOverflow, and a range of others which may not be as obvious. Given the difficulty of finding diverse candidates in general, the wider pool allows for many more identities to be included in every search.

In addition, Talenya software predicts diverse talent at 98% accuracy. It is the first software to find diverse profiles by inferring skills often left off profiles by people of underrepresented groups. Other recruitment tools may allow searchers to filter by identity, but Talenya is the only solution that uses AI to understand and predict a candidate’s identity based on their skills and experience—and to understand that these candidates usually underplay their qualifications which makes them harder to find in Boolean search.

Since Winning Their Stevie Award
In the past 12 months, Talenya has grown to become a leader in a newly created category—automatic talent sourcing. Major brands around the world, such as Xerox, Logitech, and Marvell, have adopted Talenya’s technology to double their interview pipeline. 

Talenya is taking on the herculean mission of developing AI algorithms that can think and operate like a human recruiter in sourcing and engaging with talent. They will continue with efforts to perfect their platform and deliver more qualified and diverse applicants to jobs processed. 

Recently, they have been focused on enhancing the algorithms as well as the user interface that allow recruiters to “train” the software on their preferences and priorities, so that the software can find and fetch high-quality talent to interview. Talenya’s talent database is now the biggest available today and continues to climb beyond 1.5 billion profiles.

Talenya won a Bronze Stevie Award for Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year Among Organizations With Up to 100 Employees in The 2022 International Business Awards®.

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Stevie-Winner Eastvantage Wins Gold for Their #everybodysells 360°+ Business Development Strategy

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 @ 02:27 PM

Established in 2010 by a Euro-Filipino team to help foreign companies tap into the rich Philippine talent pool, Eastvantage has since grown and now provides business solutions to global companies. It enables offshore operations from its locations in the Philippines, India, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. eastvantage logo
The management team brings a wealth of global insights and local knowledge in the areas of digital transformation, customer experience, and business support. Combining expertise with a hands-on approach to managing client relationships, Eastvantage aims to make outsourcing simple and seamless.

Eastvantage has grown steadily through the years until 2018 when the company realized it needed to strengthen its operations for it to be able to cope with the heightened requirements of its clients and the market as a whole. Thus, later that year, the company brought in Kamal Asarpota, a seasoned executive with a successful track record of delivering financial and business results with global organizations in the ITES/BPM Industry.

Supported by top management, Kamal began promoting an engaged and empowered team culture. In 2019, the company strengthened its core by improving operational efficiencies and getting the right people. The strategy established Eastvantage as a reliable partner, validated by seamless business continuity during the pandemic lockdowns.

When the pandemic struck the Philippines in early 2020, Eastvantage immediately put measures in place to minimize the impact on the company’s gains from the previous years and garnered a Silver Stevie Award for its COVID-19 response efforts.

The company continued strengthening its operations and sales team throughout 2020 and 2021. It reinforced its #everybodysells 360°+ business development cycle strategy, which covers pre-sales to operations. The strategy involves not only the sales and marketing teams but the whole operations support team, including HR, recruitment, IT, finance, and administration.

This, together with the entry of a seasoned investor in 2021 who brought in a deep understanding of scaling service operations, incentivized internal stakeholders to be aligned with company growth goals. Further, the company expanded its IT Managed Services.

These measures enabled the company to grow its existing business simultaneously with new business acquisitions, at an increased win rate of 19% compared to 5% in 2020. By the end of 2021, the company:

  • had an accounts portfolio of 50 clients, a 70%+ increase from 29 clients in 2020;
  • grew its headcount by 70%+, from 473 full-time employees to 815;
  • exceeded its EBITDA target;
  • closed the year at a 12% revenue growth; and
  • earned the highest annual income in its 11 years of operations.

Eastvantage has not only survived the threats to general business stability brought about by the pandemic, but it has evidently also outgrown the startup phase. Now in the expansion stage of the business, the company has opened up additional delivery centers in the Philippines, India, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. Further, it now has a US-based Business Strategy Advisor for its diversification in North America.

The growth is expected to continue, as Eastvantage is bent on seizing opportunities by continually evolving in line with market demand. The higher focus on complex and digital services is one of the initiatives in this direction and is expected to contribute high value to the business. The direction is to further expand globally and be the Managed IT Services partner of choice.

Eastvantage won a Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation in The 2022 International Business Awards®.

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Dynamic Simplicity: Outsourcing with Compassion

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 @ 02:11 PM

op360_sage22winners_SquareSince 2006, Stevie-winner OfficePartners360 (OP360) has operated on the belief that simplicity is golden. This means engaging in 24/7 business process outsourcing services to help clients streamline work and focus on their core business.

OP360 has invested in resources and programs that nurture their people's potential and, thereby, support clients' success. They want to add more meaning to work by implementing strategic and impactful community extension projects.

While their business is primarily concerned with advanced technologies, they feel the human aspect makes their culture unique. Central to this simplicity is a dynamic of relationships and interactions built on shared values of engagement, credibility, transformation, empowerment, and service. Below are OP360’s recent achievements:

They optimized the company’s intranet and social media presence (Facebook engagement grew from <200 to ∼4,800 annually) to communicate events and policy developments to employees.

OP360 joined the Philippine Financial and Inter-Industry Pride to further strengthen equality initiatives and uplift the LGBTQIA+ workforce. In addition, they expanded HMO coverage to include common-law and same-sex partners as applicable dependents.

Growing from within, with 50% of new hires being referrals, OP360 joined the Information Technology & Business Process Association of the Philippines, which opens doors to collaborative events and upskilling & reskilling opportunities for employees. 

OP360 launched the Donate-a-Day Program, allowing employees to donate a day of their basic earnings toward supporting underserved communities in Cebu. OP360 matched every donation and distributed grocery baskets, face masks, and vitamins to beneficiaries.

Since the pandemic began, OP360 has supported employees and their dependents by providing flexible work arrangements with a corporate telecommunication package. Paid time off and care packages were offered to employees who tested positive for COVID-19. 

Resources were mobilized to facilitate recovery and relief efforts for employees and their families impacted by Super Typhoon Odette (Rai), specifically by:

  • Opening sites as temporary shelters, where packed meals and drinking water were available for free to employees and their families
  • Launching the Heroes Program, which extended a one-time financial bonus to employees who resumed onsite work immediately after landfall
  • Releasing a premium to all Visayas-Mindanao employees who worked during and after the landfall and additional early pay to help ease financial difficulties
  • Granting 100 employees a one-time financial grant as part of the #TogetherWeRise Financial Assistance Program, which saw OP360 executives matching every dollar donated by generous clients

OP360 has launched “common ground,” allowing employees the chance to chat with the top leadership about topics like company direction and personal hobbies. They also have initiated counseling sessions with HR and marked Wednesdays as Safety and Health Day, during which they share mental health tips.

There are organized virtual programs with professionals to foster an inclusive and safe space for a diverse workforce. They also recognize select employees for referring talented people through an all-expense-paid shopping spree.

This culture has been critical to their low annual attrition rate of 3% for all business lines combined. Additionally, their most recent employee evaluation gave them an overall score of 4.5 out of 5, which indicates that 94% of their people are satisfied with their roles, and 93% are having fun at work.

Team OP360 is fueled by recent achievements to continue doing right by employees, clients, and local communities.

OP360 won a Silver Stevie Award for Employer of the Year in Other Industries in the 2022 Stevie® Awards for Great Employers.

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The Stevie® Awards Issues Call for Entries in 20th Annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Tue, Jun 20, 2023 @ 09:00 AM

The Stevie® Awards, organizer of the world’s premier business awards programs, has issued the call for entries for its 2023 (20th annual) Stevie Awards for Women in Business®. Entry kits and complete details on the competition are available at


The awards are produced by the creators of the prestigious American Business Awards® and International Business Awards®.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business honor the achievements of working women in more than 100 categories, including Entrepreneur of the Year, Executive of the Year, Mentor or Coach of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Achievement in Equal Pay, Women Helping Women, Employee of the Year, Woman-Owned or -Run Company of the Year, and Innovator of the Year. All female entrepreneurs, executives, employees, and the organizations they run, worldwide, are eligible to be nominated.

The early-bird entry deadline is June 27, the final entry deadline is July 26, and late entries will be accepted through August 23 with payment of a late fee. Winners will be announced on September 21, and the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie winners will be honored at an awards ceremony on November 10 in New York City.

There are two new Achievement categories for 2023: Achievement in Environment, Social, and Governance and Achievement in Technology Innovation.

The 2022 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners reflect a diverse group of large and small organizations around the globe. Winners in the 2022 program include, among others:

  • Jill Osur, President & CEO, Teneral Cellars, Somerset, CA USA
    Aleka Sansom, Executive Creative Director, Vanguard's Internal Advertising Agency, Vanguard, Malvern, PA USA
  • Beena Ammanath, Global Deloitte AI Institute & AI Ethics/Tech Ethics Leader, Deloitte, Pleasanton, CA USA
  • Fatima Sultan Al-Kuwari, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Ooredoo, Qatar
  • Gehad Hamdy, Founder, Speak Up, Giza, Egypt
  • Lauren Oakes, CEO, Megaphone, Melbourne, Australia
  • Sara Ganz, Senior Director of Marketing, Capital Rx, New York, NY USA
  • Tracy Nolan, Senior Vice President, Branded Retail, T-Mobile, Bellevue, WA USA
  • Victoria Usher, CEO & Founder, GingerMay, Kent, UK
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev, New York, NY USA
  • Forbes, Jersey City, NJ USA
  • GingerMay, Kent, UK
  • Halkbank, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hatch Inc., Palo Alto, CA USA
  • IBM Manufacturing Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore
  •, Bucharest, Romania
  • The Roundtable, Toronto, Canada
  • United Way of the National Capital Area, Washington, DC USA

The 2023 Stevie Awards for Women in Business will be judged by more than 200 leading professionals around the world, and nominees will have access to all the judges’ comments and suggestions about their nominations.

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Final Entry Deadline Extended in The 20th Annual International Business Awards®

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Jun 15, 2023 @ 09:00 AM

Nominations will now be accepted through 13 July

The Stevie® Awards, organizer of The International Business Awards®, announced today that the final entry deadline for the 2023 (20th annual) edition of the awards has been extended through 13 July. The original final entry deadline was 14 June.


The International Business Awards are widely considered to be the world's premier business awards competition. In 2022 the competition attracted more than 3,700 nominations from organizations in more than 70 nations.

All individuals and organizations worldwide—public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small—may submit nominations to The International Business Awards. Entry details are available at

“By popular request, we decided to extend the entry period to allow organizations more time to prepare and submit nominations,” said Stevie Awards President Maggie Miller. No additional late fees will be assessed for nominations submitted after the original final deadline.

Juries featuring more than 200 executives will determine the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie-winning nominations that will be announced on 14 August.

The International Business Awards recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace. Category types include:

There are many new and revised features of The International Business Awards for 2023:

  • There's an entirely new group of five categories to recognize achievement in Sustainability.  Each of the five categories is split into six geographic sub-categories.
  • There are new categories sprinkled throughout many of the category groups, especially in the categories for AchievementEventsMarketingMobile Site & AppNew Products & ServicesPublic Relations, and Websites.
  • The category group formerly known as Information Technology has been renamed Technology to better reflect that all types of technology-related achievements are welcome to be nominated in these categories.

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Skills Development Solution Provider Emphasizes Self-Awareness Among Leaders for Lasting Business, Employee Growth

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Mon, Jun 12, 2023 @ 10:48 AM

22 spotlight Square-2-Jun-12-2023-02-45-28-9145-PMGold Stevie® Award-winner Management Dynamics Global (Management Dynamics) are leadership and team development experts, renowned for their ability to catalyze performance through teams, people, and servicing top global brands.

Management Dynamics routinely works with international businesses across a diverse range of industries and scales, building strong partnerships to inspire lasting growth, transform company cultures, and create differentiated performance.

With 25+ years of corporate human resources experience, Management Dynamics focuses on helping businesses adapt, survive, and thrive in a world of constant change by equipping teams and leaders to step up and stand out through their unique and unrivaled research-based blueprint for success. 

In the blueprint, they detail how the greatest leaders, teams, and organizations think, act, and communicate. It includes innovative and interactive in-person or virtual learning experiences that shift mindsets, differentiate performance, and fulfill potential. They leverage cutting-edge tools, methodologies, and their vast experience to build bespoke solutions across four key areas: leadership, teams, coaching, and talent management.

Management Dynamics Blueprint in Action
In 2020 a global leader in consulting and engineering commissioned Management Dynamics to attract, develop, and retain a pipeline of future-ready leaders to overcome the impact of COVID-19, a declining industry, and rising attrition rates.

Using the results of a Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential, their team designed a custom Leadership Excellence Programme to elevate the client’s business, power their progress, and pioneer their long-term success. 

They tailored the program to meet the client’s strategic needs and “Future Fit” vision of an empowered community culture, including 40% women leaders by 2030, with participants able to embrace bold ideas, new ways of working, and skills for the future. 

Management Dynamics’ approach to leadership development exceeded their client’s expectations by applying the following approach:

Employing pioneering methodology. Using the language of data, analytics, and science to prove skill gaps and associated risks to the business, they converted very technical thinkers to the value of building self-awareness, big-picture thinking, and experimentation into their leadership mindsets. As one participant commented: “The focus on self-awareness and self-management is what most businesses miss.”

Unlocking exceptional value. Where previous “cookie-cutter” in-person courses cost the client £300k+, this virtual offering unleashed 160+ Korn Ferry assessments, 365 hours of workshops, and 6,000+ hours of learning for 149 participants across 23 countries—all within 12 months and a budget of £30k. A 645% increase in participation exposed a rich global pipeline of future talent to accelerate and reinforce succession plans at all levels. 

Addressing diversity and inclusion. Virtual delivery lifted barriers to advanced leadership development for a much wider global cohort of the client’s employees. With 100% online and 90% co-facilitation, the client saved £300k+ in consultancy, travel, and accommodation; supported their 2030 goal of 40% carbon reduction; and connected a diversity of current and future leaders, including 36% women.

Inspiring long-term loyalty. Embedding pioneering, scalable talent development into a 160-year-old business highlighted that the client’s company remains an exciting place to work within an evolving industry. Engaged and empowered participants rated the program 4.7/5, surpassing the average of 4.4.

Looking toward the future, Management Dynamics noted that its rapidly growing reputation for transforming people, cultures, and organizations has catalyzed its own business performance. They are forecasting an exponential growth target for the next 5 years. 

Management Dynamics Global won a Gold Stevie Award for Leadership or Skills Development Solution Provider of the Year in the 2022 Stevie Awards for Great Employers.

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Who's Coming to The American Business Awards® on Tuesday?

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Thu, Jun 08, 2023 @ 02:21 PM

The 21st Annual American Business Awards® will be presented on Tuesday, June 13 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in the heart of Times Square in New York City.  More than 530 executives from across the USA will attend to celebrate the presentation of Stevie® Awards to winners of the 2023 ABAs.  

48052355456_5296aaca0d_wTuesday's presentations will be livestreamed beginning at 7:00 pm ET.

The following organizations have confirmed their representation at Tuesday's event:

2MamaBees, Pompano Beach, FL
8X8, Campbell, CA
AAITP, South Windsor, CT
Advanced Drainage Systems, Columbus, OH
Aetna Better Health of Kansas, Overland Park, KS
Align Technology , Tempe, AZ
AlignOrg Solutions, Kaysville, UT
All It Takes, Simi Valley, CA (sponsored table)
Anaptyss, Alpharetta, GA
Argano, Plano, TX
AscellaHealth, Berwyn, PA
Ashfield Event Experiences, Fort Washington, PA
AT&T Automation Team, Dallas, TX
AT&T, Dallas, TX
Avidity Biosciences, Inc., San Diego, CA
Bank of America, Charlotte, NC
Barclays, Henderson, NV
BenefitMall, Dallas, TX
Big Deal Media, Barrington, IL
Biohaven, New Haven, CT (sponsored table)
Boomerang Water, Davidson, NC
Boost Payment Solutions, New York, NY (sponsored table)
Brandless, Lindon, UT
Calix, San Jose, CA
Carestream NDT, Rochester, NY
Caster Communications, Newport, RI
CB/I Digital, New York, NY (sponsored table)
Christiana Care Health System, Wilmington, DE
Cigniti Technologies, Dallas, TX
Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA
Cisco, San Jose, CA
City of Sanger, TX, Municipality
ClearGov, Inc, Maynard, MA
Clutch, Folsom, CA
Coastal Middle and High School, Lake Park, FL
Critical Mass, New York, NY
CruxOCM; Calgary, AB Canada
CURE Auto Insurance, Princeton, NJ
Cushman & Wakefield, Chicago, IL
Deloitte Consulting, Bayshore, NY
DHL, Westerville, OH
Digit7, Dallas, TX
Discover Financial Services, Riverwoods, IL (sponsored table)
DuraScience, New York, NY
EBizCharge, Irvine CA
EM Key Solutions, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL
Emory Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, GA
EngageSmart, Boston, MA
Ernst & Young, Columbus, OH (sponsored table)
Exxat, Warren, NJ
EY, Columbus, OH
EY GS LLP, London, United Kingdom
FG|PG, Huntington, CA
Fusion Connect, Atlanta, GA
GEHA (Government Employees Health Association, Inc.), Lee's Summit, MO
Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH
Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc., Irving, TX
Greencastle Consulting, Malvern, PA
GS Lab | GAVS, Princeton, NJ
GTE Financial, Tampa, FL
HCLTech, Sunnyvale, CA
Hearts & Science, New York, NY
Hexaware Technologies, Iselin, NJ
Hinduja Global Solutions, Austin, TX
History Factory, Washington, DC
Hive Group, Ashburn, VA
Hooked on Code, LLC, Dallas, TX
IBM, Armonk, NY
Iconex, Duluth, GA
Infosys Ltd, Bangalore, India
INOVUES, Houston, TX
Integrity Marketing Group, Dallas TX
Interim HealthCare Inc., Sunrise, FL
Intuitive, Sunnyvale, CA
ISN Software Corporation, Dallas, TX
Jacobik Enterprises, LLC, Naples FL
Jade Global, San Jose, CA
Jefferson County CO
Jenzabar, Boston, MA
Kestra Financial, Austin, TX
Kodak, Rochester, NY (sponsored table)
Leap, Los Altos, CA
Lendmark Financial Services, Lawrenceville, GA
Liberty Bankers Insurance Group, Dallas, TX
LifeVantage, Lehi, UT
Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD
Logical Position, Lake Oswego, OR
Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc, Clearwater, FL
Mattress Firm, Houston, TX
Memorial Hermann Health System, Houston, TX
MetLife Legal Plans, Cleveland, OH
Micro Merchant Systems, Syosset, NY
Microverse Studios, Ponte Vedra, FL
Mizuho Americas, New York, NY
Modular Plant Solutions, Friendswood, TX
Nasdaq Private Market, New York, NY
Nearsure, Wilmington, DE
NEXTpectations®, Claremont, CA
Oncor, Dallas, TX
Onyx Technology LLC, Elkridge, MD
OrthoNu, Brooklyn, NY
Outreach Strategists, LLC, Houston, TX
Parallax Advanced Research, Beavercreek, OH
Personiv, Austin, TX
Philadelphia International Airport, PA
Planful Inc, Scottsdale, AZ
PPM, New York, NY
Praxis AI, Clemson, SC
Prudential Financial, Inc., Newark, NJ
Radicle Science, San Diego, CA
Relevé Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Resolution Think, LLC, Newport News, VA, Austin, TX
Revolve Solutions LLC, Alexandria, VA
Rewards Network, Chicago IL
Savage Brands, Houston, TX
ServiceNow, Santa Clara, CA
Shawarma Press, Irving, TX
Showdown Displays, Brooklyn Center, MN
Social Investor Magazine, Seattle, WA
Sorenson, Salt Lake City, UT
Sourcepass, Inc., East Nortport, NY
SpartanNash, Grand Rapids, MI
SPS North America, New York, NY
Stericycle, Bannockburn, IL
SW Safety Solutions Inc., Union City, CA
T-CETRA, LLC, Dublin, OH
The Financial Times, New York, NY
The Flora May Foundation, San Clemente, CA
The Home Depot Backyard, Atlanta, GA
Thrivent, Minneapolis, MN
Top Score Writing, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Top Tier Solar Solutions, Charlotte, NC
Tracey Consulting, LLC, Harvard, MA
TriNet, Dublin, CA
United Educators, Bethesda, MD
UPMC for Life, Pittsburgh, PA
Valasys Media, Jersey City, NJ
Valor, Dallas, TX
Vatom, Los Angeles, CA
Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA
West Point Association of Graduates, West Point, NY
Yobi, Los Gatos, CA

Entries for the 2024 edition of The American Business Awards will open this October.  Join the mailing list for the entry kit.

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SmartOSC eCommerce Agency Applies the Same Simple Yet Effective Approach to Both Customer and Employee Happiness

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Fri, Jun 02, 2023 @ 10:04 AM

Established in 2006, Stevie-winner SmartOSC is a premium, full-service e-commerce agency, offering simple yet effective solutions, from consulting, website development, UX/UI design to managed services.

Over the past 16 years, SmartOSC has built its reputation through a focus on e-commerce and cost-effectiveness for famous brands and e-tailers around the world, such as LG, Paypal, and Nestle. With a “people-centric” strategy, they always strive to enable employees to grow sustainably in the industry and pursue their passion with a clear career path.

Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, SmartOSC still broke records in employee relations through the implementation of its people-centric philosophy and 5 core values: Sharing, Modesty, Action, Respect, and Transparency. 

22 spotlight Square-2-Jun-02-2023-02-03-30-7951-PMWith Internal Communication, all of the employees are communicated with continuously, clearly and transparently through diverse channels, especially during the pandemic. The Emergency Response Team (ERT) was formed quickly to monitor and make sure all employees are updated with the pandemic news. Over 20 e-newsletters/month & daily announcements about the pandemic.

During the pandemic, SmartOSC was one of a few IT companies that ensured employees’ jobs and financial status. Additionally, they implemented “work-from-home” only a few weeks in early 2020, ensuring business continuity and employees’ ability to work.

By Q4 2021, SmartOSC attracted both technology and non-tech specialists, increasing the number of employees to nearly 1000 across offices in Vietnam, the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand. The company’s digital presence increased in reach and talent database. Over 1 year, their LinkedIn followers increased by 30%, and the fan page SmartOSC Careers (recruitment page) followers increased by 350%.

Their online training system, “Smart Academy,” has more than 1,000 online training courses stored, with over 30,000 hours of training and 40 internal seminars. Using this available training resource, more than 30% of trainees have passed international certificates, such as PMP, ISTQB, PMI-ACP. The company provides a transparent career roadmap with clear mobility opportunities to all employees.

One of the most important things that SmartOSC feels makes them unique from other companies is their “O-S-C” culture: “Open, Self-disciplined and Continuously growing.” Employees are free to speak to the CEO or Chairman about anything, including business or personal issues. More than that, employees are enabled to set their own pace and strategy without being forced to follow a common standard. 

Their philosophy encourages employees to have freedom and autonomy, with a flexible work time policy that allows employees to be more independent, productive, and creative by fully controlling their 8 hours.

They aim to incorporate employee engagement throughout every aspect of work life, not only in the company’s diverse activities every month, such as Family Day and Summer vacation. In 2020, they launched a CSR project called: “SMART GREEN FOREST” that planted more than 6,600 trees to reforest the barren hills at Xuan Son National Park.

SmartOSC won a Bronze Stevie Award for Employer of the Year in Computer Services in the 2022 Stevie® Awards for Great Employers.

Interested in entering the 2023 Stevie® Awards for Great Employers?

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