Hier ist Einfallsreichtum und schöpferische Kraft gefragt

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Kreative Köpfe gesucht! Die German Stevie® Awards zeichnen in den Kategorien für Kreative ideenreiches Können aus.


Das kreative Potenzial von Personen, Gruppen und Systemen zu identifizieren, zu aktivieren und zu entwickeln und die kreative Leistungsfähigkeit auf allen Ebenen zu fördern, wirkt sich positiv auf die zukünftige Leistungs- und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit des Unternehmens und der Menschen in Organisationen aus. Ob guter Content, Werbetexte, Art Direktion oder Design: Kreativteams und -abteilungen erfinden, formulieren, begeistern, überzeugen, gestalten und schöpfen kreatives Potenzial voll aus.

Die Kategorien für Kreative 

Dieser Ideenreichtum wird bei den German Stevie Awards in den Kategorien für Kreative belohnt. Ausgezeichnet werden die Leistungen aus den Bereichen Kreatives Management, Copywriting, Art Direction, Redaktion, audiovisuelle Produktion, Animation, Illustration, Fotografie u.v.m.

In diesen Kategorien können Sie sich und Ihr Team nominieren:

  •  Werbe- oder Designagentur des Jahres: Diese Kategorie zeichnet die gesamte Werbe-, Marketing- oder Designagentur mit all ihren Mitarbeitern und Mitarbeiterinnen aus.
  • Kreativabteilung des Jahres: Alle Mitarbeitende einer Organisation aus, die im kreativen Bereich arbeiten, werden in dieser Kategorie ausgezeichnet.
  • Kreativteam des Jahres: Diese Kategorie zeichnet eine Gruppe von Personen einer kreativen Organisation aus, beispielsweise das Team für Animationen, Videos, Event-Produktionen oder ein Kunden-Kreativ-Team. Das Team kann multidisziplinär sein, sich über mehrere Organisationen erstrecken (z. B. Ihre eigene Organisation, Kundenorganisationen und Agenturen oder Lieferantenorganisationen). Es kann ein festes Team oder ein temporäres Team sein, das nur für eine bestimmte Aufgabe oder einen bestimmten Auftrag zusammengestellt wurde.
  • Kreativmanager*in des Jahres: Diese Kategorie zeichnet die Leistungen einzelner kreativer Führungskräfte aus.

Hier erhalten Sie die Teilnahmeunterlagen

CROWDCONSULTANTS 360 sind Preisträger der German Stevie Awards 2020

Das Kreativteam des Jahres 2020: CROWDCONSULTANTS 360 GmbH

Im Sommer 2019 entwickelten yeaHR und CROWDCONSULTANTS gemeinsam eine Kombi aus augmented reality-basiertem Arbeitgebervideo und regelmäßigem öffentlichen Webcast, mit dem die Personalisierung durch Integration mit LinkedIn/Xing-Bewerberprofil stattfindet, typische Bewerberfragen früh im Funnel "persönlich" beantwortet werden, ein authentisches persönliches Kennenlernen des Teams ermöglicht und das ein „Fun-to-work-for“-Teamerlebnis realisiert. Das durchweg positive Feedback der Bewerber sprach für sich und die Leistung des Kreativteams wurde mit einem Gold Stevie ausgezeichnet.

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Atomic 212° in Sydney Wins Big at Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards with its Lucy The Robot Campaign

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Atomic 212° in Sydney, Australia, won a number of awards in the 2016 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards, including a Gold Stevie for Most Innovative Advertising or Marketing Agency of the Year in the Marketing Awards Categories, and for Innovation in the Use of Events in the Corporate Communications Awards Categories with their campaign “Lucy The Robot.”

We talked with Jason Dooris, chief executive of this young and rapidly-growing agency.

1607Atomic212.jpegAtomic 212° is an independent, technology-driven, full service marketing agency, which opened in 2014. In just two years, revenue has grown from a base of $20m to $180m. According to Jason: “We have worked hard to grow and we love what we do.”

We asked Jason about how winning the Stevie® Awards would contribute to his company’s success. His response: “We were proud to have been so successful in the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards program with 13 gongs under our belt. These results position us as a market leader with a competitive edge.”

He added: “Winning these Awards falls within the amazing Atomic awards Hall of Fame for 2015–2016. Overall this has enabled the agency to position itself as a market leader in media, content, creative, public relations, and beyond.”

Rapid Growth

From 2014 to 2015, Atomic 212° grew its staff from 21 to 85 and opened new offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Newcastle.  At the same time, revenues increased by 1,105%.

We asked Jason how he had coped with such rapid growth.  He told us: “While our growth has been rapid, we always had strong processes in place and had positioned ourselves for rapid growth from the outset. Our targets may have been incredibly ambitious, but when we achieved them, we had the right systems and staff in place to support this expansion.”

When asked what his plans were for the future, Jason replied: “We have a number of plans for 2017 that we are currently working on … but you will have to wait and see.  Watch this space: we expect 2017 to be an even bigger year!”

Lucy The Robot - A Viral Campaign

Double Robotics, a technology company based in Burlingame, California, USA, wanted to launch their robot in Australia. A user can maneuver it from the comfort of their home or office.

The objectives were to launch the Double Telepresence Robot in the Australian and Asian markets; and to support existing North American, French, and UK activity


Awareness was nil. Where normally this would be considered a disadvantage, the team at Atomic 212° decided to turn this to their advantage by tapping into the fact that customers had no preconceptions of robots. The territory of robots therefore presented a wonderful opportunity to engender the imagination and interest of customers. Budget constraints meant that something extraordinary was required.


Atomic 212° recognized the need to create an engaging story and ignite the imagination. The robot needed personality. The agency also needed a launch platform that would cost almost nothing, providing powerful and positive value to everyone’s experience. Some would say this was asking the impossible.

The idea was to seek out and identify a positive, almost fanatical world event of such significance that the eyes of customers and media would be focused on it.  It was also necessary to give the robot personality, drive massive user-generated content, and—more importantly—drive media-generated content.

The Ideal Platform

Atomic 212° identified the launch of the iPhone 6s as the ideal platform and developed an idea adding relevance and entertainment to those fixated on the event.

The agency focused on Lucy Kelly, the girl behind the device. She was positioned as a young, energetic, innovative woman who did not want to stand in the wind and torrential rain. The humanoid robot was placed outside the George Street Apple store in Sydney to line up for the global release of the iPhone 6s. It queued for days and interacted almost constantly with Apple fanatics, the media, and people passing by.

With Sydney being the first Apple store to release the 6s globally, Lucy The Robot ended up being the first person—droid or human—to buy the iPhone 6s. The story was: Robot Buys First iPhone 6s in the World.


The campaign was driven by PR, branded content marketing, and social media. A number of mainstream publications were targeted, such as news.com.au and The Australian, along with popular television programs like The Project, and well-known technology websites like Mashable.

Phase two came after the mainstream phase. The agency used the hype to target business titles and programs regarding the practical uses of the Double Robotics device in the workplace. A microsite was developed to support lead generation and sales.


The result represents a new record for a genuine viral marketing campaign both in terms of speed and reach,” according to Fabiano Destri Lobo of the Global Mobile Marketing Association.

The story was covered in some 4,000 news items across print and broadcast—including The Australian, Gizmodo, BRW, Seven News, Nine News, The AFR, and Mashable. Globally, it was translated into 32 languages, reaching 123 million people in total. The estimated media value was $73.2 million.

There were 12,452 sales enquiries, which generated $44,777,392 in sales opportunities.

As an added benefit, the Apple store PR team invited the robot to be part of its own marketing effort.

The results were remarkable by both Australian and global standards and, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, set new benchmarks for viral media campaigns.

On the Cutting Edge

When we asked Jason what he most enjoyed about his work at Atomic 212°, he replied: “Where to begin? The agency is at the cutting edge crossroads of innovation and technology. When guests walk through our offices, they are blown away by the level of energy and amount of technology: robots and holograms … you name it.”

About Jason Dooris:

Jason Dooris is the CEO and Founder of Atomic 212°.  Starting his career in London in 1995, Jason’s experience is rare in that it includes media, creative, and management consulting. Over the past 20 years, Jason has held a variety of senior local and global industry positions, including CEO MediaCom UK, Deputy CEO MediaCom Europe, GM Saatchi & Saatchi NZ, GM Ogilvy & Mather Australia, GM Dentsu Australia, and Consulting Practice Director Deloitte Asia.

Jason is well known in the industry for his firm stance on transparency and integrity within the media community and he is active on the speaker circuit. Particular areas of interest include brand reinvention, the performance and accountability of media, and behavioral psychology. Jason’s strategic leadership is reflected in the depth and range of professional awards, which include 2016 Adnews Agency of the Year, B&T Agency of the Year, Interactive Agency of the Year, Gold Lion Cannes, Cyber Lions Cannes, Deloitte Tech 50 2015, BRW Fast100 2015, and many more.

Personal interests include travel, the beach, rugby, his wife Marisa, and his three lovely children.

About Atomic 212°:

Atomic 212° started out in 2007 as Atomic Search, a performance media-buying agency and data-driven search specialist. The business has since transformed into Atomic 212°.

Atomic has grown into a completely independent, full-service media agency, with competencies across media, strategy, digital, data, creative, content marketing and so much more. Atomic competencies cross media buying and strategy, data and analytics, search, content marketing, PR, creative, production, consumer insights, publishing, and more.

Atomic is the only full service business in Australia to have started out as a search specialist, and accountability and performance lie at the core of everything the agency does. It is also the largest independent communications agency in Australia, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Auckland, and San Francisco. For more information go to http://atomic212.com.au/

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The International Business Awards Video Awards Categories

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The 13th Annual International Business Awards, the world's premier business awards competition, which attracts nominations from organizations in more than 60 nations and territories each year, is currently accepting entries through July 13. This is the extended final entry deadline this year.


Stevie2016_Logo_L.jpgAll individuals and organizations worldwide -- public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small -- may submit nominations to The International Business Awards. An international judging panel of more than 200 executives will determine the Stevie Award winners. Results will be announced in mid-August. Stevie Award winners will be presented their awards at a gala banquet in Rome, Italy on October 21.

Today we will highlight the Video Awards Categories. These categories recognize excellence in videos produced for a business- or work-related purpose that were first released or otherwise made public since January 1, 2015 .

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories in the 2016 competition include: 

a. An essay of up to 125 words describing the video's purpose and results to date
b. If applicable, the video itself, in the form of an attachment or a URL, which you must attach to your entry through our attachment/link uploading tool
c. Optionally, you may list creative and production credits for your work - a list of the people and organizations that contributed to its development

We prefer that you submit your video online.  However, if you will submit your video on DVD for review by the judges, you must first submit your entry information online. Then print out a copy of your entry and mail it with one (1) copy of the DVD to: The Stevie Awards, 10560 Main Street, Suite 519, Fairfax, VA 22030. U.S.A.

Q01. Branded Entertainment
Q02. Corporate Overview
Q03. Events & Webcasts
Q04. Internal/Employee Communications
Q05. Magazine Format
Q06. Meeting Modules
Q07. Motivational
Q08. Orientation
Q09. P.R.: Annual Reports
Q10. P.R.: Government
Q11. P.R.: Industrial
Q12. P.R.: Media & Entertainment
Q13. P.R.: Non-Profit Fund Raising
Q14. P.R.: Other
Q15. P.R.: Technology
Q16. Sales: Direct Response Marketing
Q17. Sales.: Government
Q18. Sales.: Industrial
Q19. Sales.: Media & Entertainment
Q20. Sales.: Other
Q21. Sales.: Technology
Q22. Sales: Product Sales
Q23. Sales: Service Sales
Q24. Security/Safety
Q25. Tourism/Travel
Q26. Training
Q27. Viral

Past Stevie Award winners in the  Video Awards cateogries include:

  • Passion Film, Mumbai, India: Shakti Bhog Brand Film- Corporate Overview
  • PayPal, San Jose, CA USA: PayPal in 90 Encourages PayPal Employees to Be the Customer- Internal/Employee Communications
  • Hyundai Heavy IndustriesCo., Ltd (HHI), Ulsan, South Korea: The World’s Leading Heavy Industries Company, HHI- P.R.: Technology
  • Vend Limited, Auckland, New Zealand: Vend Ecommerce & TopShelf Style- Sales: Technology
  • The Korea Scholarship Foundation (KOSAF), Seoul, South Korea: Kim Hung Ki Mentor Team- Training
  • BBG Production, Istanbul, Turkey: Kerem Bürsin Destroys “Buffering”!- Viral
  • …and many more!

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The International Business Awards Honors Creative Professionals

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The 13th Annual International Business Awards, the world's premier business awards competition, which attracts nominations from organizations in more than 60 nations and territories each year, is currently accepting entries through Wednesday, June 15. This is the final entry deadline this year.


All individuals and organizations worldwide -- public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small -- may submit nominations to The International Business Awards. An international judging panel of more than 200 executives will determine the Stevie Award winners. Results will be announced in mid-August. Stevie Award winners will be presented their awards at a gala banquet in Rome, Italy on October 21.

IBA_logo.jpgToday we will highlight the Creative Awards Categories, which includes all creative management, copywriting, art direction, editorial, audio-visual production, animation, illustration, photography, etc., functions.

The information requirements for entries in these categories in the 2016 competition include:

a, An essay of up to 650 words describing the nominee's achievements since January 1 2015

b. In bullet-list form (up to 150 words), a brief summary of up to ten (10) of the nominee's chief achievements since January 1 2015

c. Optional (but highly recommended), a collection of supporting files and web addresses that you may upload to our server to support your entry and provide more background information to the judges

 D01. Advertising or Design Agency of the Year

Enter this category if you wish to recognize everyone who works at your advertising, marketing or design agency, regardless of of their function, location, seniority or position.

D02. Creative Department of the Year

Enter this category if you wish to recognize everyone who works in creative functions in your organization, regardless of function, location, seniority or position.

D03. Creative Team of the Year

Enter this category if you wish to recognize some subset of your entire creative organization, such as a specific animation, video, event-production, or client-creative team, for example.  The team may be multidisciplinary, may stretch across multiple organizations (your own organization, client organizations, and agency or vendor organizations, for example), and may be a permanent team or a temporary team that was assembled only for a specific task or assignment.

D04. Creative Executive of the Year
Enter this category to recognize the achievements of individual creative executives at the VP level or above.

Past winners of the Creative Awards include:

  • ClearPeople Ltd, London, United Kingdom- Advertising/Design Agency of the Year
  • Plasenta Conversation Agency, Istanbul, Turkey: Plasenta Conversation Agency Creative Department- Creative Department of the Year
  • Hanaroadcom, Seoul, South Korea: Jung Hieh Shon, President, Hanaroadcom-
    Creative Executive of the Year

and more!

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Bridging the Culture Gap: Useful Advice From a Stevie Awards Judge

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Tore Claesson, a Director of U.S.-based creative agency TIO, has been sharing his time between the US and China since October 2013.  Tore was a judge for The 2014 International Business Awards, covering the Communications Awards, PR Awards, and Creative Awards categories.

The 2015 International Business Awards will open for entries in January. Join the mailing list and we'll email you once the entry kit becomes available.

ToreWe talked to Tore about his experience of judging for the Stevie Awards and were gratified by his enthusiasm. “I think I’ve learned more from judging the Stevie Awards than from any book on creativity!” he told us.

Tore sees judging as an opportunity to peek into other professionals’ brains. As he puts it: “To see how others have solved certain business and creative problems is invaluable. It’s like a secret peek behind the curtain.”

Why China?

Tore had a pithy response to why he has been in China for the past year. “To fill a void.”

Tore explained: “There are simply no agencies focused on small and medium-sized businesses and brands that can bridge the culture gap between the U.S. and China, or Europe and China. And that applies whether a Chinese brand is going west or a Western company is trying to penetrate China.

“You either get an agency that finds a ‘partner’ in China for adaptation work, or—if you’re a Chinese company—you may go to a Chinese agency, which most likely has no experience in the nuances of US communications.

“Nuance is key to all communication. Being on the ground in China, with a mixed Western and domestic team, means we master those nuances. With an agency in New York as well as an agency in China, both cultures are a daily part of our work.”

The Importance of Social Media

Tore stressed the importance of social media in China. “One has to immerse oneself in all social media in China such as Wechat, QQ, Weibo, Youku, etc.  China may have a long way to go before it is on a par with the US and Europe on branding and marketing communications—the industry is still young in China—but in social media, which is a much newer business, they are way ahead. The West can learn from China when it comes to using social media.”

Future Judging

The Stevie Awards recently introduced the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, and the 2015 competition opens this month. (For more information on how to participate, sign up to receive an Entry Kit.)   Tore is intrigued by the possibilities of this competition and has expressed interest in judging the newly revamped and expanded entry categories.

Life in China

Since October 2013, Tore has been working in China and is based in Chengdu, Sichuan.  Tore told us, “Chengdu is China’s fourth biggest city with 14 million people, a fantastic kitchen if you like spicy food, a world famous Panda park, and Geely, which makes Volvo cars.

“Chengdu is known as the Silicon Valley of China—a real tech-hub—and Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone (CDHT) is home to 33,237 hi-tech companies, of which 1,115 companies are foreign-invested enterprises, including over 120 Fortune 500 and world-renowned companies.”

When we asked Tore what kept him inspired or excited about the future, his apt response was: “In my case it’s a curiosity to see where the road leads. I can’t stand still. Petrification is for statues!”

You can read and see more of Tore’s adventures in China on his blog or view some of the work being done in China on his LinkedIn site. His profile page links to a showcase for a Swedish company, Sveba-Dahlen, that needed a Chinese name and more.

About Tore Claesson

Tore’s background at agencies such as Ogilvy and Anderson & Lembke McCann, based in Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong in Asia, and Amsterdam in Europe, in addition to his many years in New York, means that TIO has a leader that knows the ins and out of cross culture communication better than just about anybody on this small planet.

About TIO Agency

TIO is a creative agency specializing in brand strategy, market communication, advertising, and design. TIO helps businesses communicate to their stakeholders with a unique, clear, and consistent voice. To be heard in today’s over-saturated media landscape, efficient brand communication must be designed holistically to convey a unified message to internal and external stakeholders, then transmitted via multiple media.By aligning to each client’s strategic vision, TIO ensures that its work is focused on concrete marketing objectives, rather than dictated by simple creative whims or technological indulgences.

TIO was founded in 2009 by designer Norman Rabinovich and brand strategist Michael Raisanen. Its team consists of 20 creative professionals across design, strategy, communication, technology advertising, public relations, and new media. The agency is headquartered in New Canaan, Connecticut, USA, with an office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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International Business Awards Name Chairs for 2014 Judging

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The Stevie® Awards have announced the ten executives who are chairing the specialized final judging committees for its 11th Annual International Business Awards, the premier business awards program in the world.

All organizations - public and private, large and small, for-profit and non-profit - are eligible to submit nominations to The International Business Awards.

The ten committee selections are based on the categories that will be judged

Chair: Kim Dong-soo, Ph.D., Director
KOBACO (Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp.), Seoul, South Korea

DCompany Chairr. Kim joined the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) in1979 and served as vice minister from 2007-2008.  During his 30 years at the MIC, he designed and implemented Korean policy for information and communications technology (ICT), and is especially credited with developing ICT services in Korea. Dr. Kim is one of the world’s pioneers in ICT services.

More recently, Dr. Kim has worked as a senior adviser at the law firm of Gwang-jang in Seoul, providing policy and legal consulting services in ICT, Media, and Broadcasting for governments and private enterprises. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors at the KOBACO (Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation).

Dr. Kim was awarded the Hongjo-geunjeong Order (2003) and the Geun-jeong Merit Medal (1988) from the Korean nation for his successful leadership and development of the national informatization policy. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Cheong-ju University and a Master’s Degree in public administration at Seoul National University. He also earned a Master’s Degree in policy science at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). In 2008, Dr. Kim received a Doctorate in public administration at Sungkyunkwan University’s College of Information and Communication Engineering.

Chair: Sinta Kaniawati, Director, Unilever Indonesia Foundation
PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk., Jakarta, Indonesia

14 IBA MGT ChairSinta Kaniawati started her career in the corporate world in 1990 when she joined Unilever Indonesia as a management trainee. She built tremendous skills in market research, marketing for national and international brands, and customer development, and was assigned a senior position at Unilever Indonesia Foundation in 2007. Unilever Indonesia Foundation focuses on improving health, hygiene, and nutrition; reducing environmental impact; and improving livelihood through sustainable socio-economic programs with the community.

Since 2009, Sinta has served as a Board Member of Indonesian Business Links and is a former executive team member of the Indonesian National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. She was named Secretary General of the Indonesian Global Compact Network in 2010, and again in 2014; and she is a member of The International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

Sinta Kaniawati was born in Bandung, Indonesia. She completed her degree at Bogor Agriculture Institute. Despite a busy professional career, Sinta has a wide range of interests.  She loves music and is active in a variety of social organizations such as Bina Antarbudaya (the Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning), and Toastmasters International.  She is also an enthusiastic leadership and communications trainer. Sinta is a LEAD Indonesia Fellow (cohort 15) and has been a presenter at The Climate Reality Project.

She is married with a young son and daughter.

Chair: Christine K. Buck, Global Brand Manager
Accenture, Chicago, USA

IT chairAs Global Brand Manager for Accenture, Christine is responsible for developing and executing Accenture’s global brand strategy, developing brand programs, and overseeing key initiatives related to strengthening and protecting the Accenture brand.

Christine brings over 17 years of sales and marketing expertise in the financial services and software industries to Accenture, along with deep international expertise. Prior to joining Accenture in 2012, she was the International Marketing Director for Morningstar, Inc., a global investment research and technology firm. In this leadership role, she successfully developed and led global marketing and sales operations across 26 countries in EMEA, Latin America, Canada, and Asia-Pacific. She was appointed to serve on several corporate committees, including the corporate social media steering committee, which was responsible for establishing Morningstar’s global strategy and policies.

Before joining Morningstar in 2005, she served as a regional Sales Program Manager at Bank of America Global Finance managing key technology client accounts such as Oracle, Netscape, and Software AG. Christine began her career in Dublin, Ireland, working for Microsoft Corporation as a Software License Analyst for the Benelux market.

Passionate about giving back to the community, Christine is involved in many civic and charitable organizations. She is the Vice President of the A.N. and Pearl G. Barnett Family Foundation of Chicago. She launched a pilot research program in 2011, in coordination with the Anschutz Medical School in Denver, to develop a vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis. She is a Luminary Circle member of StepUp, the national women’s organization, and served as a Director for the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education from 2003 to 2011. 

Christine graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in French Studies and in Anthropology.

Chair: Luke D'Arcy, Chief Marketing Officer
Momentum WW, New York, NY

14 IBA Market ChairLuke D’Arcy joined Momentum as Marketing Director in 2003, helping the agency grow its profile and new business performance nationally and internationally with wins like Bacardi, BMW MINI, Kraft, and Intel.

A marketing professional for the past 18 years, Luke began his agency career as New Business Director for network agency Euro RSCG, twice seeing the shop win Marketing Week’s Agency of the Year award, and picking up wins like Microsoft, Diageo, and PepsiCo with assignments across 40 countries.

In 2006, Luke became a Partner of leading global independent agency Iris Worldwide with 14 offices around the world. He led the global new business, PR, and marketing of the agency, culminating with international account wins like Hertz, Volkswagen, Shell, and ING. This period also saw the agency twice voted UK agency of the Year, APAC Agency of the Year, and one of The Sunday Times Top 10 places to work.

A call from Virgin proved too good to pass up and Luke moved client side as Partnership Director for Virgin, helping Sir Richard Branson and the team raise £40 million in six months to launch the Virgin Racing team and build the brand in the competitive world of Formula 1.

Luke rejoined Momentum in 2010 as a member of its European Board. He was promoted to the global role of Chief Growth Officer in 2011, and to the global board as Chief Marketing Officer in 2013. Recent agency wins include Diageo, US Postal Service, Unilever, GoDaddy, United Airlines, and Porsche.

Luke sits on the 4A’s New Business Committee, is an IPG business mentor, and is also an international industry speaker on topics like sport, shopper, and agency growth strategies.

Chair: Adrian Harvey, CEO
Elephants Don't Forget Ltd, London, United Kingdom.

14 IBA HR ChairOn Independence Day (July 4th) 2011, Adrian Harvey and the former Eon Finance Director, Dan Gray, formed Green Giraffe Energy Bankers, a specialist advisory boutique focused on the renewable energy section, as a vehicle that would allow them to pursue their passion for doing great business. They also found the time to write and publish their first business self-help book: The Elephant in the Boardroom.

The fact that employees forget as much as 80% of what they learn in training within the first 30 days has cost businesses in the UK hundreds of millions of pounds every year. Adrian and Dan saw that what was needed was a low-cost tool that continually assessed actual employee knowledge levels, identified knowledge gaps, and automatically retrained what had been forgotten, thereby ensuring employees had the knowledge they needed to excel.

On March 4, 2013—after 18 months of R&D and testing—Adrian and Dan launched the knowledge-retention company Elephants don't forget. The star of the business is an intelligent employee knowledge-retention App called “Nelly.” Companies utilize Nelly to optimize the effectiveness of their L&D spend.

Recently, the pair set up Panama Green Fuels (PGF), based in Panama, Central America, as a Social Enterprise. PGF is destined to transform the lives of thousands of rural Panamanians. Part funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Dan and Adrian are creating the bio-infrastructure necessary for Panama to 'grow its own diesel' and at the same time regenerate thousands of hectares of degraded land. The Panamanian-based management runs the day-to-day business operations leaving Dan and Adrian free to concentrate on Elephants don’t forget and a niche contact center optimization software, Motiv8 Solutions.

On being appointed Chair of the Human Resources Awards Final Judging Committee in The 2014 international Business Awards, Adrian commented: “This is a relevant and much-needed recognition forum. I would recommend it to any organization that believes they have best-in-class capability in any of the judging criteria.”

Chair: Jon Dobinson, Chief Executive
Other Creative Limited, London, United Kingdom

jon magz blogJon Dobinson founded other in 1997 and it has grown to become one of the UK’s most exciting and innovative creative companies: working on important international campaigns for multinationals like Unilever; helping charities and not-for-profit organizations raise over £65m in funds by effective creative communication; and developing innovative new services like the creative research tool PreProven.

While developing other’s capabilities in interactive TV advertising through its subsidiary Phosphorus, Jon chaired conferences on the future of television in New York and London, and contributed to the development of the European Union’s Television Without Frontiers directive, which controls the regulation of TV across the EU and EFTA.

Prior to founding other, Jon was a Creative Director at major UK agencies. In 1989-1993, during a period freelancing, he was Secretary General of the International Society for Human Rights in the UK. In this capacity, he helped to bring the issue of human rights abuses in the former Yugoslav republics to global attention, making front page news around the world and contributing to the early deployment of UN peacekeepers in Kosovo—a move now recognized as having saved countless lives.

Jon is an awarded member of D&AD. He has won a number of Gold Stevies in the Creative and Communications categories of The International Business Awards, most recently in 2014. His work has achieved similar recognition from other international awards organizations including the New York Festivals, the Rev Awards, the Telly Awards, AFDESI, and the Digital Awards. Last year, other also won in several categories of the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, including a Gold Stevie with Unilever for Best Global Campaign, and a Bronze Stevie for Most Innovative Company.

Jon lives just outside London while at work, and at Dinan in France when he can slip away. He has two children, Lucie and William, and Lucie recently joined other as a writer.

On being asked to Chair the Creative/Corporate Communications & PR Final Judging Committee, Jon told us he was “delighted to be invited to chair one of the judging panels for the International Business Awards and to help in giving recognition to outstanding people and results in business from around the world. The International Business Awards stands alone in celebrating the best achievements from the world of global business.”

Chair: Masahisa Tsukada, CEO
DIPLO Data Service Inc., Osaka, Japan

14 IBA MEDIA ChairMasahisa Tsukada has been involved with the planning and distribution aspects of establishing MODRIC Inc. in Japan for 10 years. Until 2000 he was also the founding director of Izumi CATV Inc. (a third sector company) at Izumi Cable TV (Now J:Com Kansai Inc.).

Currently, Mr. Tsukada is a corporate group board member for a number of companies, including DIPLO Data Service Inc., Mainichi Inc., and LICENSE JAPAN Inc. He is also a program evaluator for J:Com Kansai Inc., a special advisor for Izumi Young Entrepreneurs Group (Osaka prefecture), and he is a member of the Izumi South Rotary Club Japan.


Chair: Rachel Deutsch, Principal/Creative Director
The Design Channel
, Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA

14 IBA PRINT ChairRachel Deutsch has worked in the branding, advertising, and marketing communications field for over twenty years, working for local agencies and later running her own agency. She has been responsible for strategizing numerous award-winning campaigns for local and national organizations in education, technology, healthcare, and government markets. Rachel is currently Principle and Creative Director at The Design Channel in Washington DC.  Some of the accounts she has worked on include CareerBuilder, Blackboard, Children's National Medical Center, Howard University, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Wright Manufacturing


Chair: Steve Bujouves, Director of Support
FreshBooks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

14 IBA CS ChairSteve Bujouves is the Director and Head of Support at FreshBooks, a cloud accounting specialist for small business owners. Steve is passionate about providing extraordinary experiences for customers and also championing the positive and fun Support Team culture at the company. 

The FreshBooks mission is: Execute on Extraordinary Experiences Everyday. Based in Toronto and founded in 2003, the company’s aim is to allow small business owners to save time on paperwork so they can spend that time on doing things they love with their family and friends.  Steve has been with FreshBooks since its early days and has helped to scale Support from a small (but mighty!) group to a large team that handles over a quarter of a million customer cases a year. 

Steve’s focus is on ensuring the highest level of quality and service for FreshBooks customers. His tenure at FreshBooks has enabled Steve to experience rapid growth first-hand. He learned early in his career that one of the biggest factors in a highly functioning Support Team was the culture and personal development of the team itself. Steve is focused on maintaining a healthy culture of growth and development, which promotes exceptionally happy team members and, in return, exceptionally happy customer experiences.

Steve mentors and advises several start-ups. He was honored to win the Gold Stevie Award for Customer Support Manager of the Year in the 2014 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, and was able to lead his team to win the 2012 and 2013 Front-line Customer Support Team of the Year and the 2014 Customer Service Management Team of the Year.

Chair: Hung Ki Kim
Korea Business Communicators Association, Seoul, South Korea

describe the imageHung Ki Kim is a full-time Instructor at the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation Training Institute, Hangyeore Cultural Center, Hangyeong Academy, and the Korea Magazine Institute. He runs a Public Relations Course offered by the Korea Productivity Center, and he is a professor on a course for Chief Communications Officer and Administration Publicity at Gangwon-do Officials Training Institute. Other PR courses in which he is involved are run at the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the National Institute of Professional Administration, the Central Election Management Committee Training Institute, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology Training Institute, Busan Human Resources Development Center, and the Gyeonggi-do Human Resources Development Center. Kim has also been an Instructor at the Faculty of Communications and Media of Sookmyung Women’s University, and a visiting professor at the Department of Advertising Creation at Cheongju University.

Kim is an advisor to the Korea PR Association, and he is a member of the Korea Advertising Society, Korea Association for Advertising and Public Relations, and Korea Free Literary Persons Association. He is also a consultant to the Seoul Government, the Korean National Tuberculosis Association, the Road Traffic Safety Authority, the Korean Academy of Nursing, the Presidential Social Integration Commission, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, and the Ministry of Environment Public Relations (Evaluation).

In addition to being a judge for The International Business Awards, Kim has also been a member of the Moscow International Advertising Festival judging panel.

Final results of this year's IBA will be announced on August 13.

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Cynthia Good of Little PINK Book on the Value of Business Awards

Posted by Michael Gallagher on Thu, Oct 17, 2013 @ 04:31 PM

Cynthia Good is the founder and CEO of Little PINK Book, and is chair of the final judging committee for the media awards categories in the 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the world's top honors for women entrepreneurs, executives, employees, and the organizations they run. We asked Cynthia about her experience as a Stevie Award winner, the value of awards programs for women in business, and what inspires her.

Here’s what Cynthia had to say about being a Final Judging Committee Chair, and her own experience of winning a Stevie Award:

Cynthia Good SAWIB Judging Chair“I personally value the invitation to chair one of this year's final judging committees.   At PINK, we have found that whenever we contacted our friends - all senior level women, at Walmart, HP, Accenture, Estee Lauder, Ahava, JPMorgan Chase, and UPS - they were thrilled to join the committee to judge the Stevie Awards.  It speaks volumes about the Stevie Awards organization that some of the most prominent women at many of the world's top companies are willing to take the time to be part of this.  It also shows the commitment their own organizations have to helping women succeed.

“The Stevie Awards have a great reputation and many longtime partners of PINK also participate. We have been excited to share the work PINK has done and to be recognized for the hard work the team at PINK has put in over the years to tell the story about women, career, and advancement.

“At PINK we were especially pleased to have received the Gold Stevie Award in the website awards category for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012) from the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. I’m so proud of the PINK team. It is their hard work that resulted in this recognition. And we all appreciate the support given by the Stevie Awards to organizations working to promote women in business.” 

We asked Cynthia for some advice on what Corporate America can do to expand the roles of women and minorities in the workplace.  Here’s what she told us:

“In our work with corporations to advance women and minorities we’ve found that most companies rely primarily on mentoring, networking, affinity groups, and sponsorship programs as the means of advancing diversity; but this isn’t enough to change the metrics.

“At most companies, diversity engagement becomes the responsibility of the HR and Diversity departments in order to make sure a company is compliant and that minority employees have a sounding board. But this does not drive real change and may even contribute to a continuation of the status quo.

“How to fix it?  What we at PINK have found is often lacking is full endorsement from the top. Once the CEO of a company decides to measure and then increase diversity participation in leadership roles, then we can bring about real change.

“At PINK, we will only work with companies to increase diversity leadership when there is full support and direction from the top. This makes it far easier for Diversity and HR to set--and then achieve--specific goals.

“Advancement within a company or organization requires not just the full participation of the individual diversity candidate: it means finding out what each candidate is most passionate about; what the obstacles to advancement are; and what it will take to overcome those obstacles.”

When asked for her sources of inspiration, Cynthia told us:

Eighty percent of those in PINK’s community say they advanced in their career because of Little PINK Book. It is those individual stories of inspiration that keep us motivated and excited to get up every morning.

“You can read one example in a recent feature story we ran on America’s Top 10 Female CFOs.  Another was the Facebook Contest we organized that gave one contestant a week at Canyon Ranch Spa for sharing how she had found the ‘courage to do what she loves.’ We also share the wisdom of women leaders every year at our signature events.  The next one, our 9th Annual Fall Empowerment Event, is November 12 in Atlanta, and we will be live-streaming it free for women around the world to watch, learn, and be as inspired as we are by these leaders’ stories of triumph.”

2013 Judging and Awards Dinner and Ceremonies:

The final judging committees of the Stevie Awards for Women in Business are currently determining the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award placements from among the winners. In addition to the media categories, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business final judging committees will also confer marketing awards, new product awards, management awards, company awards, and PR awards. The awards will be announced and presented, and the recipients and judges will be celebrated, at the 2013 (10th annual) awards dinner and ceremonies. The dinner will be held on Friday, November 8 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square, New York City. Tickets are still available.

About Cynthia Good:
Cynthia Good is the founder and CEO of Little PINK Book, America's #1 digital platform for career women. PINK launched in 2005 as the only national women's business magazine, which under Cynthia’s leadership grew to a readership of 650,000. She then grew the digital version, LittlePINKBook.com, into America's top online resource for working women. Now she's bringing advancement directly to Fortune 500 companies with programs such as ITAP (Identify, Track, Advance, Promote), enabling corporate America to increase the diversity representation of women and minorities in leadership roles. "It's our legacy work," says AIG.

PINK has won numerous industry honors including the Ozzie Award for Best Feature, and the Gold Stevie for Best Website from the Stevie Awards for Women in Business for two consecutive years. Stories featuring top women in business on LittlePINKBook.com continue to inspire generations of ambitious women. Cynthia has written six books and appears regularly as a women's business expert on evening newscasts. She gives speeches to corporate and entrepreneurial groups alike, including The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, McKesson, Andrews Kurth, Hilton Worldwide, Deloitte, and KPMG.

A self-described Famillionaire, Cynthia knows riches are in family. She lives in Atlanta, GA, USA with her husband of more than 20 years and their two sons, Alden and Julien; two miniature horses; four chickens; and Lucy their giant orange cat.

About Little PINK Book:
Little PINK Book describes itself as:  “Your daily dose of encouragement and inspiration to follow your dreams and have the beautiful career and beautiful life you deserve.”  For more information, go to www.littlepinkbook.com.

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