Adaptive Tech Startup Helps Disabled Drivers Gain Greater Independence

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Apr 05, 2023 @ 12:20 PM

Founders captionedFounded in 2020, Stevie-winner Adapy Inc. exclusively manufactures and distributes patented technology to allow millions of disabled Americans to remotely operate all their mobility assistance devices, such as cranes, lifts, automatic doors/ramps, etc. using their cell phone or other mobile devices.

Disabled individuals who want to drive cars face challenges not typically experienced by other drivers. While most people can get into their vehicles and start driving, those with disabilities must first spend up to 15 minutes using multiple devices and remote controls to open doors, operate lifts, and raise seats. 

This process gets repeated multiple times each day and further becomes more complicated in cases where a remote control fails to operate. As one would expect, disabled drivers generally spend more time in the heat, rain, and cold than other drivers as they wait for their vehicles to be ready to use.

How Adapy Works
Adapy™ allows the user to prepare their vehicle in advance from their mobile phone with a tap of a button from a safe distance. It comes pre-programmed for each adaptive device installed in the vehicle. The user simply plugs in the universal adapter to their existing lift device and downloads the mobile app, and pairs it with the device.

What makes Adapy stand out is its patented technology that allows disabled Americans to operate their mobility assistance devices from the safety and comfort of their homes, offices, or other sheltered locations using their smartphone or other mobile devices. This technology makes it possible for people with limited mobility to remain sheltered from dangerous weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold, or rain while preparing their vehicles for transport.

What Inspired Adapy TechnologyAdapy remote device
Adapy was founded by Aaron Werner who was inspired by military veteran and spinal cord injury survivor Andrew Evans. They determined to perfect the technology meant to help disabled individuals to experience greater freedom and independence.

Aaron has been a vanguard in enterprise technology development for over 20 years. He has developed several software applications in the video gaming industry, marketing, and financial spaces. Owing to his motivating encounter with Andrew, he was inspired to ease the lives of people with ambulatory issues by developing a framework to bring smarter technology to the existing adaptive space.

Adapy, Inc secured a relationship with Avenue Homecare, Inc to provide their Automotive Smart Hub to United States military veterans through the Veterans Assistance Program. Furthermore, this patented technology has recently received endorsement from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, ManaMed, Inc, and Marc Andrus RRT, MBA, a surveyor for the Joint Commission.

Adapy Inc. won a Gold Stevie Award for Tech Startup of the Year- Hardware/Peripherals in The 2022 International Business Awards®.

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Merck Manuals Stevie Award-Winning #MindOverMyth Campaign for Mental Health Awareness

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Tue, Apr 04, 2023 @ 04:38 PM

ABA22 Merck Manuals SpotlightStevie-winner Merck Manuals is committed to making the best current medical information accessible to health care professionals and patients on every continent. They believe that health information is a universal right and that every person is entitled to accurate and accessible medical information.

First published in 1899 as a small reference book for physicians and pharmacists, The Merck Manual has since grown in size and scope to become one of the world’s most widely used comprehensive medical resources for professionals and consumers. Today its medical information is available in more than 241 countries and in nearly a dozen languages, free in digital form to professionals and patients.

As the Manual has evolved, it is continually expanding the reach and depth of its offerings to a wide cross-section of users, including medical professionals and students, veterinarians and veterinary students, and consumers.

Merck Manuals won a Bronze Stevie Award for their #MindOverMyth marketing campaign that aimed to help break the stigma surrounding discussing and seeking mental health support.

The #MindOverMyth Campaign for Mental Health Awareness
Almost half of adults experience symptoms of mental illness at some point. Despite this high prevalence of mental illness, only about 20% of people who have a mental illness receive professional help according to research. While tremendous advances have been made in the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses, the stigma surrounding them persists.

Their campaign, #MindOverMyth, seeks to further break down the stigma and bring these issues into the light so patients and health care professionals can feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues and asking for help. 

They looked at the most common mental health topics affecting both children and adults today and developed a marketing campaign with the goal of bringing greater awareness to these topics via social media through graphics and short videos as well as by driving visitors to the website to further educate themselves.

They launched the campaign in June of 2021 across all channels in the United States and then rolled out across global channels, translating each post to their respective market language. 

Thanks to the Mind Over Myth campaign, they were able to bring more awareness of mental health issues to people across the globe, accruing 18.1 million social media impressions and 1.25 million link clicks to their website content on these topics from April-December 2021.This campaign became very timely for their health care professionals in both human and animal health who were struggling to take care of themselves during the pandemic.

Since Winning Their Stevie Award
In response to an urgent request from the Ukraine team to help medical professionals deliver the best care during the invasion of Ukraine, The Manuals team launched a Ukrainian translation of the site for medical professionals in record time. 

Merck Manuals won a Bronze Stevie Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year - Healthcare - Disease Education & Awareness in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

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Motivator, Leader, Teacher Takes Home Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in The American Business Awards®

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Mon, Apr 03, 2023 @ 12:32 PM

ab coachedStevie-winner Antoinette Beauchamp is an empowerment mindset coach, speaker, author, and meditation teacher. As an ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner) certified coach, she inspires and challenges people to lead with passion, find balance, step into their power, and own who they were born to be so they can live with joy and ease.

Over the course of her career, Antoinette has worked with thousands of people, including influencers, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives to help them create monumental changes in their lives to launch them into the life they've always wanted to live. 

Antoinette is the CEO and Founder of AB Coached, a premium coaching company that supports female executives and entrepreneurs on their ascension to next-level success. She won a Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in Management in Consumer Services in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

Signature Principles for Success
As a Latina from the suburbs of Chicago, raised by parents who taught her never to settle, Antoinette made it her life’s work to rise above the limits of what’s possible. In 2016, after her father won his battle with stage 4 cancer, she pivoted her life direction 180 degrees to follow her dreams. She changed industries, from fashion to the wellness space, and majorly changed her lifestyle, relocating from New York City to South Florida.
Along the way, Antoinette’s signature coaching principles have helped thousands of leaders rise above their limitations. Whether she’s speaking on major stages like SXSW, hosting workshops at Fortune 500 companies, or working privately with her multi-seven-figure clients, Antoinette has made a name for herself as a prominent figure in the wellness industry. Her methodologies have also been widely shared across notable publications like Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Well+Good.

In 2020, Antoinette channeled her decade-plus of experience and launched her own premium coaching company, AB Coached, to support even more leaders who are seeking fulfillment and freedom. Her bespoke style of coaching helps women authentically step into their power and move past their limitations by learning how to embrace feminine leadership principles and break free from the status quo.

Today, entrepreneurs and leaders from across the globe—from the USA to Singapore to Canada—turn to her and her growing team. Over the last 12 months, AB Coached saw radical growth—nearly doubling revenue and tripling headcount.

From speaking on a panel for HeyMama to leading a workshop for Amazon Web Services to hosting meditations for Pernod Ricard, Antoinette seeks to get in front of as many people who need support as possible, using national platforms like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Well+Good, and others. And she did it all after an uncoupling with her co-founder, expanding her business as a solo CEO.

Curious readers can learn more by visiting and following Antoinette and the team @abcoached on Instagram.

CEO & Founder of AB Coached Antoinette Beauchamp won a Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in Management - Consumer Services in The 2022 American Business Awards.

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Dibbs App Creates Bid Marketplace for Construction Services & Materials

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Sat, Apr 01, 2023 @ 11:18 AM

ABA22_spotlight Square-8Stevie-winner Dibbs is a marketplace platform where buyers and sellers can find materials and services more efficiently.

Dibbs is on a mission to disrupt the construction industry with the first-ever end-to-end bidding solution.

Their approach aims to take the friction out of bidding, buying, and selling products and services in the marketplace. Dibbs Technology is the first to ever solve bidding by building a tool to bid on both services and materials. Their marketplace is built to improve infrastructure, increase construction sales, and provide access to more jobs.

Dibbs earned a Bronze Stevie Award for Startup of the Year among Business Products Industries in The 2022 American Business Awards®. 

The Dibbs Marketplace
Dibbs brings automation to construction in all aspects of the bidding process for everyone, anywhere in the world. While a lot of contractors are inundated with projects already, many have expressed a need for finding the correct materials for an affordable price that fits their timeline.

Luke Fleury, Founder and CEO of Dibbs, is also a real estate developer and general contractor, so he knows firsthand the frustrations of spending countless hours to find the lowest rates on projects and materials.aba22Spotlight_eNL rectangle-18 

The standard process of searching and contacting various sellers often requires extensive research if your project has more than one aspect. This is what inspired him to create Dibbs, which consolidates the antiquated, paper-based processes that the construction industry is currently utilizing.

Dibbs was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when construction and real estate underwent massive changes. Since then, Dibbs has grown its team to nearly 50  intelligent and driven members. Members include a world-class company advisory team made up of individuals who have co-founded and advised companies like Ariba (SAP), LinkedIn, Snowflake, DocuSign, and Shyft Analytics, among others in the construction industry.

Since Winning Their Stevie Award
The Dibbs application has expanded its offerings to Massachusetts, suppliers, and contractors. They have also opened the app to homeowners in Rhode Island.

In addition, they have launched a referral program which they plan to execute nationally and will provide users the opportunity to win a paid trip to Las Vegas (more information about the referral program:

Dibbs won a Bronze Stevie Award for Startup of the Year - Business Products Industries in The 2022 American Business Awards. 

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"One-and-Done" Brain Tumor Therapy Wins Gold Stevie® for Improving Standard of Clinical Care, Patient Experience

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Fri, Mar 31, 2023 @ 10:51 AM

ABA22_spotlight Square-7Formed in 2017 by a group of brain tumor specialists, Stevie-winner GT Medical Technologies is an Arizona-based medical device company focused on improving the lives of patients with brain tumors.

GT has developed an innovative approach to treatment by combining a conformable collagen matrix with brachytherapy (radiation) seeds.

In January 2019, the company introduced its breakthrough medical device GammaTile® Therapy, a safe and effective Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) for operable brain tumors. This product won GT a Gold Stevie Award in The 2022 American Business Awards®. 

GammaTile® Therapy
With traditional external beam radiation (EBRT), patients typically must wait for the surgical wounds to heal before starting treatment. From there, it often requires as many as 30 treatments for many consecutive weeks. Patients and families are faced with the daily burden of time and travel to the medical center.GT Med Tech info graphic

Fundamentally different from EBRT, GammaTile Therapy is a “one-and-done” treatment, implanted at the time of brain tumor removal surgery. Treatment starts immediately and continues as patients go about their daily lives. Clinical data demonstrates that immediate radiation improves local tumor control and can extend survival in patients who are treated with surgery plus GammaTile Therapy.

In addition to sparing patients and families the time and energy that traditional EBRT treatments would require, GammaTile Therapy helps minimize patients’ potential exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by eliminating the need for ongoing radiation appointments.

Impact on Clinical Care, Patient Access
Before this therapy, there had not been an improvement to the standard treatment care protocol for patients with brain tumors in over 10 years. Even with full market release concurring with the start of a global pandemic in March 2020, resulting in significant challenges relating to hospital access, GammaTile is now in over 50 top brain tumor centers across the United States.

Currently, there is no other device on the market that can achieve what GammaTile Therapy does for its patients—it’s the first brain tumor device of its kind. Some might consider long-standing brain tumor treatments that serve as the standard of care in oncology as GammaTile Therapy's competitors. GT Medical Technologies believes it's important to individualize treatment and provide all options to the patient. Progress in cancer treatments is not about competition, it’s about expanding the array of therapies, so patients and their providers can optimize options. GammaTile Therapy was developed to meet an unmet clinical need, providing a safe and effective option for patients who had/have none.

The extended FDA clearance the company received in 2020 was a significant moment, enabling patients with newly diagnosed malignant brain tumors to become eligible for GammaTile, as opposed to just patients with recurrent brain tumors.

The clinical trials focused on GammaTile by leading healthcare institutions examine the importance of the treatment and the willingness of the healthcare community to embrace it. The clinical data noted demonstrates that immediate radiation improves local tumor control and can extend survival in patients who are treated with surgery plus GammaTile Therapy.

GammaTile data has also been published in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology Advances on December 27th, highlighting the product safety profile and favorable survival outcomes. 

GT Medical Technologies won a Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year - Health Products Services in The 2022 American Business Awards.

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Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger der German Stevie® Awards 2023 stehen fest

Posted by Catrin Beu on Thu, Mar 23, 2023 @ 05:33 AM

Heute wurden die Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger der German Stevie Awards 2023 öffentlich bekanntgegeben. 

XBuild und Wolters Kluwer Deutschland erhalten mit den Grand Stevie Awards die höchsten Auszeichnungen

Alle Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger der Gold, Silber und Bronze Stevie Awards sind auf der Homepage der German Stevie Awards nach Kategorien sortiert aufgelistet. 

GSA23 Winners Announced

Die fünf Fachjurys haben ihre Auswertungen beendet und nun stehen die mit Spannung erwarteten Sieger der 9. German Stevie® Awards fest.

Mit acht Gold Stevie Award Auszeichnungen ist die Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH großer Sieger der German Stevie® Awards 2023. Der Informationsdienstleister mit Sitz in Hürth darf sich über Gold-Auszeichnungen in verschiedenen Kategorien für neue Produkte und Produktmanagement sowie den besten Hackathon, das beste White Paper und die beste Rechtswebseite freuen. Kein anderes Unternehmen hat so viele Gold-Auszeichnungen erhalten und wird dafür nun auch mit dem Sonderpreis, dem Grand Stevie Award für das Unternehmen des Jahres, ausgezeichnet.

 Zweiter großer Sieger der German Stevie® Awards 2023 ist die XBuild GmbH aus Innsbruck. Für ihre XBuild - All-in-One Bausoftware erhält das Unternehmen neben der Gold-Auszeichnung für die beste Business Technology Solution im Bereich Immobilien- oder Baumanagement-Lösungen auch den Grand Stevie Award für die am höchsten bewertete Nominierung. Keine andere der über 400 eingegangenen Bewerbungen hat eine ähnlich hohe Bewertung durch die Jury erhalten. Tobias J. Rieser, Geschäftsführer und Mitgründer von XBuild freut sich: „Wir sind überwältigt von Freude und Stolz, dass XBuild mit dem Grand Stevie Award ausgezeichnet wird. Als Startup ist diese Auszeichnung für uns von entscheidender Bedeutung und bestätigt, dass unser ganzer Einsatz und unsere Innovationen Anerkennung finden. Wir fühlen uns in unserer Arbeit bestärkt und werden die Digitalisierung der Baubranche weiter fortsetzen.

Ausgezeichnet mit den Grand Stevie Trophäen werden die Organisation mit der höchsten Gesamtpunkzahl im Wettbewerb und die einzelne Nominierung mit der höchsten Gesamtpunktzahl.

Weitere Preistragende mit mehrfachen Gold-Auszeichnungen sind unter anderem die AxiCom GmbH (München), CERATIZIT (Kempten), creanovo - motion & media design GmbH (Hannover), HASE & IGEL GmbH (Oldenburg), Immunic Therapeutics (Gräfelfing), Oberbergischer Kreis (Gummersbach), One80 Markenberatung GmbH(Düsseldorf) und das ZDF (Mainz).

Alle Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger der Gold, Silber und Bronze Stevie Awards sind auf der Homepage der German Stevie Awards nach Kategorien sortiert aufgelistet: 

Über 50 Führungskräfte haben in den fünf Experten-Gremien entschieden, wer einen der begehrten Stevies erhält. Sie haben über 400 eingegangene Bewerbungen auf Herz und Nieren geprüft, die innovativsten Lösungen und besten Leistungen herausgefiltert und schließlich die Preistragenden der Gold, Silber und Bronze Stevie® Awards gekürt.

Maggie Miller, Präsidentin der Stevie Awards, gratuliert allen Preisträgerinnen und Preisträgern zu ihren Erfolgen: „Wir freuen uns, dass wir im Rahmen der German Stevie® Awards auch in diesem Jahr wieder tolle und vor allem innovative Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger auszeichnen dürfen.“ Weiter sagt sie: „Wir freuen uns, in diesem Jahr die Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger der German Stevie Awards im Rahmen der Preisverleihung der International Business Awards zu ehren. So erhalten die Gewinnerinnen und Gewinner der German Stevies die Möglichkeit, sich einem weltweit internationalen Publikum zu präsentieren und mit den Preisträgerinnen und Preisträgern der IBA zu netzwerken.“ Die Preisverleihung findet am Freitag, den 13. Oktober in Rom statt. 

Bis dahin bleibt es weiter spannend: morgen startet die öffentliche Abstimmung für die People’s Choice Stevie® Awards für das Unternehmen des Jahres 2023. Während der öffentlichen Abstimmung vom 24. März bis 14. April 2023 dürfen die Anwärter:innen öffentlich um Stimmen werben: bei Mitarbeiter:innen, Kund:innen, ihrer Social-Media-Community und Followern, aber auch in der breiten Öffentlichkeit. Je aktiver die Communitiy der Anwärter:innen, desto größer ist die Chance auf einen Gewinn. Alle Informationen zur Abstimmung erhalten Sie hier

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Taiwan Representative Joins Stevie® Awards Team to Increase International Recognition of Asia-Pacific Business Leaders, Workforce

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Tue, Mar 21, 2023 @ 05:42 PM

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 5.39.47 PMWe are pleased to welcome a new representative to the Stevie® Awards team: Cindy Chou, Co-Founder and President of OneShot Taiwan.

OneShot is an innovative "Communication-to-Commerce" agency specializing in strategic brand campaigns. They adjust their communication strategy with real-time feedback, using digital means to lay out thousands of communication nodes, assist in the optimization of the systematic effect carousel, and find the best contact point to achieve sales.

Cindy started her career in TV media in Taiwan and Hong Kong, gaining important experience and network connections as a professional reporter and eventually as a department chief.

Prior to founding OneShot Taiwan, Cindy had launched ICL Taiwan, which then merged with world-leading, French communication group MSLGROUP of Publicis Group. Following the merge, Cindy served as the Chair of MSLGROUP Taiwan. 

Stevie Awards President Maggie Miller said:

“We are thrilled to have Cindy join the Stevie Awards team to help reach outstanding organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. With her experience and extensive network, we know she will spread the message on what winning a Stevie Award can do for brand recognition, employee happiness, and company growth. We look forward to working together on international Stevie Award competitions."

Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 12,000 nominations each year from organizations in more than 70 nations, honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them. Stevie Awards representatives work across the globe to discover and help innovative companies and leaders enter the global arena and elevate their brand recognition.

We are now accepting entries for The 20th Annual International Business Awards®, the world's premier business awards competition, which attracts nominations from organizations in more than 60 nations and territories each year. All individuals and organizations worldwide—public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, large and small—may submit nominations. The early-bird entry deadline, with reduced entry fees, is 12 April. The final entry deadline is 10 May. Winners will be announced on 11 August and celebrated at a gala banquet in Rome, Italy this October.

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Location Intelligence Company Uses Human Movement Patterns to Help Solve Some of Society's Biggest Challenges

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 @ 01:48 PM

ABA22_spotlight Square-7Founded in 2011, Stevie-winner Gravy Analytics is an enterprise location technology company providing actionable intelligence to businesses. Using its patented technology, the company brings data about people, places, and events together to understand human mobility, helping companies enhance their sales and marketing strategies and optimize business operations.

Gravy Analytics began as a local events discovery company, recommending interesting things consumers could do in their area. Knowing that events are often the greatest indicator of interests and passions and seeing the gap in understanding what customers do in the physical world, in 2016, Gravy pivoted to become a consumer intelligence platform. Events—and the unique context that they add to location data—remain foundational to the business and are one of Gravy’s biggest differentiators.

Today, Gravy’s intelligence powers leading-edge solutions for a wide range of industries– from advertising to market research, financial services to supply chain risk management– that rely on knowing how people, products, and materials move throughout the world.

Beyond this, Gravy Analytics believes that location intelligence should be used for social good. For select organizations whose missions align with these values, Gravy Analytics provides access to location datasets at a nominal cost through its Data for Social Good program.

For this program, Gravy Analytics won a Silver Stevie Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year for  Organizations With Up to 100 Employees in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

Gravy Analytics' Data for Social Good Program
As part of its Data for Social Good program, Gravy Analytics teamed up with the University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI) to use location analytics to examine wildfire evacuation data in hopes of helping vulnerable communities reduce risk and enhance safety during natural disasters.

To do this, UFTI researchers wanted to study the movements of local residents during the 2019 Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, California. Gravy provided UFTI with human mobility data for their study through its Observations Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) product for mobile devices seen in the evacuation zone and surrounding area of the wildfire.

The resulting data and analysis helped UFTI researchers to better understand natural disaster evacuation behaviors, support more effective emergency management, and help vulnerable communities prepare and mitigate risks.

Gravy also provided human mobility data to researchers from Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering who were working to gain a deeper understanding of how COVID-19 spreads in smaller communities.

Researchers incorporated Gravy’s data into their “Anytown, USA” simulation model that illustrates how the movement of people and different circumstances can impact COVID-19’s progression patterns in a small community. The simulation follows the movement of COVID-19 infected people in a small town for sixty days, beginning with a few infected people who subsequently go on to infect others.

Primarily designed as a tool for awareness and education, the Anytown, USA simulator can help people understand how a pandemic can spread in their community and how certain interventions and public health policies can make a difference.

Continued Progress
Gravy Analytics knows that understanding human movement patterns, and how they change over time is key to better stewardship. Location data and its derived datasets have the potential to fuel innovation within our communities and help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Location intelligence lets local governments make policy decisions based on data, not opinion. It allows non-profit organizations and environmental groups to allocate scarce resources in the places where it is needed most. In times of crisis, location data can help prioritize outreach, deploy life-saving healthcare services, or direct the efforts of first responders. It can also help cities plan for the future—for skyrocketing growth, or a declining population—and inform critical infrastructure and redevelopment projects.

In short, location data can help to solve some of our society’s biggest challenges. Too often these problems are under-resourced; the great irony is that these are often the issues that most impact our everyday lives. Gravy Analytics is proud to play a part in solving these problems. The many projects that Gravy has supported through its Data for Social Good program have benefited communities both in the US and overseas.

Gravy Analytics won a Silver Stevie Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year forOrganizations  With Up to 100 Employees in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

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Gutenberg Technology's End-to-End Content Authoring Platform Offers Organizations a Revolutionary Way to Cost-Effectively Create Content, Speed Time to Market

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 @ 01:31 PM

ABA22_spotlight Square-9Stevie-winner Gutenberg Technology (GT) powers content management and transformation in some of the world’s leading education publishers, higher education institutions, and certification organizations. They aim to transform how companies create, re-use, and deliver content at scale to multiple and changing digital and print experiences.

Founded in 2010 and now with offices in Paris and Boston, the company’s end-to-end content management platform enables organizations to author, transform, and distribute print and digital content from a single workflow – dramatically reducing cost and time to market. The world’s largest publishers and educational institutions rely on GT to transform legacy content into new, engaging web and mobile products.

GT's end-to-end content authoring platform won a Gold Stevie Award for Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution in the New Product & Service Categories - Content in The American Business Awards®.

Gutenberg Technology's End-to-End Content Authoring Platform
Traditionally, creating, updating, and distributing educational print and digital content is a highly manual, time-consuming, redundant, and expensive process.

GT’s platform helps content creators re-engineer their processes, implementing a single, unified workflow—regardless of the end product—that enables a more agile approach to content creation and distribution. This modern approach removes cost barriers, enables more engaging learner experiences, accelerates time to market, and presents new revenue opportunities for educational content providers.

Key platform features include:

  1. Efficient collaboration. Collaborate inside one user-friendly, cloud-based interface.
  2. Interactive content. Easily incorporate sophisticated interactive features, including assessment tools.
  3. Streamlined courseware creation. Create, scale and easily update personalized learning experiences.
  4. Content reuse. Leverage legacy content to create new products and courses.
  5. Simultaneous print & digital publishing. Simultaneously create and distribute to print, ebooks, mobile devices, the web or any LMS.

GT has released their first version of the highly requested IMS Common Cartridge as a new out-of-the-box export format. This new feature is aligned with their continued commitment to making content as portable as possible by enabling more standard export formats than any other authoring tool.

Common Cartridge is a specification that describes a format for creating and sharing primarily educational digital content, including courseware content for use in a third party LMS. This feature will provide customers that rely on Common Cartridge with many benefits, including easily repurposing existing content for use as courseware. This is especially remarkable if you wish to reuse content from a digital ebook and/or print book.

GT is calling this new capability the “Instant Course”: users who create a book on the platform can immediately export a course-repurposed version to Common Cartridge. This overcomes the relatively high cost barrier that prevents publishers from creating courses for upper-division, graduate, and other courses with more limited enrollment, where the economics have always been a challenge.

Creating and updating digital and print content at scale is challenging. The traditional process is manual, error prone, and inefficient. Generally, it takes publishers 12 to 18 months to create a print and digital product, and creating a digital course can take an average of six months.  Today’s “digital natives” expect feature-rich, interactive experiences, including opportunities to assess progress and create personalized learning pathways.

Since Winning Their Stevie
GT's content authoring platform offers organizations a completely revolutionary way to create content by allowing content authors to collaborate more efficiently and intuitively, ultimately speeding time to market and significantly reducing costs.

In addition, the ability to create multiple products using legacy content from within a single collaborative platform has proven invaluable to clients, saving them time and money, and drastically streamlining their creation processes.

GT is continuously innovating, introducing product updates to increase the platform's flexibility, often in response to the needs of users. Recently, they released a new one-click content reuse feature for project elements, enabling even faster and simpler creation of derivative products. On the user side, they've introduced a new "global notebook" view for mobile app users that allows them to see all their ebook annotations in one place.

The company’s acceleration reflects the large and urgent transformations that education publishers and certification providers are going through to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and deliver more engaging student digital experiences.

GT also saw growth from higher education institutions who turned to Online Program Management (OPM) companies to help them get courses online quickly through COVID but are now seeking more cost-effective and sustainable technical solutions that better leverage their own teaching talent.

Gutenberg Technology won a Gold Stevie Award for their Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution in the New Product & Service Categories - Content in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

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Remote Virtual Assistant Side-Hustle Turned Start-Up Demonstrates Clear ROI for Businesses

Posted by Amanda Del Signore on Tue, Mar 14, 2023 @ 11:28 AM

ABA22_spotlight Square-8Stevie-winner Virtudesk is a virtual assistant company that focuses on equipping business owners in a variety of industries and verticals with remote-working professionals from the Philippines.

Virtudesk's mission is to help business owners optimize and automate company systems and processes, teach them how to delegate responsibilities, and focus on revenue-earning activities. By leveraging well-trained virtual assistants, business owners can grow and scale their businesses at cost-effective rates. 

They offer competitive rates with a streamlined process and virtual assistants well-trained in business services such as marketing, administration, customer service, prospecting and inside sales, and real estate transaction coordination. 

In 2016, US-based real estate broker Pavel Stepanov was still working primarily in real estate when he realized the benefits of employing virtual assistants for his business. 

Prior to hiring assistants, he had been working 12 to 16 hours a day. Hiring a virtual Inside Sales Agent changed his life. He was able to delegate all the tedious administrative tasks that used to consume so much of his time and refocus his attention on building relationships. When he had his virtual assistant responsible for booking appointments, Pavel was able to almost triple his yearly revenue.

After seeing the results from his own experience, he started helping the agents in his brokerage hire virtual assistants. Then, he started Virtudesk to help more entrepreneurs. Starting with only one virtual assistant helping Pavel in 2016, Virtudesk has since grown by over 400%, employs hundreds of people, and serves all industries.

Virtudesk also prides itself on providing livelihood to hundreds of Filipinos. The company gives them an opportunity to work remotely, provides complete benefits, and nurtures professional growth in their role with international clients.

Since Winning Their Stevie Award 
In the time since winning their Silver Stevie, Virtudesk has secured an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They will continue to work to further improve many of their internal systems for operational efficiency and better client experience, including training and client support.

Virtudesk won a Silver Stevie Award for Fastest Growing Company of the Year among companies with Up to 2,500 Employees in The 2022 American Business Awards®.

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