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See What’s Behind the Latin American Tech Boom

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Fri, May 24, 2019 @ 04:21 PM

As little as 20 years ago, there was hardly any discussion of technological advancements coming out of Latin America. Rather, people were laser focused on Silicon Valley and the waves of talent and innovation flocking to San Francisco, California, United States. However, with the help of government initiatives, large private investments, and significant economic growth in the early 2010s, as well as the sheer will and drive of local citizens, many Latin American countries entered into the technological arena. They were soon producing products and talent on a scale comparable to anything seen in the First World. The countries most often associated with this boom are Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.

Fully understanding this phenomenon is not possible by simply identifying individual contributing factors. The movement is a response to many complicated and interconnected social, political, economic, and geographic influences. Here are just a few of those constituent reasons Latin America has enjoyed this development.


The Transformative Influence of the Internet

In this instance, the transformative effect of the internet cannot be understated. While many industries rely on physical infrastructure or advanced equipment, IT companies can thrive with little more than internet connectivity, a laptop, a proclivity for the material, and hard work. Coming from a place with limited physical infrastructure or resources does not preclude you from succeeding in the digital sphere, and the opportunities that affords people throughout Latin America have been statistically significant.

One 2015 report by the World Trade Organization identified Argentina as the world’s eighth-largest exporter of computer services. This can be seen in companies like Belatrix Software, which was founded in Mendoza, Argentina, and currently innovates and thrives in the digital arena.

Belatrix Software helps companies turn ideas into great software products,” says Alex Robbio, the company’s president and cofounder. “We currently have over 700 employees, as well as offices in the United States, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Spain. We’re growing rapidly, but our vision remains the same: to be the best Latin American software product development and innovation firm.”

The work being done in these Argentina-based computer companies isn’t isolated to Latin America, either. Many of the companies are earning international acclaim and recognition. Belatrix Software, for example, was recently recognized with a Silver Stevie® Award for Company of the Year in the category of Computer Services in The 2019 American Business Awards®. Robbio also earned an individual Bronze Stevie Award for Executive of the Year in Computer Services.

The 2020 edition of The American Business Awards will open in October. If you are interested in winning a Stevie Awards in 2019 request the entry kit for The International Business Awards.

Request your entry kit here

English as the Unofficial Language of Business

Despite not being the world’s most widely spoken language, English is, for all intents and purposes, the de facto language of international business. While China used to top the charts for English proficiency, Latin American countries have started to surpass the Asian power in this metric. According to the 2018 EF English Proficiency Index, Argentina was the highest-rated South American country on the list (coming in at #27), while China fell to the 47th spot.

Many speculate that its increasing proficiency in English has helped launch Argentina to the forefront of international business, including those projects within the technological realm.

Time Differences Make a Difference

Especially when technology and innovation are involved, it’s more conducive when people work collaboratively. Although it might seem like a throwaway factor, the time difference between the United States and any given Latin American country is significant. For example, the time difference between San Francisco, California, United States—a major U.S.-based technological hub—and Beijing, China, is 15 hours. That makes coordinating workdays and efforts extremely difficult. The time difference between California and Buenos Aires, Argentina, however, is only four hours—a much more surmountable obstacle.

Government Initiatives Provide Financial and Logistical Help

Arguably one of the most significant factors that pushed technology throughout Latin America is the support and efforts of the nations’ governments. Argentina, for example, offers all adults free higher education. Plus, its government invested significantly in Program.AR, an initiative to help teachers integrate computer programming into the national public-school curriculum.

Similarly, in Colombia, 80 percent of the costs associated with studying in the information technology field are covered. In Mexico, thanks in part to governmental initiatives, the country produced the eighth-highest number of engineer graduates in 2015.

With the financial backing and logistical support of national-level governments, results in this sector have been quick and effective.

The Future of Tech

While no one can say definitively what the future of technology holds, Latin America seems poised to continue ascending in the industry. If more national-level and regional policies throw money and support behind engineering and computer science education, it’s conceivable the next seat of tech insight will be a lot farther south than Silicon Valley.

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A Fresh Approach to Workplace Communications

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Tue, May 21, 2019 @ 01:06 PM

For many employees in the corporate world, checking email is the most time-consuming activity of each workday. Despite this, innovation in email has been, arguably, lacking as compared to other forms of productivity software.

That’s where the app Front comes into the picture. The company offers a tool that lets workers combine their multitude of communication platforms, from internal messaging to email, into a single interface.

“By working on the most critical tool people use to get work done, we felt we could improve things on a large scale,” says Front spokeswoman Heather MacKinnon.

front app pic

The firm, which is based in San Francisco, California, United States, believes it can help users save time by allowing them to access multiple communication channels—including social, SMS, chat, and calls—in a single app. Want quick feedback from your coworkers? By using mentions and comments instead of email, you can reach teammates instantly.

“There are very few knowledge workers who only communicate internally,” MacKinnon says. “From customers to partners, candidates to vendors, external parties have significant sway over what we work on and when.

“Yet these communications today, which largely take place via email, remain in a silo. They’re cut off from the rest of your team, as well as the other tools you use to do your job,” she says. “It’s part of the reason why email is the universal communication tool for work that is also universally hated.”

While apps geared toward internal communication are getting some buzz—the increasingly popular Slack is a prominent example—MacKinnon notes that workers largely rely on tools that have been around for a long time when they want to reach people outside their companies.

“Email hasn’t been significantly updated since Gmail introduced threading in 2004,” she adds. “Despite being the universal communication tool for work, email has only been incrementally improved over the last 15 years and has never been re-architected for the way people work as a team. Front is changing that.”

One of the ways the company is trying to revolutionize communication is by integrating other data sources, whether it’s CRM tools, such as Salesforce, or project management software, such as Asana and Trello.

All-Hands Approach to Customer Service

The roots of Front go back to Paris, France, where founders Mathilde Collin and Laurent Perrin started the business in 2013. The following year, the start-up made its way into Silicon Valley’s famed Y Combinator.

Packed into a home in the Bay Area of California, United States, the initial team of five employees lived and breathed the product for several months. It was a grueling experience, but one the company’s leadership still views as an integral part of the company’s development. The accelerator not only tested the company’s concept but exposed it to business prospects it wouldn’t have otherwise had. In just six months, Front amassed a staggering 3,000 beta testers.

This momentum hasn’t slowed. In 2016, the company was able to secure $10 million from its initial round of funding, and two years later, it gained $66 million of investments from a team led by Sequoia Capital.

Today, more than 5,000 businesses around the world use Front. MacKinnon suggests it’s not just the features of the app attracting those clients. The company also focuses on providing superior customer support in order to ensure users get the most out of their experiences.

Naturally they’re using their own tool to help do that. The team, now more than 100 strong, has shared inboxes in Front for its customer surveys, feedback emails, and support inquiries. All staff members have access to the inboxes, so they’re able to keep apprised of how users feel about the product.

MacKinnon says the company, which was recently named a StevieⓇ Awards winner for Customer Service Department of the Year, also emphasizes a “low-ego” ethos, which encourages workers to keep striving toward excellence. During its regular all-hands meeting, for example, staffers are encouraged to share their “Stumbles of the Week.”

“By encouraging employees of all levels—even our CEO and other leaders—to openly discuss their mistakes, we create a culture of humility and continuous improvement,” says MacKinnon.

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A Whole-Child Approach to Success

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Wed, May 15, 2019 @ 12:10 PM

While many think of academics as the core of education, there have been recent shifts in the fundamental way learning is viewed and approached. One of these more significant shifts came with the rise of the whole-child approach—policies and practices that move the focus from a narrowly defined set of academic standards to a concept of success that encompasses long-term developmental health.

The whole-child approach is particularly championed when it comes to early childhood education. The goal of this approach is to equip students with the skills necessary to be fully prepared not just for elementary, middle and high school but also eventually for college, fulfilling careers, healthy relationships, and successful citizenship. This is done through a more holistic and comprehensive look at all of a child’s needs, including the emotional component. It also emphasizes a collaborative approach between the child’s school, fellow students, family, and community.

The Malvern school

Schools Embrace the Whole-Child Approach

The Malvern School, which is headquartered in Glen Mills, PA in the United States, is a private year-round preschool that serves children ages six weeks to eight years, and it serves as a prime example of the kind of learning institution that wholeheartedly embraces the underlying concept of whole-child education.

The Malvern School always seeks to raise the bar in early childhood education,” says Kristen Waterfield, the school’s cofounder and president. “We encourage children to meet their highest potential, but that potential isn’t one-dimensional. As a teacher and a mother, I have always felt strongly about the importance of developing the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social growth of the ‘whole’ child, and this is key to our educational philosophy.”

While some detractors of the whole-child approach fear the loss of academic rigor, schools like The Malvern School demonstrate that the enhancement of emotional intelligence need not come at the expense of more traditional intellectual development.

“When my business partner, Joe Scandone, and I founded the Malvern School 20 years ago, our goal, first and foremost, was to provide exceptional programming,” says Waterfield. “And we wanted that exceptional programming delivered by forward-thinking, college-degreed educators. By starting to build this dual foundation of emotional health and academic intelligence early, we truly believe we’re setting up children for success throughout their lives.”

Parents and Caregivers Recognize Success

Parents and caregivers of the young children who attend programs like The Malvern School are pleased with the concrete, positive results. With the continuing success of its curriculum, The Malvern School, which began in 1998 with only 20 employees, now employs 580 educators and operations and business professionals over 26 locations throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, United States, and central and southern New Jersey, United States.

“Departing from the traditional model of day care or childcare programs, our schools focus on diverse programming that enables children both to learn and to feel loved,” says Waterfield. “This has fueled the school’s ability to become the largest privately owned preschool in Greater Philadelphia [Pennsylvania, United States].”

While some educational shifts may be more fad than lasting ideology, the whole-child approach only seems to grow in popularity every year as parents seek to provide their children with the best pathways to success.

“Since 1998, The Malvern School has educated more than 30,000 children—a number that continues to grow significantly,” says Waterfield. “With our steadfast focus on providing value to the community, we continue our journey to bring new educational opportunities to children and families, and we have plans to open additional schools in 2019.”

Parents, however, aren’t the only ones recognizing the significant work done by educational institutions in this sector. For her innovative work with young children, for example, Waterfield recently earned a Gold Stevie® Award in the Entrepreneur of the Year category in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Request the entry kit

To learn more about Waterfield and The Malvern School, visit

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Grand Stevie Winners Announced in 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

Posted by Clara Im on Wed, May 15, 2019 @ 10:42 AM

SM Supermalls Win As Most Honored Organization

The Stevie® Awards, organizer of the world’s premier business awards programs, announced the winners of six Grand Stevie® Award trophies in its sixth annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are the only awards to recognize innovation in the workplace throughout the entire 29-nation in Asia-Pacific region. All organizations in the region are eligible to submit nominations.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners in the various categories were announced on 22 April. Those awards were determined by the average scores of more than 100 executives worldwide earlier this year. Awards will be presented to winners during a gala event at the InterContinental Hotel in Singapore on Friday, 31 May. Tickets for the event are now on sale.

2019 Grand Stevie Award winners are:

Most Honored Organization: SM Supermalls of the Philippines are the winner with 67 award points. (Points are calculated with three points for each Gold Stevie win, two for each Silver win, and 1.5 points for each Bronze Stevie win.)

Most Honored Korean Organization, sponsored by BRComm: The Presidential Commission on Centennial Anniversary of March 1st Independence Movement and Korea Provisional Government

Highest-rated Nomination from China: Shanghai Hang Bond Property Development Co., Ltd.'s nomination for most innovative consumer event

Highest-rated Nomination from Indonesia: PT PETROKIMIA GRESIK's nomination for innovation in human resources management, planning, and practice

Highest-rated Nomination from Philippines: Philippines Urban Living Solutions Inc.'s nomination of MyTown for innovation in living, learning, and working environments

Highest-rated Nomination from South Korea: Daehong Communications' nomination for most innovative internal corporate event

APSA Trophies

The 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards have recognized organizations in 17 markets including Australia, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, mainland China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.S.A., and Vietnam. More than 900 nominations about innovative achievements in the 29-nation APAC region were considered by the judges this year.

“Entries to the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards grew by more than 20% this year. That is a testament to the commitment to innovation we are seeing across a broad swath of organizations in the region,” said Michael Gallagher, founder and president of the Stevie Awards. “They realize that continuous innovation is, in the long run, the only reliable differentiator among competitors in the marketplace. We commend this year’s Stevie Award winners for their achievements, and we look forward to celebrating with them in Singapore on 31 May.”

Details about the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards and the list of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners are available at

About the Stevie® Awards
Stevie Awards are conferred in seven programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards®, The International Business Awards®, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 12,000 entries each year from organizations in more than 70 nations. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at

Sponsors and partners of the 2019 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards include adobo magazine, PR Newswire Asia and BRComm.

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Grand Stevie Award Winners Announced in 2019 American Business Awards

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Wed, May 15, 2019 @ 10:18 AM

The Stevie® Awards announced today the Grand Stevie Award winners in The 17th Annual American Business Awards® competition. Winners will be presented their Grand Stevie Awards trophies at the ABA’s gala banquet on June 11 in New York.

All organizations operating in the U.S.– large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit—are eligible to submit nominations to the ABAs in a wide range of categories, honoring achievement in every aspect of work life, from customer service and management to public relations and product development.

More than 3,800 nominations submitted to the 2019 competition were reviewed and rated in the judging process by more than 200 professionals, whose average scores determined the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners who were announced earlier this month. The June 11 awards presentations will be broadcast live via Livestream.

ABA grand winner 2019

Grand Stevie Award winners were determined by a points system in which Gold Stevie-winning nominations are granted three points, Silver Stevies two points, and Bronze Stevies one and a half points.

Grand Stevie winners are as follows:

Organization of the YearMelissa Sones Consulting, a New York-based communications consultancy focused on researching and writing awards nominations for clients, is the most honored organization in the 2019 ABAs, with 37 award points earned for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award wins on behalf of clients including CBK Partners, Momentum Design Lab, Sleepm Global, and the West Point Association of Graduates, among others.

Most Honored Interactive Agency: The XD Agency, a strategic communications agency focused on experience design, with offices in Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco, is recognized with 23 awards points earned for work for clients including the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Cisco, the Experimental Aircraft Association, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and TradeRev.

Most Honored Marketing PartnerPublicis Sapient, the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, earned 30 award points with Stevie wins on behalf of clients Bridgestone, Fiat Chrysler, MGM, the Ontario Energy Board, and Samsung.

Most Honored Public Relations AgencyMethod Communications, with offices in Salt Lake City and San Francisco, earned 28 award points with Stevie-winning nominations on behalf of clients Age of Learning, Aptive Environmental, O.C. Tanner, PagerDuty, Podium, and Valimail.

Top 10: The following 12 organizations will also receive Grand Stevie Award trophies for being among the most recognized organizations in the 2019 ABAs.

  1. Jeunesse Global, Orlando, FL (27 points)
  2. PAN Communications, on behalf of multiple clients (22)
  3. Reltio, Redwood Shores, CA (21)
  4. 5W Public Relations, on behalf of multiple clients (20)
  5. (tie) George P Johnson Experiential Marketing, Auburn Hills, MI (19)
    John Hancock Financial Services, Boston, MA (19)
  6. Finn Partners, on behalf of multiple clients (18.5)
  7. (tie) Comcast Business, Philadelphia, PA (17)
    Cisco, San Jose, CA (17)
  8. (tie) Lycored, Orange, NJ (15.5)
    Bhava Communications, on behalf of multiple clients (15.5)
    ADP, Roseland, NJ (15.5)

For a complete list of the 2019 Stevie Award winners, visit

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German Stevie Award Winners Celebrated at Ceremony in Munich

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, May 09, 2019 @ 09:35 AM

The atmosphere was festive when Michael Gallagher, founder and president of the Stevie® Awards, and the well-known news anchor Leslie Nachmann, in her role as MC of the evening, presented the winners of the German Stevie Awards with their Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevies last Friday, May 3, at the Munich Hotel Four Seasons Kempinski. More than 160 guests were present when high-ranking representatives of more than 50 winning companies from all over Germany received their awards on stage.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the two Grand Stevie Awards.

GSA 2019 ceremony

The Grand Stevie Award for the highest-rated nomination was presented to the production company for image and advertising films twosyde media from Leipzig with its client Marketing Dresden for the best image film of the year "Liebes Dresden". No other of the approximately 400 nominations received a similarly high average rating. "It's not just the award that makes us grateful, it's the fact that something - born of our hearts and minds - has been able to persuade the people behind to give it to us," says Andreas Schmidt, CEO of twosyde media GmbH is delighted.

The Grand Stevie Award for the Company of the Year was awarded for the second time in a row to CROWDCONSULTANTS 360 from Berlin for their multiple Stevie Award wins. The crowd-based corporate and personnel consultancy won big again at the 5th German Stevie Awards. The company won five Gold and four Silver Stevies.

Founder and Chairman Damiano Albrecht and his team received the Gold Stevie Awards from Michael Gallagher for Company of the Year Awards for Business Services, Diversified Services, and Internet & New Media, and Management and Founders Teams for the Year. The Silver Stevies went to CROWDCONSULTANTS 360 for the most innovative company, the best B-2-B service, and the HR department and HR team.

Exceptionally successful at the German Stevie Awards 2019 was Werner Schmid GmbH from Fulda. The leading supplier of metal and plastic parts received a total of four Gold Stevie Awards as Company of the Year (Production & Manufacturing) and the best Corporate Social Responsibility program. The two managing directors Matthias and Joachim Hauß received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for their achievements. The former managing director and shareholder Monika Hauß-Schmid accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award.

"I am very happy about these awards. Especially the award for my life's work means a lot to me personally. During my time as an entrepreneur and as a volunteer for Perspektiva and IHK (Chamber of Commerce), I experienced profound changes; to work in the way, but also in the way social issues such as inclusion are dealt with. In the face of constant change, I have always been guided by what I consider necessary and important - economically as well as socially. It fills me with pride that the jury sees this as worthy of recognition, “ says Monika Hauß-Schmid.

Paysafe Pay Later from Munich was pleased to receive three Gold Stevie Awards. The white label payment solutions provider has been recognized as Financial Services Company of the Year and the Best New Ecommerce Solution. Managing Director Claire Gates was named Manager of the Year for Financial Services.

Other multiple award winners include Blacklane (Berlin), Communication Consultants GmbH Engel & Heinz (Stuttgart), Deutsche Telekom Service Europe (Cologne), Pfeiffer Medienfabrik (Hersbruck) and (Bonn).

Great news for the future of the German Stevie Awards reported Michael Gallagher. In his opening speech, the president and founder of the Stevie Awards announced that the German Stevie Awards would be open to all German-speaking European countries for next year’s edition starting in Fall 2019: "We invite all German, Austrian, Swiss, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Belgian business makers and innovators, to compete with their achievements and successes and to face an international German-speaking competition.“

The German Stevie Awards were launched in 2014. At that time, the initiators deliberately chose the name "German Stevie Awards" because this name signals that the German Stevies are more than just a national prize. "This reflection of that time is being implemented today in full consequence" adds Gallagher.

Any changes, from logo, to terms and conditions and to the website, will be made until the opening of the 2020 awards in September. A preview of the new logo is already available on the awards website:

Further Information

Photos of the awards ceremony are available at

Offstage videoclips with interviews of the winners and jury are available at

An overview of all winners of the 2019 German Stevie Awards is available at

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For Female FinTech Leader, Success Means Quieting Old Stereotypes

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Mon, May 06, 2019 @ 08:28 PM

When Natasha Bansgopaul helped establish a financial technology firm focused on alternative investments, she knew getting clients to ditch their existing methods of evaluating funds and raising capital wasn’t going to be easy. The bigger challenge: acting as a minority change agent who also happens to be female.

“People tend to underestimate you. This is especially true in financial services and technology industries, which are trying to rally to incorporate more women leaders throughout,” says Bansgopaul. “The advantage is that I’m always able to over-deliver and to lead my team accordingly. You can perform well beyond expectations when you’re underestimated.

“The disadvantage, though, is that you always feel the need to prove yourself and to deem yourself ‘valued’ or ‘worth it’ in order to combat the perception,” the entrepreneur says. “I focus on debunking the myths and letting our deliverables speak for themselves.”

darc matter

Transforming the Industry

More than four years into DarcMatter, her venture that’s based in New York, New York, United States, the cofounder and COO has proven more than a few people wrong. The firm has become a key researching and networking platform for investors and fund managers involved in alternative investments—a category that includes hedge funds, venture capital funds, and financial derivatives.

Qualified investors (typically financial advisers), institutions, and high-net-worth individuals can use DarcMatter to explore pre-vetted funds, to perform due diligence, and to purchase shares online. It’s quite a change for industry insiders who, believe it or not, still frequently use more traditional channels to share information, including fax machines and “snail mail.”

“Our mission is to enhance capital flow, transparency, and efficiency for clients by providing direct and comprehensive access to funds in the asset management industry,” says Bansgopaul, who started the business with college friend Sang Lee in 2014.

One of her main responsibilities these days is broadening the brand awareness of DarcMatter via speaking invitations in the United States and abroad in South Korea, as well as spearheading the company’s product development and blockchain integration initiatives.  Recently, the team announced the launch of “Konstellation,” the blockchain development and consulting division of DarcMatter, geared towards financial institutions with dedicated internal blockchain development teams.

Since July 2017, she’s helped grow the company’s user base by over 60 percent. Today, DarcMatter hosts information on more than 150 live fund products and has upwards of 2,900 registered investors using the platform around the globe.

Bansgopaul was honored for those accomplishments last November with a Gold StevieⓇ Award for Female Executive of the Year and a Silver for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. DarcMatter also received a Bronze in the Company of the Year category.

“It was an amazing honor to be selected amid stiff competition from over 1,500 finalists from more than 30 countries,” she says. “I’m truly proud to represent the DarcMatter team.”

Interested in entering the Stevie Awards for Women in Business this year?

Request the entry kit

Paying It Forward

DarcMatter, which has offices in South Korea, China, and Ukraine, boasts a particularly diverse management team for the financial technology (fintech) industry, which is something Bansgopaul definitely takes pride in.

“As a company with a black female founder with an MBA, a Korean-American cofounder, and a Ukrainian chief technology officer, our management team comes from culturally diverse upbringings,” she says. “We tout a wealth of diverse experience from various sectors, including traditional financial services, CPG, and corporate strategy, as well as product and SAAS technology development.”

The executive is aware, however, that there’s a long way to go before women attain equal footing in her industry. According to a gender diversity report published by Mercer, women comprise 46 percent of all employees in the financial services sector but only 15 percent of leadership positions. Currently, DarcMatter has seven female employees, representing 35 percent of its total employee count. Bansgopaul hopes that number will continue to grow.

“As a female in a position of power, I am laser focused on hiring qualified female candidates. I hope to assist in their growth and development within financial technology firms, which should, in turn, help to build a new class of diverse female talent. Moving forward, they can then recruit candidates like themselves, and this positive cycle will continue,” says Bansgopaul.

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Stevie Winners Announced in 2019 American Business Awards®

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, May 02, 2019 @ 11:10 AM

The Stevie® Awards, organizers of the world’s premier business awards programs, today announced the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie winners in The 17th Annual American Business Awards®.

All organizations operating in the U.S.A. – large and small, public and private, for-profit and non-profit - are eligible to submit nominations to the ABAs in a wide range of categories, honoring achievement in every aspect of work life, from customer service and management to public relations and product development. More than 3,800 nominations were reviewed in the judging process this year by more than 200 professionals, whose average scores determined the winners.

2019 Stevie winners will be celebrated and presented their awards during a gala event on Tuesday, June 11 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York. Tickets are now on sale. The presentations will be broadcast via Livestream.

ABA 2-1

Publicis Sapient (Miami, FL) with eight Gold and four Bronze Stevies, and The XD Agency (Atlanta, GA) with seven Gold and one Silver, are leaders among the Gold Stevie Winners with wins in a wide range of categories. They are sure to be among the winners of the Grand Stevie Award trophies, the top overall winners in this year’s ABAs, who will be announced next week.

Among the organizations with the most Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award wins are ADP (Roseland, NJ), ARIIX (Bountiful, UT),  Comcast Business (Philadelphia, PA), Cvent (McLean, VA), Darktrace (San Francisco, CA), Jeunesse Global (Orlando, FL), LABOV Marketing Communications and Training (Fort Wayne, IN), Lycored (Orange, NJ), Merkle (Columbia, MD), PAN Communications (Boston, MA), Reltio (Redwood Shores, CA), Rimini Street (Las Vegas, NV), and SoftPro (Raleigh, NC).

For a complete list of the Stevie Award winners announced today, visit

Every new product or service nominated in The 2019 American Business Awards is included in voting for the People's Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite New Products, a worldwide public vote. Voting is now open at and will conclude on May 31. People’s Choice Stevie winners will be announced the week of June 3 and will be honored during the June 11 presentations.

“The nominations submitted for The 2019 American Business Awards were outstanding.  The judges found the competition to be intense, and those recognized as Stevie Award winners should be immensely proud of this accomplishment,” said Michael Gallagher, president and founder of the Stevie Awards.

About the Stevie Awards
Stevie Awards are conferred in seven programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards®, The International Business Awards®, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 12,000 entries each year from organizations in more than 70 nations. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at

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