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Filipino Media Company Marks 60th Anniversary with a Stevie Awards Grand Slam

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Feb 19, 2015 @ 11:56 AM

Charo Santos-Concio, President & CEO of ABS-CBN in Quezon City, the Philippines, won the Gold Stevie Award for Female Executive of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand in the 2014 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. She also won a Gold Stevie in the Management Awards categories of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. ABS-CBN itself won a Grand Stevie® Award in the 2014 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.

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1502ABS-CBNABS-CBN Corporation celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013 in the most fitting way---on top. Since the launch of the television era six decades ago, the Philippines’ largest and leading multimedia conglomerate has never let go of its role as industry pioneer. The past year is a testament to its continuous quest to improve and find better ways to be of service to Filipinos worldwide.

Charo Santos-Concio’s rise as one of Asia’s most powerful women in media makes a great success story, but what’s more remarkable is how she has led an already established company to greater heights. As President & CEO of ABS-CBN, the former movie-fan-turned-award-winning actress-turned-producer-turned-media executive has conceptualized strategies and developed solutions to guide ABS-CBN Corporation to another level of creativity, leadership, innovation, and commitment.

We asked Ms. Santos-Concio for her thoughts on what winning a virtual Grand Slam of Stevie® Awards in 2014 has meant to ABS-CBN; on what the future holds for her company; and her views on the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

Inspiring, Informing, and Empowering Filipinos

“Winning the Stevie Award for Company of the Year is an affirmation that ABS-CBN is not just a content company, but one that produces content that can change the lives of our audiences.” Ms. Santos-Concio told us. “Our shows provide authentic transformational moments that help our viewers feel better, give them voice, show them how to respond to challenges, and make them identify with our characters who overcome obstacles. Our content is a form of public service that inspires, informs, and empowers Filipinos.”

Public Trust

“It also reflects what is important to us as an organization,” she added. “We place high importance on teamwork and service orientation, two of our company’s core values, and the award encourages us to do better and tells us that we are on the right path.

“Most importantly, the award boosts public trust in our institution that puts public service at the heart of its operations.  Through our programs and projects, we build our relationship with our audiences that is primarily founded on trust. With a prestigious recognition from the Stevie Awards, we, as a company, are reminded that we are worthy of the trust our audiences give us. The public can be assured that ABS-CBN will remain focused on serving the Filipino.”

Breakthrough Viewing Experience

Looking ahead, we asked Ms. Santos-Concio how ABS-CBN would be improving the experience for its customers in the coming year. “2015 marks a milestone for ABS-CBN and the Philippine broadcasting industry as we launch our digital terrestrial television or DTT operations,” she told us. “DTT will provide a breakthrough viewing experience for consumers.

“For years, Filipino viewers have had to settle for poor analog reception and picture quality, believing that was all there was to TV. With our DTT service, we are able to provide them what they deserve: a crisp digital picture and sound for all existing channels, plus four additional channels that will cater to the needs and wants of every family member.”

Emerging Markets

“It is also going to be an exciting year as we will be distributing our content or drama shows in new territories such as Central Asia—which is an emerging market for content buyers—and Southeastern Europe,” continued Ms. Santos-Concio. “ The past three years have been rewarding as we have established high awareness in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia, where our drama shows have developed a strong and loyal following, even among non-Filipinos.”

Multiple Delivery Systems

“We're leveraging on the multiple delivery systems of ABS-CBN both locally and internationally,” she added. “ABS-CBN is giving the Filipino viewers the convenience and the choice of accessing our strong content across online, mobile, and IPTV platforms. We are strengthening our content offering by sourcing programs specifically targeted for each platform.

“Our drama shows are distinctive for their strong narratives that deal with real social issues affecting people, and for the stellar performances of Philippine actors portraying relatable characters.  They carry elements or influences from the East and the West that make them appealing to a broad spectrum of audiences.”

Raising the Company Profile

We asked Ms. Santos-Concio for her comments on how the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards might be helping companies such as ABS-CBN. Her response was positive. “The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards come at a good time for us. ABS-CBN is making its mark in the Asia Pacific region with its content or drama shows being aired and localized in different countries.  We have built our reputation in the region over the years, and receiving the Grand Stevie Award in the 2014 competition has helped raise our company’s profile and bring more awareness to our services and offerings.”

Transorming Lives

On a more personal note, we asked Ms. Santos-Concio to share with us what inspires her most about her work. “It’s really the transformative power of our business that keeps me excited about what I do,” she explained. “I always look forward to bringing our audiences something new, knowing that there are endless possibilities for content that not only inspire, inform, and empower them, but also transform the lives of Filipinos in the country and abroad. What keeps me going is the idea that in bringing out the best in Filipinos wherever they are in the world, we can shine as a nation.

After 60 years of dedicated service to Filipinos, ABS-CBN is looking forward to the next 60 years.

About Charo Santos-Concio

Charo Santos-Concio is the President and CEO of ABS-CBN Corporation. She is in charge of achieving profit margins, nationwide ratings, annual programming strategy, and customer development targets. Her command and influence emanates from free television to all its various platforms: cinema, music, star building, live events, and digital media, among others. She began her media career as an actress, debuting in Itim, a film which earned her a Best Actress award in the 1978 Asian Film Festival. She also worked as a line producer, production manager, and executive producer-in-charge, chalking up 180 pictures from many production studios.

Ms. Santos-Concio is the recipient of many industry awards. She graduated Cum Laude from St. Paul College in Manila with a Communication Arts degree.


ABS-CBN Corporation, the Philippines’ largest multimedia conglomerate, produces entertainment and news programs that are aired on free-to-air TV and on cable and satellite TV channels. It owns Star Cinema and Star Records, the leading film, music production and distribution outfit in the Philippines, and is engaged in other businesses including print publishing, live events, and merchandising.

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