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SocialBeta to Represent the Stevie Awards in Mainland China

Posted by Clara Im on Fri, Jul 27, 2018 @ 01:06 AM

The Stevie Awards and SocialBeta (www.socialbeta.com) are proud to announce a marketing partnership that will cover the Stevie Awards’ programs in mainland China. 

SocialBeta logo  copyFounded in 2008, SocialBeta is the leading source of advertising, marketing, and media intelligence in China. It covers top marketing and advertising news, case studies, and resources related to publishing, agency, brand, and digital platforms.

With locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou, the company’s award-winning coverage reaches engaged audiences of more than one million people. SocialBeta reaches its audience of marketing and media professionals through digital platforms, events, newsletters, social media, and mobile apps.

SocialBeta is hosting "Stevie Awards’ China Day 2018," a half-day program in Shanghai designed to explore APAC business innovations and to showcase China's best business and creative ideas.

SocialBeta looks forward to welcoming the following guests: Michael Gallagher, founder and president of the Stevie Awards; Jimmy Lam, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Digital Network; Brian Lai, founder of SocialBeta and BrandStar, serving as the Stevie Awards representative for mainland China; Terence Chu, founder and CEO of APAX Group and Jury of Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards; and Eunice Wong, Chief Growth Officer of Ketchum Greater China and Jury of Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.

For more information, contact:

Brian Lai
Phone: +86 189 888 339 92
Email: brian@socialbeta.com

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Michael Gallagher, President of The Stevie Awards, Visited in Seoul and Hanoi

Posted by Clara Im on Wed, Feb 21, 2018 @ 03:55 AM

Michael Gallagher, the President of the Stevie Awards, the world's premier business awards, visited South Korea on Monday, January 22, to discuss marketing activities for the Asia Pacific Stevie Awards(APSA) and The International Business Awards(IBA) in South East Asia and South Korea.

박스미디어 방문.jpgMichael met Hwanjin Choi, the head of the operation of AD Stars, at Korea Press Center on Tuesday, January 23, to exchange ideas of how two organizations can cooperate, and they discussed to conclude an MOU. In the afternoon, he met Haeseon Park, the CEO of Box Media, an entertainment company in Yeoeuido, Seoul, to deliver the Silver Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year in The 2017 IBA. Matilda of Box Media, who have recently debuted, was awarded the Bronze Stevie Award for Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Global Issues, for the first time among Korean musicians. Michael then visited Vietnam from Wednesday, January 24, until Friday, January 26, to have meetings and attend the Stevie Awards launching event with VIPs and the Stevie Awards Representative in Vietnam.

Successful Launching Event with The Stevie Awards Rep. in Vietnam
In 2018, the Stevie Awards which organize the globally recognized business awards, has build up the Stevie Awards Representative in Vietnam by signing the Letter of Agreement with DigiVision(www.digivision.com.vn), which provides the premium ‘one-stop communication solution’ in Vietnam, under the advisory of The Assistance Centre for SME, North, the subsidiary organization of the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Vietnam. The Stevie Awards Vietnam Rep. will do marketing the Stevie Awards in Vietnam and collect entries as well as assisting Vietnamese enterprises and organizations to make them more globally recognized and branded.

Michael in Vietnam.jpgThe Stevie Awards Rep. in Vietnam began its official operation by hosting the "First Time Introduction of The Stevie Awards Ceremony in Vietnam" at Hanoi Hotel on January 25. The event was attended by Michael Gallagher, the founder of Stevie Awards, and about 100 other attendees including major newspapers, websites, TV reporters, and experts who will serve on the Stevie Awards jury, important people from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, and business people from the Hanoi Business Association. The event lasted about 2 hours demonstrating various programs. The event began with the video introducing the Stevie Awards and Michael Gallagher's speech and was followed by the video introducing past winners of the Stevie Awards in Vietnam including Viettel and DHL Vietnam, panel discussion session about innovation and Q&A session for business CEOs and the Government officers.


The participants had an opportunity to learn about the expert's view of ‘innovation' and were highly interested in the Stevie Awards programs as it can provide an opportunity to become more recognized globally as well as in Asia Pacific to them. Dang Huy Dong, the deputy Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Investment as well as the judge of Stevie Awards, said "In Vietnam, there are numerous awards to honour Vietnamese enterprises. These awards are organised by Vietnamese authorities to evaluate Vietnamese enterprises based on Vietnamese standards, thus, the evaluation results are not absolutely objective. However, Stevie Awards is the international scene, thus, Vietnamese enterprises will be evaluated according to a more objective, international-standard framework. This is a precious opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to compete with the international business community."

Michael Gallagher visited Seoul again on Friday, January 26, and met Seokbong Bae, the President of the Stevie Awards Rep. in Korea, Heunggi Kim, the President of Korea Business Communications Association, Jongseon Park, the CEO of BRcomm, Jenny Shon, the CEO of Hanaroadcom and Juhwak Lee, the CEO of SIDM to exchange ideas about promoting Stevie Awards in South Korea.

Michael Gallagher Fell in Love with Korean Culture
Michael Gallagher visited Kim JiEun Oriental Medicine Clinic, which is run by the first female Oriental Medical doctor, Jieun Kim, who has been licensed by both South and North Korea, located at Cheonho-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, on Saturday, January 27, and received general health check-up and acupuncture treatment by Kim. He then saw 「Hi, POP」 exhibition at M contemporary, Le Méridien Seoul located at Gangnam in the afternoon. He visited the National Museum of Korea with Jongseon Park on Sunday, January 28, to appreciate Korean cultural heritage.

Korea House.jpgHe also appreciated Masterpieces of the French Art of the XVII–XIX Centuries from the Collection of the Hermitage at the National Museum of Korea. Michael was then invited by Juhwak Lee, the CEO of SIDM, to dinner at Korea House and enjoyed Korean folk cuisine, and watched he traditional performance " Simcheongjeon” after dinner. He attended an interview during tbs eFM’s program, This Morning with Alex Jensen, in the morning on Monday, January 29. After having a simple lunch with Korean foods such as soybean paste stew, loach stew, and kimchi stew, Michael headed to Incheon Airport to leave Korea for the US. Michael has received a singing room systemic mic as a gift from Juhwak Lee and thanked Lee for the gift and said that it was the most interesting gift he had ever received in Korea.

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DigiVision to Represent the Stevie Awards in Vietnam

Posted by Clara Im on Tue, Jan 16, 2018 @ 08:08 PM

The Stevie Awards signed a letter of agreement with DigiVision (www.digivision.com.vn) to provide marketing representation for its programs in Vietnam. DigiVision, established in 2007, is a top-ranked 'one-stop solution' provider of communication services in Vietnam.

DigiVision Logo.jpg

DigiVision will organize events to promote the Stevie Awards and collect entries in Vietnam under the supervision of The Assistance Centre for SME, North (TAC Hanoi). TAC Hanoi will also cooperate and charge DigiVision to carry out the task with the Stevie Awards.

DigiVision is preparing "First Time Introduction of The Stevie Awards Ceremony in Vietnam" to be attended by Michael Gallagher, founder and president of the Stevie Awards, at the Hanoi Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam from 2 - 4 pm on 25 January 2018. The purpose of the event is to introduce the Stevie Awards to Vietnamese media, the business community, individual professionals and the public.

Guests will include about 30 reporters from popular newspapers, websites, and television stations; professionals who may participate on Stevie Awards juries; VIPs from the Ministry of Planning and Investments, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Science and Technology; and business associations in Hanoi. We estimate about 100 people will attend the event.

Contact Information for the Stevie Awards Representative in Vietnam:

Ms. Phuong Hoang, CEO of DigiVision (+84) 91 3344 559

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Minh (+84) 9939 77 555

Website: www.digivision.com.vn/stevieawards

Email: stevieawardsvn@digisoft.com.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheStevieAwardsVietNam/

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Posted by Clara Im on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 03:42 AM

西川敦子さんが新たなスティービーアワーズ日本代表に選ばれました。西川さんは世界的なビジネス大賞(business awards)である国際ビジネス大賞(The International Business Awards)のエントリー申請段階でチームに加わることになりました。

describe the image


西川敦子さんは金融・IT・広報部門の海外進出と現地定着戦略に長けた専門家です。これまで大会授賞式・フェスティバル・スポーツトーナメント・展示会や国際会議など、100件以上に上るイベントを受け持ってきました。また彼女はヒューマン・インフォーマティックアカデミー(Academy of Human Informatics)の会員でもあります。スティービーアワーズのメンバーとなって非常に嬉しいと張り切っている彼女は、今まで全世界で23カ国をも回った活動家です。

西川さんの連絡先はこちらです。a2ko@ayumoo.com また、電話番号はこちらとなります。 +81 5071002964.


国際ビジネス大賞の審査が5月末に始まりました。8月上旬に審査が終わり、8月13日に結果が発表されます。授賞式パーティーは10月10日を予定しており、場所はフランス・パリのウェスティン・ヴェンドームホテル(Westin Vendome Hotel)です。

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