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SocialBeta to Represent the Stevie Awards in Mainland China

Posted by Clara Im on Fri, Jul 27, 2018 @ 01:06 AM

The Stevie Awards and SocialBeta (www.socialbeta.com) are proud to announce a marketing partnership that will cover the Stevie Awards’ programs in mainland China. 

SocialBeta logo  copyFounded in 2008, SocialBeta is the leading source of advertising, marketing, and media intelligence in China. It covers top marketing and advertising news, case studies, and resources related to publishing, agency, brand, and digital platforms.

With locations in Shanghai and Hangzhou, the company’s award-winning coverage reaches engaged audiences of more than one million people. SocialBeta reaches its audience of marketing and media professionals through digital platforms, events, newsletters, social media, and mobile apps.

SocialBeta is hosting "Stevie Awards’ China Day 2018," a half-day program in Shanghai designed to explore APAC business innovations and to showcase China's best business and creative ideas.

SocialBeta looks forward to welcoming the following guests: Michael Gallagher, founder and president of the Stevie Awards; Jimmy Lam, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Digital Network; Brian Lai, founder of SocialBeta and BrandStar, serving as the Stevie Awards representative for mainland China; Terence Chu, founder and CEO of APAX Group and Jury of Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards; and Eunice Wong, Chief Growth Officer of Ketchum Greater China and Jury of Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.

For more information, contact:

Brian Lai
Phone: +86 189 888 339 92
Email: brian@socialbeta.com

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Website Awards Categories in The 2017 International Business Awards

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Mar 16, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

The International Business Awards, the world's premier business awards competition, which attracts nominations from organizations in more than 60 nations and territories each year, is currently accepting nominations. The early-bird deadline is February 1 with discounted entry fees.

The final entry deadline is May 10 but late entries will be accepted through June 14 with the payment of a late fee.

IBAextendedfinaldeadline-1.jpgAll individuals and organizations worldwide -- public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small -- may submit nominations to The International Business Awards.


Today we will highlight the Website Awards categories of The 2017 International Business Awards. 

Recognizing excellence in web sites and blogs.   There is no eligibility timeframe for these categories - it doesn't matter when the site or blog was first published.

Information to be submitted online for entries in these categories in the 2017 competition include
a. An essay of up to 200 words describing the site's purpose and achievements
b. A link to the site, which you must attach to your entry through our attachment/link uploading tool.  If your site is not publicly available (i.e. it's private or password protected), upload a video of up to three (3) minutes that demonstrates the features and functions of your site
c. Optionally, you may list creative and production credits for your site - a list of the people and organizations that contribute to its development

Industry Categories

P05.    Accounting
P06.    Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations
P07.    Aerospace & Defense
P08.    Automotive & Transport Equipment
P09.    Banking
P10.    Business or Professional Services
P11.    Chemicals
P12.    Computer Hardware
P13.    Computer Software
P14.    Computer Services
P15.    Conglomerates
P16.    Consumer Products - Durables
P17.    Consumer Products - Non-Durables
P18.    Diversified Services
P19.    Electronics
P20.    Energy
P21.    Financial Services
P22.    Food & Beverage
P23.    Health Products & Services
P24.    Hospitality & Leisure
P25.    Insurance
P26.    Legal
P27.    Manufacturing
P28.    Materials & Construction
P29.    Media & Entertainment
P30.    Metals & Mining
P31.    Non-Profit Organizations, including Charities and Government
P32.    Pharmaceuticals
P33.    Real Estate
P34.    Retail
P35.    Telecommunications
P36.    Transportation
P37.    Utilities

Specialty Categories

P40. Best Blog
P41. Best Email Newsletter
P42. Best Events Website
P43. Best User Experience (new category for 2017)
P44. Best User Interface (new category for 2017)
P45. Best Web Writing/Content
P46. Best Home/Welcome Page
P47. Best Investor Relations Site
P48. Best Overall Web Design
P49. Best Online Press Room
P50. Best Training Site
P51. Best Use of Video or Moving Image
F52. Best Facebook Fanpage or Group
F53. Best Use of Instagram
P54. Best Twitter Feed

Winners of the 2016 International Business Awards in the Website Categories include: 

Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations & Business Services
Accenture, Chicago, IL USA: Accenture Corporate Website

Automotive & Transport Equipment
Indivirtual Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Mercedes-Benz Middle East and Levant - Luxury Passenger Cars

Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S., Istanbul, Turkey: CEPTETEB

Computer Services and Software
CallidusCloud, Dublin, CA USA: CallidusCloud Website

Diversified Services
Reklam5 Digital Agency, Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul Akvaryum Web Site

Energy & Utilities
PWW, London, United Kingdom: Low Carbon website

Financial Services
Garanti Bank, Istanbul, Turkey: Garanti Bank / Garanti.com.tr

Hospitality & Leisure
GuestCentric, New York, NY USA: The Leathes Head Website

Delvinia, Toronto, ON Canada: SureHealth
Real Integrated, Bloomfield Hills, MI USA: Burns & Wilcox Website

Go To Court Lawyers, Brisbane, QLD, Australia: Go To Court Lawyers Website Award Nomination

Media & Entertainment
AttitudeLive, Auckland, New Zealand: AttitudeLive

Non-Profit Organizations
Dubai Statistics Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Statistics Center Website

Real Estate
Ayala Land, Metro Manila, Philippines: Ayala Land Corporate Website

Harvey Norman Australia, Homebush West, NSW, Australia: Harvey Norman Digital - Omnichannel Driven

Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia: Increase a Business Experience through Telkomtelstra Website

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국제 비즈니스 대상 출품 마감일 7월 15일로 연장

Posted by Clara Im on Tue, Jun 16, 2015 @ 03:49 AM

Stevie2015_Logo_S 국제 비즈니스 대상(The International Business Awards, IBA)의 주최자인 스티비 어워즈는 오늘 12 IBA의 출품 마감일을 7 15일까지 연장한다고 발표했다. IBA는 세계 최고의 비즈니스 대상 프로그램으로 매년 50개 이상의 국가에 있는 조직들이 출품한다.

 스티비 어워즈의 마이클 갤러허 회장은 "원래 마감일은 6 10일이었으나, 우리는 마감일을 연장하기로 결정하게 한 수많은 마감일 연장 요청을 개별적으로 받았습니다."라고 말했다. 갤러허 회장은 7 15일까지 제출하는 출품작들은 추가적인 지체료가 없을 것이며, 또한 심사 과정에서 어떤 방법의 불이익도 없을 것이라고 강조했다. 모든 조직들은 그들의 성취를 치하하는 스티비상의 수상을 희망하며 출품을 준비하고 제출할 수 있는 추가적인 4주를 갖는다.

 세계 곳곳의 모든 - 공공과 민간, 영리와 비영리, 대규모와 소규모 - 개인과 조직은 국제 비즈니스 대상에 출품할 수 있다. 2015년 대상은 2014년부터 시작된 성취를 치하하게 된다. 출품과 관련한 상세한 내용은 웹사이트(http://www.StevieAwards.com/IBA)에서 볼 수 있다.
 국제 비즈니스 대상은 직장에서의 모든 측면의 성과를 인정한다. 카테고리는 다음과 같다.


 올해에는 출품료가 없는 여러 개의 새로운 기업/조직 카테고리가 있는데, 4개의 '올해의 신생 조직' 카테고리와 에너지 관련 테크놀로지, 제작, 보존, 보관 혹은 운송에서의 특별한 혁신을 치하하는 '올해의 에너지 산업 혁신 조직' 카테고리 등을 포함한다.

 "지난 스티비상 수상자들과 심사위원들로부터 받은 피드백을 반영하여, 올해 많은 새로운 카테고리를 만들었습니다." 갤러허 회장은 덧붙였다. 새로운 카테고리는 경영 분야의 '올해의 여성', 마케팅 분야의 '올해의 브랜드 컨텐츠 캠페인', 출판 분야의 '최고의 비즈니스 도서' 혹은 '최고의 전자 도서(E-book)' 등을 포함한다.

 스티비상 수상자들은 전 세계 200여 전문가들에 의한 심사 과정을 통해 선정된다. 수상자들은 8 12일에 발표되며, 시상식은 10 23일 캐나다 토론토의 리츠칼튼 호텔에서 진행된다.


스티비 어워즈에 대하여

스티비 어워즈는 아시아-태평양 스티비상(Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards), 국제 비즈니스 대상(The International Business Awards), 여성 기업인 스티비 대상(Stevie Awards for Women in Business), 영업 고객서비스 스티비 대상(Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service), 미국 비즈니스 대상(American Business Awards), 독일 스티비상(German Stevie Awards)의 6개 프로그램을 운영하고 있다. 스티비상에는 매년 60개 국가 이상에서 1만 이상의 조직이 출품한다. 모든 형태와 규모의 조직 및 그 조직을 이끄는 사람들의 명예를 기리는 스티비 어워즈는 전세계 기업들이 창출해낸 뛰어난 성과들을 인정하는 일을 하고 있다. 스티비상에 대한 자세한 내용은 www.StevieAwards.com에서 볼 수 있다.


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Posted by Clara Im on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 01:11 AM

中国香港的德事商务中心(The Executive Centre)获得2014 (第一届年例会) 亚洲-太平洋史蒂夫®奖企业/组织大奖单位的年度服务公司- 中国(包括香港)的金奖,还获得2014国际商务大奖的企业/组织大奖亚洲-大洋洲地区商务服务年度公司金奖。


2015 国际商务大奖正在接收参展作品。 请在早期参展截止日4月15日前报名参展,享受参展费优惠。


德事商务中心的核心理念是在每个服务城市提供最佳的服务,为企业客户践行“以智慧取代劳力” 的理念,建设灵活性、性价比和生产力三高商务空间。 德事商务中心的工作空间配备完善,设施齐全;虚拟办公室地址位于显赫商业区;跨区建立会议室网络,布局严谨专 业,提供一系列尖端生产力和通信工具;本地商务支持服务多元化,让有意在亚洲发展的企业可专注投入业务发展,免除后顾之忧。


我们向德事商务中心的主席兼首席执行官Paul Salnikow提出了这样的问题,一个是对亚太商务趋势的理解,以及获得史蒂夫®奖对他的商务发展具备什么意义?还有一个问题是什么动力支撑着他从一清早就开始投入工作。



Paul Salnikow说:“亚太地区是商务发展潜力巨大的地方”。同时,他也指出了几点需要注意的部分。  “扩张进入新市场对于任何公司来说都是重大事件,是非常具有挑战性的业务。不同的法律、惯例、商务习惯和职业展望都是公司需要考虑的重要因素。在制定扩张业务或投入营销的战略之前,最好要研究一下该国家商务高层们从国内、地区和国际层面上,对现在和未来经济条件的观点。 因为同行们对所面临的问题以及对问题的意见,可能是开展商务活动和了解整体的商务风俗的真正指标。 ”













我们向Paul提问了在亚太其他地区是否有扩张商务的计划。 Paul回答说:“在追求流动作业空间解决方案优势的公司们的带动下,对高级服务式办公空间的需求持续增长,在未来的日子里,我确信德事商务中心在能力和销售额规模都将取得发展”。“我们不仅将进军墨西哥湾沿岸的许多州和俄罗斯等新兴市场,而且还将在现有的地方和新的亚洲市场扩张我们的网络。”





关于Paul Salnikow

Paul Salnikow 是1994年创立的德事商务中心的会长兼CEO。他说:“ 一名优秀的领导者应该是睿智的,他懂得如何构建一个出色的团队,并且通过自我约束让团队能够更好地完成被给予的重任。德事商务中心汇聚了众多这样的精英,他们创建了优秀的团队,并赋予其实现成功的自由。卓越的领袖致力于提升团队自信,因为自信者更能取得非凡的成绩。在过去12年,德事商务中心的年收入从不足五十万美元增长至一亿一千万美元,这都源自我们团队所拥有的信念和付出的努力。”


关于德事商务中心(The Executive Centre)



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Profile of a German Stevie® Award Winner: Bertelsmann

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Wed, Dec 24, 2014 @ 10:42 AM

Bertelsmann SE & Co. in Gütersloh, Germany won a Gold Stevie® for their 2013 Online Annual Report in the publication awards categories of The 2014 International Business Awards.

The 2015 International Business Awards will open for entries in January. You can learn more about it here. In the meantime, the deadline for entries for the 2015 German Stevie® Awards has been extended to February 11, 2015. Find out more about how to enter here.

1412Bertelsmann2We asked Karin Schlautmann, Executive Vice President Corporate Communications of Bertelsmann and responsible for the Stevie® Award-winning annual report, for some comments on what winning a Stevie® Award has meant to her and an overview of the creative and media scene in Germany today.

Bertelsmann decided to publish the content of their 2013 Annual Report on as many platforms as possible when it was published in March, 2014. The report was made available in print form, as an interactive online version, and as an app. Bertelsmann also presented the report’s content on its social media platforms and on media walls at the company’s various sites.

The online versions of the Annual Report included a variety of interactive extras, such as four short films showing the progress made in implementing the Group's strategy, as well as an exclusive “making-of” on the photo shoot for the Annual Report, plus interviews with the Bertelsmann Executive Board and Group Management Committee.

Bold Concept

We’re very happy about the various Stevie Awards that both the print and online versions of our 2013 Annual Report have won,” Karin told us. “The awards honor the unusual, bold concept we chose for our Annual Report, which serves as our company’s business card. Our heart and soul and a lot of hard work went into every page, so prizes like the Stevies are a reward for this, and also a motivation to make next year’s even better!”

Transformation to Digital

With the upcoming German Stevie® Awards, we are asking German-based companies and organizations for their expertise on a variety of topics. We asked Karin for her tips on the creative media and communications scene in Germany.

The most important job of communications is to support a given business strategy everywhere in the world. So in this respect, the essentials of communications in Germany probably only differ marginally from communications in other countries,” Karin suggested.

“In general, of course, you should always understand and consider the individual cultural practices of the country in which you’re doing business and conducting communications,” Karin added. “At Bertelsmann, we are very eager to constantly develop innovative communications offerings, without neglecting tried and tested channels. This is especially true in the digital domain. At Bertelsmann, the transformation to digital is a core component of our corporate strategy and has long since become a reality in our businesses. We need to take this into account in communications as well.”

Understanding Digital Channels

Karin also commented on the plethora of apps and blogs that abound in her industry. Personally, I’m a great fan of magazine apps and I’m always looking at new ones to find inspiration. But the crucial thing isn’t what appeals to me personally: what’s crucial is that you know your way around all the digital channels and develop a feel for themes, options for dialog, and ways to go about things,” explained Karin. “We’ve significantly strengthened Bertelsmann’s social media presence in the past years. For example, we now have a “Social Cloud” that pools all the social media activities of Bertelsmann companies. It currently depicts more than 6,000 channels with a total of around 636 million followers.”

Communication for Inspiration

Karin enjoys the challenges of her profession. “Communicating means connecting with people, moving them, eliciting reactions, and getting feedback–that’s what I love about my work,” she told us. “And nothing’s going to change about these basic elements, regardless of what channels they takes place on in the future.”

About Karin Schlautmann

Karin Schlautmann is Executive Vice President Corporate Communications, Public Affairs, and Marketing at Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA. She became Head of Communications of the Bertelsmann Foundation in May 2007 and a member of the Group Management Committee (GMC) in December 2011.

As a student, Karin studied literature and history, and completed an internship at the Westfalen-Blatt newspaper in Bielefeld, Germany. She then joined Bild newspaper in Chemnitz in 1991 and in 1994 she became a member of the editorial team of Thomas Gottschalk’s late night show on German television.

In 1995, Karin was appointed chief reporter of “Bild” newspaper in Munich, followed by posts in Hamburg and Berlin as chief reporter and head of the entertainment desk. In 2001, Karin became an editor for the women’s magazine Bunte. She joined Gala magazine as Deputy Editor-in-Chief in 2002 before taking up successive executive roles at Frau im Spiegel magazine in October 2002, where she served as Editor-in-Chief from March 2003.

About Bertelsmann
Bertelsmann is an international media company encompassing television, book publishing, magazine publishing, media services, and media clubs in more than 50 countries. Bertelsmann’s claim is to inspire people around the world with first-class media and communications offerings–entertainment, information, and services–and to occupy leading positions in its respective markets.

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Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Training Sessions Now Available

Posted by Maggie Gallagher on Thu, Dec 04, 2014 @ 02:34 PM

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are pleased to announce a tour of "how to enter" training sessions in China.  The training sessions are open to all organizations and individuals in China.

Three training sessions for the 2015 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are to be held across various cities in China.  More training sessions may be added at a later date. The overall topic of the sessions is “A Focus on Best Business Cases.”


Past Stevie Award winners that will speak during the sessions include Pepsico Asia, Huawei Group, and UCWEB. These speakers will share their “Best Business Cases," provide details on how they created their winning nominations, and share professional insights. Most Asia-Pacific Stevie Award categories require a 625 word essay. Some organizations may find it difficult to summarize their accomplishments in a short essay, but the training sessions will help entrants narrow down where to begin and what to include.

If you are interested in attending the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards training sessions, please contact Dr. Richard Hu for further information.

Dr. Hu can be reached at +86 186 2514 2168
Email: RichardHuWorldwide@163.com
Skype: Richardhuzhaoyang
Weichat: Suipiankongjian

The first step to winning an Asia-Pacific Stevie Award is to get your entry kit.

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are open to all organizations in the 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region, and feature a wide range of categories to recognize achievement in every aspect of the workplace. In the 2014 awards, only 18 categories were offered. This year there are over 250 industry specific entry categories including:

The entry deadline is January 28 and late entries will be accepted through March 11 with a late fee. Awards will be presented in Shanghai, China on May 15. Attendance is not required to win.

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11회 국제 비즈니스 대상 스티비상 수상자들이 발표되었습니다

Posted by Clara Im on Mon, Dec 01, 2014 @ 08:13 PM

세계 곳곳의 고성과 조직들과 임원들이 제11회 국제 비즈니스 대상 금, 은, 동 스티비상 수상자로 발표되었습니다. 그들은 60여 개국의 조직들과 개인들로부터 접수된 3,500 후보들 중에서 뽑혔습니다.

2014 IBA

올해의 최고 스티비상 금상 수상자는 8개 부문을 수상한 위버 셴드윅 월드와이드이고, 7개를 받은 퀄리티 시스템즈(USA)입니다. 엑센츄어(USA), Akbank(Turkey), LLORENTE Y CUENCA(Spain), MSLGROUP 월드와이드, MWW Group(USA), and Plasenta Conversation Agency(Turkey)가 각각 5개로 2위입니다. 4개의 스티비상 금상 수상자는 AT&T(USA), CallidusCloud(USA), Jack Morton 월드와이드, 마라스 그룹(Australia) 그리고 옥스포드 시티 풋볼 클럽(USA)입니다.

3개의 스티비상 금상 수상자는 Advanced Bionics(USA), AECOM(USA), ASDA'A 버슨마스텔러(United Arab Emirates), DHL Express 월드와이드, 글로브 텔레콤(Philippines), Kanyon(Turkey), Odea Bank(Turkey), PS Communication(Denmark) 그리고 StarHub Ltd(Singapore)입니다.

카테고리 별 모든 2014 금, 은, 동 스티비상 수상자들의 목록은 www.StevieAwards.com/IBA에서 보실 수 있습니다. 

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Posted by Clara Im on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 05:39 AM

820日,作为世界最佳商务大奖项目即第十一届国际商业大奖的一个环节,是对2014 市民选拔最佳企业进行投票的第七天。

describe the image

投票以美国东部时间为准,将截止于9月12日下午11点59分。请投票吧! http://peopleschoice.stevieawards.com



  • 广告,营销 & 宣传
  • 银行业/金融/保险
  • 商业服务
  • 食品&饮料
  • 非盈利或政府机构



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Posted by Clara Im on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 05:21 AM

ビジネス全分野を網羅する世界唯一のアワードである国際ビジネス大賞(International Business Awards)は、第11回目となる今年、各部門で目覚しい成果を挙げた組織や経営者を対象にStevie® Award金賞・銀賞・銅賞受賞者を発表しました。

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ギリシャ語で「冠をかぶった」という意味から、スティービーアワーズ(Stevie Awards)と名づけられたこの賞は、来る10月10日(金)、フランス・パリのウェスティン・バンドムホテルで開かれる授賞式で授与されます。イベントの参加チケットは www.StevieAwards.com/IBAにて現在販売中です。

Stevie® Awardsの金賞・銀賞・銅賞受賞者らは60カ国からの3,500に登る組織や経営者などから選ばれました。国際ビジネス大賞には、全世界のあらゆる企業が 経営今年の企業マーケティングPR顧客サービス人事新商品ITウェブサイトなど、様々なカテゴリーにエントリーすることができます。世界各地から250人以上もの経営者たちが今年の競争に名乗り上げました。

今年の最多金賞を獲得した組織はWeber Shandwick worldwideで、8つのカテゴリーで受賞しています。また、Quality Systems(アメリカ)は7つのカテゴリーで受賞しています。Accenture(アメリカ)、 Akbank(トルコ)、LLORENTE Y CUENCA(スペイン)、MSLGROUP worldwide, MWW Group(アメリカ)、Plasenta Conversation Agency(トルコ)はそれぞれ5つの金賞を受賞しました。4つを受賞した企業はAT&T(アメリカ)、CallidusCloud(アメリカ)、Jack Morton Worldwide, Maras Group(オーストラリア)、 Oxford City Football Club(アメリカ)となります。

3つのカテゴリーから金賞を受賞した受賞者はAdvanced Bionics(アメリカアメリカ), AECOM(アメリカ), ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller(UAE), DHL Express worldwide, Globe Telecom(フィリピン), Kanyon(トルコ), Odea Bank(トルコ), PS Communication(デンマーク) などです。

Stevie® Awardsカテゴリー別の金・銀・銅賞受賞者リストはwww.StevieAwards.com/IBAでどうぞ。

Stevie® Awardsの創設者であるマイケル・ギャラガー(Michael Gallagher)会長は、「今年のエントリーには目を引く組織が特に多かった」と語り、「受賞者のみなさん、おめでとうございます。10月10日、パリでお会いしましょう」と話しました。

来週にはベスト・オブ・IBAアワーズ の受賞者が発表される予定です。

高解像度のStevie® Awardsトロフィー写真や国際ビジネス大賞のロゴイメージなどは





スティービーアワーズはアメリカビジネス大賞国際ビジネス大賞アジア太平洋スティービーアワーズドイツスティービーアワーズ女性企業人スティービーアワーズ営業および顧客サービススティービーアワーズの6つのプログラムを運営し、賞を授与します。あらゆる大きさと種類の組織とその人々に栄誉をもたらすスティービーアワーズは、全世界の企業達が創出したすばらしい成果への認定とも言えます。スティービーアワーズに関する詳細は、www.StevieAwards.comもしくはFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTubeでごらんください。

Topics: business awards, International business awards, stevie awards, 2014 International Business Awards, 国際ビジネス大賞, スティービーアワーズ


Posted by Clara Im on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 05:11 AM

包括整个商业领域的世界唯一大奖即国际商业大奖 (International Business Awards) ,今年迎来了第十一届,以各个部门获得出色成果的组织及经营人为对象,发表了 Stevie® Award 金奖、银奖、铜奖获奖人。

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打算在10月10日(星期五),法国巴黎威斯汀酒店举行的获奖仪式,颁发借用希腊语‘戴上王冠’的含义即称为 Stevie Awards 的本次奖项。目前,正在 www.StevieAwards.com/IBA 销售活动参加门票。

Stevie® Awards 金奖、银奖、铜奖获奖人将从60多个国家3,500多个组织及经营人当中,进行选拔。国际商业大奖,可以以全世界所有企业经营今年的企业营销PR客户服务人事新产品IT网站等各种部门候选人进行注册。世界各个地方250位经营人参加了今年的审核过程。

今年最佳金奖获奖机构为 Weber Shandwick worldwide,获得了8个部门奖项,Quality Systems (美国)获得了7个部门奖项。Accenture(美国)、Akbank(土耳其)、LLORENTE Y CUENCA(西班牙)、MSLGROUP worldwide、MWW Group(美国)及Plasenta Conversation Agency(土耳其)各获得了5个金奖。4个史帝维金奖获奖人为 AT&T(美国)、CallidusCloud(美国)、Jack Morton Worldwide, Maras Group(澳洲)、Oxford City Football Club(美国)。

3个部门金奖获奖人为 Advanced Bionics(美国)、AECOM(美国)、ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller(UAE)、DHL Express worldwide、Globe Telecom(菲律宾)、Kanyon(土耳其)、Odea Bank(土耳其)、PS Communication(丹麦)等。

Stevie® Awards 各个种类金奖、银奖、铜奖获奖人目录请参考 www.StevieAwards.com/IBA

Stevie® Awards 创始人 Michael Gallagher 会长说:“在今年注册的候选人当中,有很多显眼的组织”,“祝贺所有获奖人,期待在即将到来的10月10日,巴黎举行的获奖仪式看到大家”。 

下周打算发表 Best of the IBA Awards 获奖人。

高分辨率 Stevie® Awards 奖杯照片或 International Business Awards 标识照片请参考


其他信息请参考 http://www.stevieawards.com/pubs/iba/press/172_701_3121.cfm



史帝维奖共运营并授予 6个项目, 美国商业大奖国际商业大奖亚-太史帝维奖德国史帝维奖女性企业家史帝维大奖营业及客户服务 史帝维大奖。 史帝维奖对于所有种类及大小组织、以及其背后人,授予荣誉,对全世界企业人创造的出色成果进行认证。史帝维奖详细内容,请参考www.StevieAwards.com以及 FacebookLinkedInTwitter、and YouTube

Topics: business awards, International business awards, stevie awards, 2014 International Business Awards, 商业大奖, 国际商业大奖

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